Friday, October 31, 2008

NBA Pre-Season Power Rankings - Part III

[EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the final installment of a 3-pack of pre-season power rankings. Parts I and II have been posted. These power rankings will be used to determine draft order for our first NBA Mock Draft.]

At the end of the day, PHSports is predicting what many others are - a Lakers championship. And why not? IF (and that's a 4-year, $58M IF) Andrew Bynum stays healthy have an interior defensive presence that dissuades the opposition, the Lakers, who already play the most aesthetically pleasing form of basketball since the Showtime days of Magic, Worthy and Kareem, are the frontrunners. As for Boston, they are a very disciplined team with the best leadership. At the end of the day, it's about talent, and the Celtics are a player away (losing James Posey).
  1. LA Lakers
  2. Boston
  3. Utah
  4. Cleveland
  5. New Orleans
  6. Houston
  7. Detroit
  8. Phoenix
  9. San Antonio
  10. Orlando
  11. Dallas
  12. Chicago
  13. Portland
  14. Toronto
  15. Miami
  16. Philadelphia
  17. Atlanta
  18. Denver
  19. Washington
  20. Milwaukee
  21. LA Clippers
  22. Golden State
  23. Indiana
  24. New Jersey
  25. Memphis
  26. Sacramento
  27. Charlotte
  28. Oklahoma City
  29. New York
  30. Minnesota

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

NBA Pre-Season Power Rankings - Part II: Western Conference

[EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the second of a 3-pack of pre-season power rankings. Part I was posted yesterday and Part III will be posted sometime on Thursday. These power rankings will be used to determine draft order for our first NBA Mock Draft. Additionally, these rankings were done about two weeks; therefore, it does not factor certain injuries from a #1 overall pick from 2007.]


Southwest Division
1. New Orleans
2. Houston
3. San Antonio
4. Dallas
5. Memphis

In what it was the toughest division in the NBA and possibly ever, the Southwest carries four stellar teams and a Memphis squad who will be able to compete for the playoffs in two years. In the Big Easy, Chris Paul is the single most valuable player to any team and his supporting cast has only gotten stronger with the addition of James Posey. All eyes are on Ron Artest. If they actually win a playoff series in this millennium, look no further. San Antonio and Dallas will be stingy competition, but both may need to reload in the very near future.

Northwest Division
1. Utah
2. Portland
3. Denver
4. Oklahoma City
5. Minnesota

After dominating the Northwest Division last season, the Jazz are back at it again. While Portland and Denver will be competent adversaries, both lack the continuity and the ability to buckle down on defense. They also lack the consummate floor general in the form of Deron Williams. As for Oklahoma City and Minnesota, they are tough to watch unless you have Durant or Jefferson (or Miller) on your fantasy teams.

Pacific Division
1. LA Lakers
2. Phoenix
3. LA Clippers
4. Golden State
5. Sacramento

The Lakers are not only the cream of the crop in the Pacific Division, but also the Western Conference. To remain at the top of the heap, the Lakers need a healthy frontcourt in addition to a head-strong Kobe. In Phoenix, we know they're still good, but many questions are left to be answered. Is Nash still an elite point guard? Can Shaq be a factor at both ends of the floor? Did the team learn how to play defense over the summer? As for the other three teams, expect them to struggle. Golden State may finish third, but do not expect to see them in the playoffs.

Conference Rankings
1. LA Lakers
2. Utah
3. New Orleans
4. Houston
5. Phoenix
6. San Antonio
7. Dallas
8. Portland
9. Denver
10. LA Clippers
11. Golden State
12. Memphis
13. Sacramento
14. Oklahoma City
15. Minnesota

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

NBA Pre-Season Power Rankings - Part I: Eastern Conference

Garnett: Impossible was defense before his arrival in Beantown
Credit: ESPN
[EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the first of a 3-pack of pre-season power rankings. Parts II and III will be posted on Wednesday and Thursday. These power rankings will then be used to determine draft order for our first NBA Mock Draft. Yeah, that's how we do.]

Atlantic Division
1. Boston
2. Toronto
3. Philadelphia
4. New Jersey
5. New York

It's a case of the rich staying rich, but distributing some wealth along the way. Philadelphia and Toronto scored major off-season acquisitions in the form of Elton Brand and Jermaine O'Neal. However, the champions remain the favorites to win the Atlantic Division (and the Eastern Conference). It'll be another depressing year for the Nets and Knicks. Expect more wins from the latter, but the Knicks are at least a year until they can effectively purge their roster of horrific contracts. Let the countdown begin, Coach D'Antoni.

Central Division
1. Cleveland
2. Detroit
3. Chicago
4. Milwaukee
5. Indiana

To say this is a defining season in the career of LeBron James is a major understatement. Ownership has emptied its pockets to build a team around the superstar, bringing in Mo Williams from Milwaukee. Detroit will need steadier contributions from younger players in order to vie with Cleveland for top spot in the Central and to hold off the upstart Chicago Bulls, who won't tank it for two years straight. As for Milwaukee and Indiana, I expect both to win at least 35 games, but neither will be in the playoffs.

Southeast Division
1. Orlando
2. Miami
3. Atlanta
4. Washington
5. Charlotte

Though I'm not in love with Orlando, they won the division last year and no one in the division can defend Dwight Howard (okay, perhaps Emeka Okafor can). When they try, they realize quickly that the Magic can sink the trifecta. Future ROY Michael Beasley will stuff the stat sheet in Miami and get some Ws. D-Wade and Shawn Marion won't disappoint either. Atlanta will remain talented but unfulfilled (Thank you, Josh Childress). And yes, Wizards fans, the season is not in good shape when it hasn't started and two of your three best players have injuries. I'm calling for Mike Woodson to relieved of his job by February and for the Wizards to struggle due to having no Arenas. Stan van Gundy will continue to look like this man.

