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1st-Round Grades: Clement-Style

I’m nowhere near qualified to go any deeper than Day One for any type of substantial analysis. While I’ll have a complete round-up of grades, reactions, and brief predictions by Tuesday night…tonight is all about brief reactions and awkwardly-hypothesized grades for the 1st Round of the 2007 NFL Draft.

Note: I won’t assume any trades should’ve happened when I talk about who should’ve been taken.

The Top 16 will be posted on Sunday night. The bottom 16 on Monday evening.

1. Oakland Raiders select JaMarcus Russell [LSU, QB]
Analysis – Russell appeared head-and-shoulders the better franchise-QB selection than Notre Dame’s QB. Despite plenty of talent at sexier positions, it’s clear the Raiders needed a new QB to lead them into the future.
Should’ve TakenJaMarcus Russell [QB, LSU]
Grade: A. [They finally have a legit, young QB to build around.]

2. Detroit Lions select Calvin Johnson [WR, Georgia Tech]
Analysis – Shortly before shipping problem-child Mike Williams to Oakland, the Lions took their fourth wide receiver in five years in Johnson. The highest rated player in the draft, the Lions felt they could address QB needs in the second round.
Should’ve Taken –Joe Thomas [T, Wisconsin]
Grade: C+ [Talent is great, but this team won’t improve substantially because of this pick.]

3. Cleveland Browns select Joe Thomas [T, Wisconsin]
Analysis – Surprising a few, they selected the mammoth Badger-tackle with the 3rd selection in the 1st round. Simply not in love with Quinn or Peterson at the 3-spot, the franchise tackle was the easiest selection available.
Should’ve Taken – Adrian Peterson [RB, Oklahoma]
Grade: B+ [Even before they got Quinn at #22, Thomas rated too highly too dismiss.]

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Gaines Adams [DE, Clemson]
Analysis – With their hearts broken not landing CJ and Thomas, somewhat surprisingly, going a pick too early…the easy money was on Gruden and co. selecting the talented bookend.
Should’ve Taken – Gaines Adams [DE, Clemson]
Grade: B [Won’t help them win-now, but he will be there to dominate later.]

5. Arizona Cardinals select Levi Brown [T, Penn State]
Analysis – As much fun as it would’ve been to add Peterson to Edge in the backfield, the Cards clearly had Brown rated high enough to be worthy of this pick. Franchise tackles for young QBs are an absolute must in the NFL today.
Should’ve Taken – Levi Brown [T, Penn State]
Grade: B+ [Lineman have a tradition of not working out well for the Cards, but he may become the exception to this rule.]

6. Washington Redskins select LaRon Landry [S, LSU]
Analysis – It was smart not to mortgage future drafts to move up unnecessarily. However, he isn’t the best combo next to Taylor and honestly, this team needs a ton more help on the defensive line. Dominant safeties can’t fix a complete lack of a pass rush.
Should’ve Taken – Jamaal Anderson [DE, Arkansas]
Grade: C [It’s most likely going to be a suffocating secondary, which may be overworked for a rookie to truly excel right away.]

7. Minnesota Vikings select Adrian Peterson [RB, Oklahoma]
Analysis – With their proven offensive line and an emerging defense, Peterson will team nicely with Chester Taylor as a 1-2 combo for the Vikes. While Quinn was lingering, it’s obvious this team has put all of its marbles with one Tavaris Jackson.
Should’ve Taken – Brady Quinn [QB, Notre Dame]
Grade: B [It’s hard to knock tabbing Peterson at seven; yet a franchise-QB is a hard thing to pass up.]

8. Atlanta Falcons select Jamaal Anderson [DE, Arkansas]
Analysis – With Landry & dreams for CJ both long gone, the Falcons had to replace Patrick Kearney immediately. This was plenty of upside at that position.
Should’ve Taken – Jamal Anderson [DE, Arkansas]
Grade: A [They didn’t have any other choice than to grab the talented bookend.]

9. Miami Dolphins select Ted Ginn [WR, Ohio State]
Analysis – As a Jets fan, I love the pick. He isn’t the right blend for the team nor is he even 100% healthy. They could’ve used Quinn (a franchise QB), Willis (a young stud-ILB), or even secondary help before this rather disturbing selection.
Should’ve Taken – Brady Quinn [QB, Notre Dame]
Grade: D [Nobody feel sorry for Ginn, he made a ton of bank being picked so early. As for the Phins, blast away at them. Please.]

