Thursday, October 23, 2008

Clement's Weekly Picks and Prognostications...Week 8

I'm taking the week off from "upset specials". Make it the month. (Sure thing Clement, there's one week left in the month).

Nevertheless, I proceed...

NFL Picks: 15-12 (This number is never seeing a double-digit lead. Or is it???)
Upset Specials: 5-7 (Stupid West Coast teams traveling cross country to play at 1pm on the East Coast.)
..courtesy of the Sportsbook...

Atlanta @ Philadelphia (-8 1/2)
I do not like this matchup for the Falcons. Philly is rested up - especially Brian Westbrook - off of the bye and Matt Ryan is gonna feel the Philly blitz big time. Interestingly enough, he's the only NFL QB not to be sacked on the blitz. Wow.

St. Louis @ New England (-7)
Sammy Morris is out and now the Patriot backfield has its ugliest platoon in years. Who cares? Stephen Jackson has groin problems and the Rams won't beat their third straight postseason team from 2007. Not even close.

Buffalo @ Miami (+1 1/2)
Pennington never played the Bills too well; however, he was always much more solid away from Orchard Park. Until the Phins find a wideout (or injure Trent Edwards), I'm actually predicting the Bills to get 6-1. Geez.

Tampa Bay @ Dallas (-2)
Does Vegas know something we don't? Tampa will make the Boys one-dimensional by suffocating Barber III (who needs Felix quite a bit). Nevertheless, I'm calling for a Dallas victory. Not sure how they'll do it though.

Indianapolis @ Tennessee (-4)
I'm sticking with my improbable Titans. Yes, I am.

Taking the week off fantasy-wise. Anything I say turns into cancer for my teams and others as of late.

Lucky you!!!

Until next week...

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