Conference Rankings
1. Boston
2. Cleveland
3. Detroit
4. Orlando
5. Chicago
6. Toronto
7. Miami
8. Philadelphia
9. Atlanta
10. Washington
11. Milwaukee
12. Indiana
13. New Jersey
14. Charlotte
15. New York

Tuesday FourCast: Week 8

1) No Need to Apologize
Titan fans can tell the NFL two words this week. While I won’t say em, DX made em quite popular. While Vince Young sits quietly on the sidelines, Tennessee is 7-0 and Kerry Collins is responsible for 6 of those wins. He isn’t Trent Dilfer of the 2000 Ravens. He helps win games. Disagree? Check the tape last night and be extra sure you check who his receivers are (or aren’t). Bo Scaife may make the Pro Bowl because the Titans don’t need Pro Bowl wideouts apparently. While the Titans will never get any respect, they may end up being the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays of the NFL this season. Of course when they do lose in the playoffs, every “expert” will say they saw it coming long ago. Then again, where were those “experts” who picked the Titans to be 7-0? Here's what matters:
A) They’ve beaten everyone in front of them, including AFC South stalwarts Indianapolis and Jacksonville.
B) Jeff Fisher is the best coach in the NFL. Imagine what he'd do with Peyton or Brady.
C) This is the best team in football right now. Deal with it.

2) Sometimes it isn’t the Coach
Marvin Lewis is stale in Cincy. Move on.
Mike Singletary was the right move on San Francisco. Praise on.
Rod Marinelli never had a chance in Detroit. Fire on.
Wade Phillips doesn’t do any damage being in Dallas right now. Stay on.
As for Norv Turner in San Diego. …
I use the “…” because I don’t know. It’s too easy to blame Norv for San Diego’s problems. Merriman’s injury has been catastrophic and a few other realities have come to play:
A) The Antonio Cromartie of last season wasn’t his true self.
B) Phillip Rivers and LT are great players, but they aren’t winners. Yeah, I said it.
C) Ted Cottrell is the most stagnant coordinator in football. The game has passed him by.

3) M-V-P for CP?
Each and every week we seem to have a “new” MVP to celebrate. Aaron Rogers, Trent Edwards, Eli Manning, Jay Cutler, and Steve Smith (of Carolina) have all gotten some pub in recent weeks. While I believe Andre Johnson of Houston is currently playing the best of anyone in football, Clinton “insert your favorite alter-ego” Portis would get my MVP vote. His rushing numbers are amazing and his team is an impressive 6-2. Don’t give me pining for 7-1 Skins fans, take your medicine and love it. CP has been shockingly durable, a redzone magnet, and has done all of this without a rush of over 35-yards. How? Confidence in his coach, his offensive line (Samuels is FINALLY playing Pro Bowl-caliber tackle), and a QB who doesn’t throw interceptions. While the Skins still don’t have the explosive offense their fans dream of, they’re a top NFC team because of three reasons:
A) Their QB doesn’t turn over the ball often.
B) Their defense holds opponents all over the field.
C) Their RB is the NFL MVP…thus far.

4) The Not-so-Golden Boy
It doesn’t take a Jim Rome – who only blasts people he can’t get on his show – or even an angry New Yorker to tell you what Peter King, Tony Kornheiser, and Mike Jaworski won’t tell you…Brett Favre has been very average this season. Jet fans booed the future Hall of Famer last Sunday. And for good reason. Favre makes 5-6 throws each and every week that are just waiting to be a pick-six. Sure he makes 5-6 throws only a handful of QBs ever could make; yet, is it beneficial in the end? The answer is still YES. The team still believes in his talent, his vision is still unparalleled, and you can’t forget that he is a proven winner. Just ask a few of the teams mentioned above how important that characteristic is. Nevertheless, let me get three points across:
A) The Jets may be the fourth best team in the AFC East.
B) Brett Favre didn’t win the game last week. Lav Coles making that impressive TD catch combined with a missed illegal contact penalty on Drew Coleman in the closing seconds did.
C) The Jets are technically tied, at 4-3, for the final wild-card spot.
Anything else is trivial at this point.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Top 10 Impact Freshman – College Basketball

It’s another year for our top-notch college basketball. When you go to the real media for your Top 10 Impact Freshman, you get a list of the same ten guys you’ve heard about since started its mock drafts two years ago.

Beasley: rated him #1 while others balked
Credit: CNN/SI

For that reason, we are going to exclude the odds-on best freshmen at each position per You will most certainly hear about these players early and often. Perhaps too often for your sanity. They include the following:

PG: Jrue Holliday, UCLA. lists him Holliday as the top point guard while ranks him as the top shooting guard. The jury is out on how much he’ll play at the 1, it’s no secret that Darren Collison struggles against big guards.

SG: Demar DeRozan, USC. DeRozan has all the tools to dominate. Is his 6’7”, 200-pound frame enough to withstand the rigors of conference play?

SF: Al Farouq Aminu, Wake Forest. A consensus top 10 recruit, Aminu presents mismatches allowing him to rent space in the paint against smaller defenders and race to the hoop past bigger ones.

PF: Greg Monroe, Georgetown. To prepare for the college game and dog-eat-dog mentality of the Big East, Monroe beefed up 25 pounds. Skilled and able to rebound, Monroe will certainly learn how to become an elite defender within JT3’s system.

C: BJ Mullens, Ohio State. The odds-on #1 pick in next year’s draft, Mullens is the latest in Ohio State’s giant factory. He instantly makes the Buckeyes relevant in the Big Ten and is a mortal lock for a double-double average.

With the most obvious impact players out of the way, let’s take a look at ten others that you should keep your eyes peeled for.

1. Willie Warren, SG, Oklahoma. Last season, Oklahoma lacked a perimeter presence to match that of Blake Griffin and Longar Longar. This season, Warren and an improved Tony Crocker will bring the backcourt on par with the frontcourt. If Warren performs (and Griffin stays healthy), Oklahoma will take the Big 12.

2. Tyreke Evans, SG, Memphis. Among the nation’s most touted recruits, Evans has a NBA-ready body with prototypical two-guard size. Not to mention, his 6’11” wingspan (real height: 6’6”) is sure to disrupt passing lanes. With their two top scorers gone, Evans will be expected to light up, but he’ll have to learn how to be unselfish to win.

3. Chris Singleton, SF, Florida State. Considered the 3rd-best small forward in the recruiting class by, Singleton has great size, can shoot the rock, rebound and plays aggressively around the rim.

4. Scotty Hopson, SG/SF, Tennessee. Exit Lofton. Enter Hopson. They’re not the same type of player. Hopson’s athleticism and skill level are superb, and Bruce Pearl will be sure to work on his shot.

5. Devin Ebanks, F, West Virginia. When Ebanks was being recruited, Bob Huggins was envisioning a pairing with Joe Alexander, who of course is now in the NBA. He’s an explosive forward who’ll benefit from the backcourt of Joe Mazzulla and Alex Ruoff.

6. Samardo Samuels, PF, Louisville. To compete in the Big East, you need bigs who can ball. Rick Pitino won’t expect Samuels to have David Padgett’s basketball IQ, but he will expect him to work hard in the blocks against the likes of Harangody, Thabeet and Monroe.

7. DeAndre Liggins, PG, Kentucky. With Ramel Bradley, Joe Crawford and Derek Jasper out of the program, the consensus top 30 recruit has a chance to shine like none other. Liggins is a stat-sheet stuffer with the intangibles to boot.

Liggins: Could be the key to Patrick Patterson dominating the SEC

Credit: USA Today

8. JaMychal Green, PF, Alabama. Anchor. That’s the word Davidson head coach Bob McKillop used to describe Green. He will have a learning curve playing in the SEC, but it’s not as steep as one would imagine. Green’s a great replacement for Richard Hendrix.

9. Luke Babbitt, F, Nevada. Babbitt can score. How much? He holds the Nevada high school scoring record with nearly 3,000 points. Inside or outside, Babbitt brings it.

10. Klay Thompson, SG, Washington State. The son of Mychal Thompson, Klay has crazy range and fits nicely into Tony Bennett’s system. If he’s not a strong defensive player now, he’ll at least pick up team defense by March. In the meanwhile, his coaches would be happy if he fills some of the scoring void left by outgoing guards Kyle Weaver and Derrick Low.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

5 NFL Questions - Week 8

1) Why isn’t the “London Game” – New Orleans vs. San Diego – getting more pub than a 1 pm slot on CBS?
2) Which of the winless – Detroit (hosting Washington) or Cincy (@Houston) – has a better chance to notch their first W of the season?
3) If Dallas ends Sunday at 4-4, will Wade Phillips have a job Monday morning?
4) Can Clinton Portis (NFL best 818 rushing yards) keep up his Herculean-workload without finally being seriously dinged up? (Jinx THAT Skins fans!)
5) Anybody too upset there’s no Sunday night game tonight (*cough*World Series)?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

PHSports College Basketball All-America Teams

It's about that time! Midnight Madness has taken place and the college basketball season has officially begun. At PHSports, we have been studying the teams and examining the scuttlebutt all summer. Without further adieu, let's just dive into the All-America teams, which comprises a list of who we think are the best 15 student athletes collegiate players in the country.

1st Team
F Tyler Hansbrough, North Carolina (Player of the Year)
F Blake Griffin, Oklahoma
F Luke Harangody, Notre Dame
G Stephen Curry, Davidson
G James Harden, Arizona State

2nd Team
C BJ Mullens, Ohio State (Newcomer of the Year)
F Tyler Smith, Tennessee
F Jon Brockman, Washington
F Damion James, Texas
G Darren Collison, UCLA

3rd Team
F Patrick Patterson, Kentucky
F Sam Young, Pittsburgh
G Jack McClinton, Miami (FL)
G Patrick Mills, St. Mary's
G Ty Lawson, North Carolina

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Clement's Weekly Picks and Prognostications...Week 8

I'm taking the week off from "upset specials". Make it the month. (Sure thing Clement, there's one week left in the month).

Nevertheless, I proceed...

NFL Picks: 15-12 (This number is never seeing a double-digit lead. Or is it???)
Upset Specials: 5-7 (Stupid West Coast teams traveling cross country to play at 1pm on the East Coast.)
..courtesy of the Sportsbook...

Atlanta @ Philadelphia (-8 1/2)
I do not like this matchup for the Falcons. Philly is rested up - especially Brian Westbrook - off of the bye and Matt Ryan is gonna feel the Philly blitz big time. Interestingly enough, he's the only NFL QB not to be sacked on the blitz. Wow.

St. Louis @ New England (-7)
Sammy Morris is out and now the Patriot backfield has its ugliest platoon in years. Who cares? Stephen Jackson has groin problems and the Rams won't beat their third straight postseason team from 2007. Not even close.

Buffalo @ Miami (+1 1/2)
Pennington never played the Bills too well; however, he was always much more solid away from Orchard Park. Until the Phins find a wideout (or injure Trent Edwards), I'm actually predicting the Bills to get 6-1. Geez.

Tampa Bay @ Dallas (-2)
Does Vegas know something we don't? Tampa will make the Boys one-dimensional by suffocating Barber III (who needs Felix quite a bit). Nevertheless, I'm calling for a Dallas victory. Not sure how they'll do it though.

Indianapolis @ Tennessee (-4)
I'm sticking with my improbable Titans. Yes, I am.

Taking the week off fantasy-wise. Anything I say turns into cancer for my teams and others as of late.

Lucky you!!!

Until next week...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday FourCast: Week 7

Week 7 came and week 7 went. Some things returned to “normal,” such as the Giants winning. Other things went even more haywire than before, such as the Cowboys self-imploding (or is that self-bloweding up, Emmitt?) even further. An eloquent sports writer would delve into such complicated matters. Unfortunately, you’re stuck with me this week. On with the countdown.

#1. Zoot Suit Riot

Mike Nolan, defensive guru. Mike Nolan, old-school extraordinaire, rockin’ the suit from the sidelines. Mike Nolan, the third coaching casualty of the 2008 NFL season. Admittedly, I’ll kind of miss the suits since I thought that brought back some class to the sidelines (which the NFL, ironically, was hesitant to allow). Unfortunately for Nolan, his coaching couldn’t bring back class to the ‘49ers. A season removed from being my pick to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, the Alex Smith Experiment (not to be confused with the Alan Parsons Project) has blown up entirely. And even though it was the offense that sputtered all season long, defensive great Mike Singletary has been tapped to lead the way. Personally, I think Mike will be a tremendous head coach in the NFL someday … but I’m really hoping that he rocks the formalwear on the sidelines.

#2. American Boy

Well, Estelle won’t get to see “American boy” Reggie Bush in London next week. Once projected to be the Michael Jordan of the NFL, Bush is now nursing an injury to the meniscus in his left knee and will likely miss the next 3-4 weeks, if not longer. Although Bush still has not become the offensive threat many projected him to become, he has played a very impressive role on special teams this year. Not to belittle his offensive impact, his versatility still does require defensive coordinators to throw some wrenches into their game plan. Given LT2’s relatively lackluster season, thus far, and Londoners won’t get to see the match-up between the two explosive running backs that, perhaps, the NFL had intended.

#3. This Is How We Do It

I wonder if Montell Jordan had as much trouble coming up with a second single as the Cleveland Browns seem to have with disinfecting their locker room. Evidently, staph infections are how the Browns do it. It turns out that the temporary case of elephantitis suffered by Kellen Winslow last week was actually the sixth known instance of a staph infection to plague a Browns player since 2005. Really guys? Can’t you just bug bomb the locker/training rooms?

Also in the Montell Jordan mold, excessive bitching is apparently how Winslow does it. “Solja” Cry Baby didn’t like that Browns GM Phil Savage didn’t check-up on him in the hospital or wish him well upon his grand return to the team. Really Kellen? Would you like Savage and the rest of us to throw all hands in the air? Maybe wave them from here to there? Because evidently you think you’re an O.G. mack, but you’re just a wanna-be player. (Note: This is the most publicity that Montell Jordan has received since 1998. We’ll be expecting a check)

#4. It Wasn’t Me

Jay Glazer has been “Mr. Scoop” all season long. Heck, I’d raise his hand in victory if he were here. This time, Glazer brought us news that evidently Brett Favre has been feeding information about the Packers offensive game plan to some of Green Bay’s opponents. The most information is with regard to the Detroit Lions, the Packers least fearsome NFC North rival (we here at PHSports use the term “rival” loosely as it applies to the Lions). Glazer has been spot on with his reports in recent memory, so I’m inclined to go with him. However, Brett “I wish I could do the Shaggy voice to match my shaggy beard” Favre has categorically denied such actions against the team that made him into a legend. Then again, Favre also categorically denied retiring, un-retiring, and wanting to be traded. Wouldn’t this guy make a damn good Presidential candidate?

Maybe the new version of the song could go something like:

But we caught you with Matt Millen – It wasn’t me

Heard it from 2 other sources – It wasn’t me

Marinelli wouldn’t comment – It wasn’t me

Brett Favre is such a d-bag – It wasn’t … oh F it, it was me.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

5 NFL Questions - Week 7

  1. Which Carolina Panthers team will come to play versus the healthy New Orleans Saints?
  2. Can Adrian Peterson (the good one) have a repeat performance of his last visit to Soldier Field?
  3. How will San Diego react to the 10am Pacific time start in Buffalo? It'll be 51 degrees at kickoff. The last time it was 51 degrees in October in San Diego ... it was the ice age.
  4. In the Cleveland/Washington late game today, who will be Jekyll and who will be Hyde?
  5. What tactics will Bill Belichick employ in order to limit Brandon Marshall's production against the largest collection of retread cornerbacks?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Clement's Weekly Picks and Prognostications...Week 7

Okay. It's either time to cancel these weekly posts, have a road-underdog intervention, or just kick butt one week.

You know which way I'm going!!!

NFL Picks: 12-11 [I'm going to be near 20 wins after this weekend. Just watch.]
Upset Special: 4-6 [You gotta crawl before you walk.]

..tackling the Sportsbook this week...

San Francisco @ NY Giants (-10 1/2)
JT O'Sullivan is turning over the ball at an alarming pace in recent weeks. Nevertheless, this is a lot of points for an offense that isn't giving enough carries to Brandon Jacobs week in and week out. I'm taking another road dog, but like that I'm getting a double-digit cushion.

Tennessee @ Kansas City (+9)
Taking a road favorite to cover? You know he we do. Especially with LJ suspended for a week. Bastard.

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati (-9 1/2)
The Stillers get me every time. Big deal. Big time road cover. The intervention is needed NOW!

NY Jets @ Oakland (+3)
I know, I never pick Jet games. An ugly 4-2 team they'll be though. Jamarcus Russell will turn the ball over 3 times in another bad loss.

Upset Special #1
San Diego @ Buffalo (-1)
The Chargers need to develop some consistency outside of desperation primetime games. Trent Edwards needs to stay healthy and the Bills need to force turnovers. Gimme the Chargers straight up, please.

Upset Special #2
Cleveland @ Washington (-7 1/2)
I love that 1/2. Zero chance I want the Browns straight up. However, the Skins might win a shootout; yet, I love cheap TDs to bust open big spreads.

Upset Special #3
Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots (-3 1/2)
This number kinda surprises me. New England is ridiculously banged up and not a safe bet at home (see Miami three weeks ago). Both coaches need this game BAD...for this season, at least. Shanahan takes it outright.

5 Fantasy MUST Starts:
1) Darren McFadden is good for 75 and a TD.
2) Issac Bruce is catching his 89th career TD this weekend.
3) Steve Smith is going for 60 yards and a touchdown (the Giant Steve Smith).
4) The Titans D might score 2 defensive TDs this weekend. Salavate.
5) Sammy Morris is a sneaky flex-play. But nothing more.

5 Fantasy MUST Sits:
1) Don't start Jamal Charles for LJ. Just don't.
2) Don't start Wes Welker these days. Just don't.
3) Don't start Patrick Crayton until we decide how effective BJ/Romo/Williams are. Just don't.
4) Don't start Joe Flacco EVER. Just don't.
5) Don't start Bo Scaife. Titan TEs are impossible to predict. Just don't.

Fantasy "What If":
What if Tony Romo plays...
Whomever the Cowboy QB is, he's tossing 3 TDs. Yeah, I said it. TO, Roy, and Witten will all catch TDs. It's a feeling. Stephen Jackson might be the fantasy stud of the game. He's gonna catch 8-9 passes. Mark it down.

That's all I gots.

Until next session...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

College Basketball Coverage On The Horizon ...

In the coming days and weeks, PHSports will cater to its most loyal followers and increase its college basketball coverage as the season nears.

A few items on the docket include ...
  • Conference RPI Projections (and if takes my idea like they did last year and runs with it, I won't hate)
  • Preseason NCAA Tournament Projection
  • Top 10 Newcomers to Watch
  • Preseason NBA Power Rankings
  • 2009 NBA Mock Draft

That said, the day job takes precedence.

Goodell Grows Some ... Allegedly

Last week, when news outlets reported that Adam "Pacman" Jones was in an altercation with a member of his four-person security team, I waited for our true football guys at PHSports to tackle the story. However, one was busy with his future in-laws, another had relatives in town and the other was at a law conference. We all have lives, and I do too sometimes. When I found the time on Saturday, I wrote this scathing piece which questioned whether NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's ability to make decisions based on what is right.

That said, I also waited for Goodell to arrive at a decision. When I first saw the report, I was upset. When I read about Cowboys Owner/GM Jerry Jones deeming any punishment "ridiculous", I was infuriated by his pomposity and arrogance. When I read the never-before-seen version of the English language manifested in a police report which had Jerry Jones's inconspicuous imprints all over it, I had exceeded the previous levels of infuriation. However, when word struck about alcohol being involved in the incident, it was an absolute no-brainer that Goodell that a decision was imminent and that it would be punitive. In the end, I give Goodell a small measure of credit for his decision to indefinitely suspend Jones; however, like I said, it was a no-brainer and I think it's imprudent to praise a leader for making the obvious decision one week later than he should have.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday FourCast: Week 6

Paymon called it last week with his code orange games. Things definitely went awry, especially for one division. We saw some mighty teams fall in what should have been easy matchups. And with that, we start the mid-section of the season.

#1. Take That Vegas

At one point last week, the Redskins were 14.5 point favorites over the Rams. Let's not forget, this is the NFL, which means "No Funds League" if you use Vegas odds when betting on games. Coming off big wins against the Cowboys and Eagles on the road, the Redskins lay an egg at home against the hapless Rams. Being a long time fan of the Skins, I can tell you that this is normal. I told people in my office last week that this is a game the Skins always lose and had several of them remind me on Monday about that revelation. A few things I take away from this game. Josh Brown is one of the best free agent acquisitions the Rams have had for a while. The Redskins came down to earth as soon as they had a few turnovers. Vinny Cerrato should publicly apologize for forcing the team to keep Durant Brooks as their punter, since he wasted a draft pick on Brooks. Offensive linemen should bat down passes instead of thinking they are Jerry Rice. And, Richie Incognito should be a professional wrestler and not in the NFL.

#2. Gun-Slinging (Sorta) in the Wild West

How important is special teams play to a football team? Just ask the Cardinals who pulled a minor shocker at home against the Dallas Cowboys. There is no need to look further than the Cardinals' opening play and their closing play of the game. J.J. Arrington started things off with the proverbial punch in the nose, with a 93-yard kickoff return for a touchdown. Later, Sean Morey and Monty Beisel combined to block a punt and claim the ball in the end zone for a TD in overtime to seal the victory. These two plays served as the end-caps for a game overstocked with turnovers and ugly play. Another observation I had refers to what T.O. cried about in a previous press conference. He wanted the damn ball. But, in three of the last four games, he has 8 catches for 120 yards and 1 TD. Marion Barber had 11 for 128 and a TD in this game alone. Note to T.O.: Get open, and you'll get the damn ball...and cozy up to Brad Johnson too.

#3. Is LT Finally Going to Shut Up???

I could see it before the game even started. A pouty LaDainian Tomlinson boo-hooing over a loss to the Patriots, claiming, "They cheated!!! Belichick is a bad bad person!!!" (Queue crying baby sound effect). It was nice seeing them pound the Brady-less Patriots like a team that's missing their All-Pro QB. Ok, that sounded redundant, but I'm sure you all know what I mean. Phillip Rivers got his groove on throwing to his over-sized receivers. The smaller Patriot DBs showed their weakness. Matt Cassel showed us why he's never been a starting QB. I think this is just further proof that since Tom Brady went down, the AFC is anybody's game.

#4. The New York Football...Midgets???

Not quite, but what are we to think? Did the Browns come to life, or did the Giants finally come back to earth? Derek Anderson spent the last few weeks barely holding Brady Quinn off from the starting QB job. Last night, Anderson restated his case as the outright starter in Cleveland. Eli Manning threw three picks (one of them a Pick-Six) to a set of Browns DBs that the average fan couldn't name a single member. Amazingly, sans the "Soulja", the Browns looked a lot like the team that went 10-6 last season. Braylon Edwards shook off some of that dust to give Anderson a hand, and once again looked like he's the next big thing at WR. Furthermore, the Giants lost their first road game since week 1 last season. If I was to point out a trend for this week, it's that three quarters of the NFC East needs to pick themselves up after some shocking losses and once again prove that they are the best division in the league.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Romo Out 4 Weeks With Broken Pinkie

Michael Smith of reports Tony Romo will be out four weeks with a broken pinkie suffered in Sunday's overtime loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

If Romo misses the next four weeks as stated, Brad Johnson will deputize against Rams (1-4), Bucs (4-2) and Giants (4-0). After the Giants game, the Cowboys will have their bye week. Realistically, the Cowboys could be staring at 5-4, and the Giants will have yet another break after facing the Peewee version of the Washington Redskins followed by three fraudulent teams that have totaled two wins.

I wonder when TO will have an interview this week with Graham Bensinger to say that if Brett Favre was the Cowboys quarterback, they'd be 6-0. Four catches and only 36 yards against a shoddy secondary will bring out the living, breathing carcinogen that wears number 81 for the Cowboys.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Quick Hits From Week 6

In lieu of the running blog that we at PHSports have done throughout most of the season, I wanted to offer some quick hits from a most interesting Week 6. As noted in this past Tuesday's edition of the FourCast, awkward games are this season's calling card.

  • In the early set of games, the Washington Redskins lost three fumbles (all three in field goal range resulting in a potential 16-point swing) and gave away a game against the St. Louis Rams at the death. The Redskins outgained the Rams by over 150 yards. Maybe the Rams knew what they were doing when they made Donnie Avery the first WR taken in the draft and gave silly money to a kicker.

  • In the game that would not end, Dallas forced overtime at Arizona and had seemingly stolen the momentum ... only to lose on a blocked punt. Despite another sloppy game from Dallas, their fourth in six games, many will decide to point fingers at the special teams who bookended the game with touchdowns surrendered.

  • Indianapolis has resurrected its season and Marvin Harrison answered my question earlier today about whether he was done. He's not. Just ask Chris McAllister. The Colts may have longer term issues with the health of Joseph Addai hanging in the balance, but the timing which is so crucial to Indy's engine was functioning per usual.

  • As expected, Jacksonville hit Denver in the mouth and won. Let's see if the Jags can do the unthinkable and aim for consistency.

  • Perhaps we have been underrating the NFC South. Just ask the Chicago Bears who are 0-3 against the division. Three teams have 4 wins and New Orleans is in last with three wins. Also, paging the Carolina Panthers. Meanwhile, Matt Ryan is no game manager. He's a winner.

  • Philadelphia salvaged a fourth-quarter comeback against San Francisco. It's amazing how Correll Buckhalter's numbers can mirror that of Brian Westbrook's when he gets similar touches. Am I saying Buckhalter is as good as Westbrook? Not a chance. But I am saying that Buck can start in this league for at least 10 teams and it's no coincidence that his lack of touches correlate with losses to divisional foes. Also, I'm starting to think that Donovan McNabb is more comfortable without Reggie Brown and Kevin Curtis. The team is 3-1 when neither have played, and the only loss was the shootout in Dallas.

5 NFL Questions - Week 6

  1. Who's the better fantasy start - Willis McGahee @ Indianapolis or Steven Jackson @ Washington?
  2. Is Marvin Harrison done?
  3. If Michael Turner gets 100 rushing yards (Atlanta is 3-0 when he does this), will Atlanta defeat Chicago in the Georgia Dome?
  4. Can the Jacksonville Jaguars establish their run game and dominate time of possession en route to a victory in the Mile High city?
  5. Will the Cleveland offense reintroduce itself to the NFL on MNF against the Giants?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Roger Goodell Has No Spine

There are a few truths that we hold to be self-evident.
  • The Detroit Lions is the worst franchise in the NFL
  • Unless handed a no-brainer pick, the Sonics/Thunder will draft a project power forward/center
  • The Cubs will always disappoint
  • Tom Brady is one good looking dude
  • The voice of DJ Khaled should be added to the Geneva Conventions' interpretation of what consistutes torture

Here's another one: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has no spine.

Yeah, I went there. Many feel strongly that Adam "Pacman" Jones should not have been reinstated for his repeated indiscretions and would not have been reinstated unless he played for the NFL's most marketable franchise, the Dallas Cowboys. Meanwhile, not only has Jones been reinstated since becoming a member of the Dallas Cowboys, he is back in the news this week for getting into a fight with the team-issued bodyguard. Not surprisingly, Mr. Win At All Costs himself, Jerry Jones, has come out already and stated that the other Jones will not be suspended by the team. Ironically enough, or not so much at all, #1 cornerback Terrence Newman had surgery to repair a tear in his groin muscle and will be out for approximately a month. To date, there has been no suspension from the Commissioner's office for a player who was granted reinstatement on the assumption that no funny business would be tolerated. I wonder what Odell Thurman thinks about that.

While I understand that the Commissioner's office has to do its due diligence in any investigation of wrongdoing, it has acted swiftly in other matters that involved franchises of lesser stature (see the Cincinnati Bengals). Need I mention Spygate and which franchise was involved? Some have argued that the stripping of New England's first-round pick was an enormous penalty and that Goodell could not have taken away the 7th pick New England held which they acquired via trade from San Francisco for the rights to Joe Staley. My response ... he's the Commissioner and he can take away whatever he wishes. If he wishes.

At the end of the day, it's easy to come down hard on franchises that have more arrests than wins. It's a low risk, high reward situation for Goodell. When he came down hard on recidivists like Odell Thurman or Chris Henry, he was applauded by many for rooting out the bad behavior that his predecessor addressed with less purported ferocity.

In the case of the Commissioner addressing indiscretions coming from "America's Team" or the only team to win three Super Bowls this decade, it has to be considered high risk and medium (at best) reward. By coming down hard on the league's most valuable franchises, Goodell would be biting the proverbial hand that feeds him. Unfortunately, in the case of Roger Goodell, biting the hand that feeds him precedes doing what is right and what is consistent with his mission of improving player conduct in the NFL.

For those reasons, Roger Goodell is spineless and fits in pretty well with his political equivalents in Washington. What Goodell needs to do is to shape up and make decisions based on what is right for the league rather than making inconsistent judgments based on the ideals of self preservation.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Clement's Weekly Picks and Prognostications...Week 6

5 weeks down and the byes are starting to really affect both fantasy lineups and a few of these picks.

Nevertheless, it's time for me to start making some big moves.
Otherwise, I'm going to end up .500ish on everything involved with this weekly column.

Yeah, that's the ticket!

NFL Picks: 11-9 [Okay, we're starting to make SOME minor progress. Very minor.]
Upset Special: 2-5
[It's starting to get pathetic. Very pathetic.]

Dallas @ Arizona (+4)
A lot of talk has "wierd things happening in the desert". Since when, exactly? The Cowboys need to break out this week and the Cards are the right ticket. It'll be close until the half, when Dallas goes longball on a shaky Cards secondary.

Jacksonville @ Denver (-3)
These are the two teams (along with Pittsburgh) that make up my "Axis of Evil". Nevertheless, I'm tackling this challenge. The Jags bother me because of their ability to run the ball and make clutch field goals. Denver needs to make an AFC statement. They'll do it, barely.

Oakland @ New Orleans (-7)
The Saint defense is beyond horrible. Nevertheless, the Raiders don't have the leadership or the overall talent to score with the Saints. Memo to Javon Walker: you're allowed to catch passes after the first drive.

Upset Special #1
Green Bay @ Seattle (-1 1/2)
One liner: Matt Hasselbeck and Aaron Rogers may not finish this game in one piece.

Upset Special #2
Miami @ Houston (-3)
One liner: Miami at 3-2 is a playoff-caliber team.

Upset Special #3
New England @ San Diego (-4 1/2)
One liner: San Diego and LT won't need another excuse to justify a loss to the hated Patsies.

I'm taking a week sabbatical from fantasy football analysis and reactions. Why?
Because lately, I'm questioning any ability to conquer that beast.
And general apathy when I'm under the weather.

See you next week!!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tuesday FourCast: Week 5

With a quarter of the season down the chute, we expected trends to start developing and performances to begin normalizing. Did we see that in Week 5? Nope. That said, here’s the Week 5 FourCast …

#1. The Washington Redskins Are For Real (and in October, not March)
Being from the Washington area, I am accustomed to hearing fans celebrating … in the month of March whenever a free agent is signed or whenever the team trades for a high-profile player. For years, I would mock Redskins fans and dub them the “Super Bowl Champions … of March”. In the last couple of seasons, the Redskins organization has discovered this thing called continuity and see that there’s some value. In spite of a new offensive system brought by a new coach, Jason Campbell’s millionth (seventh, actually) since he earned his high school diploma, the organization kept many of its coaches and players in place. They even had draft picks, one of which – Chris Horton – was defensive rookie for the month of September. The only return to business as usual for the Redskins was a trade for perennial Pro Bowl defensive end Jason Taylor; however, many, including myself, would argue that it was necessitated by season-ending injuries to two defensive ends on the same day in training camp and that it was not a move made by Dan Snyder for the sake of catching headlines. Since the nationally televised debacle against the New York Giants, Washington has rattled off four straight victories – two in succession at Dallas and Philadelphia. More importantly, the Redskins #6 offense (351.2 yards per game) has not given away the ball over nearly a third through the season and the defense has forced seven turnovers. Moving forward, the onus will be on head coach Jim Zorn to prepare his team for the next three games, in which the Redskins are expected to be favorites.

#2. Please Relegate the Detroit Lions
I don’t even want to call it football. That’s not what the Lions play. This team (a contradiction in terms, I know) has zero pride. If they had any, they would not fold like a lawn chair every time they stopped onto the field. I have and will continue to call the 11 (and sometimes, 12) people who stand on the field at the same time as their opponents’ offense a “Pop Warner Defense”.

Knowing this, I humbly request that the NFL relegates the Detroit Lions organization to either NFL Europe or the Arena League (or even, the CFL – they are close enough to Canada to become the Windsor Lions). My only requests for the promoted team is (a) that they have a cool name and (b) play as close or closer to the north as the Arizona Cardinals were to the east.

#3. Not Sold on Pittsburgh as a Contender
If you had an opportunity to watch Pittsburgh’s 26-21 victory at Jacksonville, then you are more likely to consider Ben Roethlisberger as one of the game’s best. After throwing a pick six to … you guessed, Rashean Mathis, Roethlisberger was undeterred in his pursuit to win and made plays all throughout the season despite lacking his top three running backs and a cohesive offensive line. Though Big Ben had a gymnast’s dexterity whenever the game hinged on his performance and the defense was impenetrable for much of the game, I am not sold on Pittsburgh’s ability to make a sustained run in the AFC. Despite playing in what many thought was the NFL’s weakest division prior to the season, the Steelers have required heroics to win the last two weeks and are another Big Ben body blow away from missing valuable snaps. Additionally, Pittsburgh is only 20th in rushing yards per game, a far cry from their #3 rank last season.

#4. Awkward Games Are This Season’s Calling Card
Anyone who watched last night’s Minnesota/New Orleans game or watched the highlights know that this was an awkward. It’s not every day that you see a blocked field goal returned for a touchdown, a halfback pass for a score and two punt returns taken to the house (Craig Kluwe is so cut and gets the “Durant Brooks Award” for kicking two low line drives to Reggie Bush in succession after one was already returned for a score).

However, awkward games have been this season’s calling card. Less than thirty hours before the Monday Night game, Indianapolis was down three scores to Houston with less than five minutes to go. I’ll spare you the highlights, because all of our readers have already seen the meltdown and know that Indy has been given a lifeline. As a rule of thumb moving forward, any game involving New Orleans, Denver, Reliant Stadium, Minnesota (against real NFL teams only), Ed Hochuli’s crew, the Wildcat formation and the desert have an elevated awkwardness rating. Let’s call it “Code Orange”.

The Code Orange games for Week 6 include the following:
* Oakland @ New Orleans. The Saints will either lose and give up a 1.5 yards per carry against the Raiders or win and give up 400+ yards of total offense.

* Miami @ Houston. This is actually Code Red due to two factors being satisfied. If Hochuli does this game, we have a trifecta.

* Jacksonville @ Denver. The Broncos can easily win despite giving up 8 yards per carry and 80 yards to three Jags backs. Good luck tackling David Garrard.

* Dallas @ Arizona. Bizarre things happen in the desert. The quicker you accept this fundamental verity, the better you can handle the consequences. Last week, no one knew why the Cardinals were 1-point favorites against then-undefeated Buffalo (I picked them only because I had to for my pick ‘em league) despite not having the services of top-flight wide receiver Anquan Boldin and they won by 24.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Live Blog for NFL Week 5

Updated at 155pm

  • The Eagles are handling the Redskins early on. David Akers is the best player for the Redskins. Right as I say that, McNabb throws a bullet to Carlos Rogers, which was dropped.
  • Queue the Vince Young watch. Two picks thus far from Kerry Collins who has gotten an inordinate amount of love from the media. For those just joining, many dubbed Collins a basketcase earlier in his career. This is not to say he's a great player to have in the locker room now.
  • After falling behind by 10 points at Reliant Stadium, Houston knots it at 10.
  • In Detroit, the Pop Warner defense is holding Matt Forte to 3.4 ypc and stopped the Bears on 4th and 1.
  • So much for my upset pick today - Giants are up 17-3 against the Seahawks.


  • After 14 quick points from the Eagles, the Redskins have fought back with three field goals. Did anyone start Shawn Suisham today?
  • DeAngelo Williams with a career half against the Chiefs. Through a half and change, Williams has 127 yards and 3 TDs. Wild.
  • Miami picked up where it left off two weeks ago. Two second-quarter TDs have the Dolphins up 17-3. The entire San Diego offense has been ineffective. This isn't the first time they've been down double digits this season.
  • Houston has come back with fury, up 7 at the half. One bright spot for Indy - they have largely stopped the run. That said, they have probably overcompensated for its Achilles heel.
  • Matt Ryan and Roddy White may very well be the next big play combo as Sum alluded to a few weeks back. Up 17-7 at Lambeau.
  • I bet the baseball games will have more runs than the Titans/Ravens game has points. 3-3 at the half.
  • How about Kyle Orton?!?!?!


  • We'll just ignore the KC/CAR, CHI/DET and SEA/NYG because they are blowouts. Detroit offensive coordinator Jim Colletto said they would "open it up today". The only thing opened up in Detroit is a can of whoopass.
  • The Redskins have totally stolen the momentum from the Eagles. It's only a 2-point game, but it could be much worse.
  • Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings to tie the score at home against Atlanta at 17. This came after Matt Ryan threw a pick in the endzone. Ouch.
  • Miami puts a temporary halt on San Diego's momentum and hang on to a touchdown advantage.
  • Indianapolis is experiencing serious problems. Houston has rattled off 27 unanswered and have a comfortable 17-point lead. Did you imagine that the Colts would be 1-3? I sure didn't.


  • After the Eagles earned some first downs, the Redskins told them who's boss in the redzone. Eagles held to a field goal. Philly fans boo. Jason Campbell has been nothing short of amazing since the first couple series. His progress since the Giants game describes why the NFL is so unpredictable (and great). College basketball is better though.
  • Albert Haynesworth having trouble getting up ... this could be a case of Bad News Bears.
  • Right when the Colts were on their way to 1-3, they score a TD on 4th down and force a fumble-six. 27-24. It was the second lost fumble for Sage Rosenfels, who has had an otherwise stellar day.
  • Matt Ryan is on his way to earning his first away victory as an NFL quarterback. Michael Turner finds the endzone for the first time away from the friendly confines of the Georgia Dome.


  • The Washington offensive line & Clinton Portis will be 4-1 after dominating the Eagles on both lines. On the decisive 4th and 1, the offensive line pushed forward and Portis fought tooth and nail. Realistically, the Redskins could be 7-1 before their matchup against Pittsburgh. On a personal note, with the Cubs choking and the Eagles losing at home to a divisional foe, it's equivalent to a kick in the groin followed by a facial cleat stomp.
  • In Houston, Indianapolis completed a phenomenal comeback, scoring thrice in the final 8 minutes. Sage Rosenfels turned the ball over three times in the decisive period.
  • Tennessee comes from behind to defeat Baltimore. The Ravens, though impressive, are now a realistic 2-2. Tennessee keeps rolling, but it's not pretty. Collins to Crumpler for the winning score - you'd think this game was played in 2003.


  • After a disappointing defeat, the Lions are an underwhelming 0-4. Sources have confirmed that they are shopping an unhappy Roy Williams; however, their price tag has been too much (prior to getting the sack, Matt Millen offered Roy Williams to the Cowboys for DeMarcus Ware). Could teams like the Eagles, Chargers (Chris Chambers was carted off earlier today) and Bills be in the market for the talent yet oft-injured playmaker?
  • Tampa Bay and Dallas up early on field goals.
  • Matt Cassel and JT O'Sullivan have both thrown picks ... in the first five minutes.
  • Marion Barber III has half as many touches as last game in the first five minutes ... four. And Felix Jones just surpassed his touches. TO must be stewing. Oh, that damn media stirring up non-existent stories in Dallas.
  • Phil Simms is intolerable. I'd love an automatic function that mutes specific commentators. The smart money is on Clement muting Chris Berman.


  • Despite winning today, Dallas is not who we thought they were after their win at Green Bay. Perhaps it's a case of having the target on their chest. I think it's a case of having a defense that's not hungry and an offense that has forgotten the killer instinct it had for most of last season.
  • Trent Edwards was concussed early in the Bills' 41-17 loss at Arizona. This was the Jekyll & Hyde matchup of the week and Hyde kicked Jekyll's tookus. Kurt Warner put any potential quarterback controversy to rest with a solid performance. Steve Breaston deputized well in Anquan Boldin's absence.
  • Brian Griese wasn't able to win (or finish the game due to a shoulder injury) against another former team. Why? The Denver defense - a contradiction in terms - showed up. Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall did not put up the fancy numbers, but they won the game. I am still trying to understand the 36 pass / 21 run play breakdown when the Broncos surrendered 6.3 yards per rush.
  • New England dominated the time of possession (40 minutes) and wore down San Francisco. This limited the number of touches for Frank Gore and facilitated the style of football which made the Patriots who they are prior to 2007.

5 NFL Questions - Week 5

  1. Will the likes of Ben Roethlisberger, Carson Palmer and Aaron Rodgers be able to play and be effective?
  2. With both starting tackles out for Carolina, can Kansas City actually get to the quarterback?
  3. Can Indianapolis hold Houston's backs to under 125 yards?
  4. Which unconventional formation (if any) will we see from the Miami Dolphins?
  5. Is Adrian Peterson due for a 200-yard game?

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Clement's Weekly Picks and Prognostications...Week 5

Seriously, is it week 5 already???

With my NFL team on the bye (J-E-T-S) and one of my fantasy teams boding the worst pair of starting QBs ever (Huard & Flacco, baby!), I can’t allow my NFL Picks to suffer.

Especially when everyone bit the farm with last week’s games.

NFL Picks: 9-8 (Remember, we’re picking spreads here. Hello above .500!)
Upset Special: 1-4 (Stupid Packers)

Tampa Bay @ Denver (-3)
This is SCREAMING push. Denver has no D; however, I’m far from crazy about the Bucs O. Still looking for a better ‘balance’ for Griese and company. Eddie Royal is my Rookie of the Year. Go Broncos.

Washington @ Philadelphia (-5 ½)
Philly needs Herculean efforts from Westbrook to beat the Redskins. Is he healthy enough to provide that? NO. The real concern I have for upbeat Skin fans is how the blitzing packages of Jim Johnson will be dealt with by Zorn and company. Edge to the Skins, if only to tackle this number.

Pittsburgh @ Jacksonville (-4)
Why must you keep attacking road dogs, Clement? Why must you believe so much in the Stillers with spreads under 2.5? Okay, I admit it. I have a problem. Jags win by 5 or more. Although I don’t know how just yet.

Upset Special #1
Kansas City @ Carolina (-9)
I unfairly hate on Steve Smith and prop up LJ way too much for fantasy reasons. Nevertheless, I’m tackling any number that has an NFC South team nearing double digits (even at home).

Upset Special #2
Buffalo @ Arizona (-1)
Seriously, what do the odds makers know that we don’t? I’m gonna go for it and feed the sport’s book exactly what it wants. Take that!

3 Must Starts and Must Sits


…Last Week…
Ike Hillard stunk, Patrick Crayton was above average (I’ll take it!), and Kerry Collins did just fine in an emergency fantasy-QB situation.

…This Week…
Tony Gonzalez is better off with Damon Huard and has minor trade value, Antwaan Randel-el is worthy of a garbage TD this weekend against Philly, and Kevin Walter loves stealing AJ’s TDs from Schaub.


...Last Week…
DeSean got a TD but was clearly misused as the focal point of the Eagle offense, McGahee isn’t healthy anywhere on his body, and Griese won despite throwing 3 costly picks and 1 measily TD (score one for the big guy!).

…This Week…
Chad Pennington won’t fare well this weekend against the Chargers, Randy Moss should be sat in favor of Santana Moss (hello!), and Deuce McAllister isn’t a weekly start…yet.

That’s all I got.
Now enjoy it…please.

Until next picks…