10. Houston Texans select Amobi Okoye [DT, Louisville]
Analysis – While a new cornerback or a partner for Ryans (Willis) was attractive, this was the type of upside-pick even Texan fans should appreciate. This 19-year old could be a force in 2-3 years much alike Kevin Williams of the Vikings is currently.
Should’ve TakenAmobi Okoye [DT, Louisville]
Grade: B [With a few people not slipping to them, this remained a solid selection at #10.]

11. San Francisco 49ers select Patrick Willis [LB, Ole Miss]
Analysis – Click clack. The 49ers are becoming an incredibly legit up-and-coming squad. Knowing that DJ was coming from Seattle sooner than later, the 49ers bolstered their defense by adding one of the few real 1st-round talents at ILB.
Should’ve Taken – Patrick Willis [LB, Ole Miss]
Grade: A [This is the type of guy, like a Vilma, you build your defense around.]

12. Buffalo Bills select Marshawn Lynch [RB, California]
Analysis – I still think Losman isn’t the guy for Buffalo. Yet, with Willis gone, this team had to take whomever was graded highest on their board between Lynch, Reeves, & Hall. Obviously the Cal RB won out.
Should’ve Taken
Grade: B [If he hits, it’s a golden pick. Yet, this guy worries me at times with his discipline on and off the field.]

13. St. Louis Rams select Adam Carriker [DE, Nebraska]
Analysis – Obviously trying to bolster their rush defense and attacking the QB, the Rams nabbed one of the several hybrid DEs/OLBs available in the 1st round of the draft.
Should’ve Taken – Darrelle Revis [CB, Pittsburgh]
Grade: C [While it’s obvious this team needed interior line presence, I feel that a more pressing need was to solidify the secondary with higher rated CBs like Reeves and Hall.]

14. Carolina Panthers traded their pick to the New York Jets who selected Darrelle Revis [CB, Pittsburgh]
Analysis – Making the first of soon-to-be several first-round trades, the Jets snuck up ahead of the Steelers (and potentially the Pats) to tab their top rated CB in the draft. Corner was New York’s biggest need and an added boost to an already strong return game helps as well.
Should’ve Taken – Darrelle Revis [CB, Pittsburgh]
Grade: B+ [It might’ve been a 50/50 toss-up with Hall for most, but the Jets clearly realized that at #25 they wouldn’t get close to one of the two shutdown potential CBs in the draft. Remember, Thomas Jones was basically acquired for a 2nd round pick. Quality over quantity is what I wanted from this Jet-draft.]

15. Pittsburgh Steelers select Lawrence Timmons [LB, Florida State]
Analysis – Needing a lot of help at this position, the Steelers tabbed the only 1st-round selection from FSU. However, I wonder if a Leon Hall or perhaps a Jarvis Moss-type selection wasn’t needed more?
Should’ve Taken – Leon Hall [CB, Michigan]
Grade: C+ [You can lose a lot betting against Seminole LBs. Yet, this really wasn’t the best spot to take him in my opinion.]

16. Green Bay Packers select Justin Harrell [DT, Tennessee]
Analysis – First off, taking Brady Quinn would’ve been a nightmarish decision. Next, the wideouts here were the better option (even if you trade down potentially). While Harrell fills an obvious need, you have to wonder if in fact the Packers shouldn’t have looked at Greg Olsen or one of the available wideouts a little harder here.
Should’ve Taken – Robert Meachum [WR, Tennessee]
Grade: C+ [I won’t sell this pick down the river yet; DTs are hard to stockpile. While another young wideout isn’t Brett’s favorite option, it’s probably his best.]

So there we have it. The first sixteen picks of the 1st round. Some seemed to get people up and pretty excited whereas others were brought down to their knees in digust.

Until next time...

Oakland trades enigmatic wideout Randy Moss to New England
Seattle deals Darrell Jackson to San Francisco

Randy Moss is officially out of Oakland. Just one day after drafting LSU QB JaMarcus Russell with the 1st pick, AL Davis and the Oakland Raiders traded their #1 wideout - and all of his emotional baggage - to the New England Patriots for a fourth round pick in this year's draft.

Acquiring Lions QB Josh McCown and WR Mike Williams (a perceived bust from two drafts ago) for a 4th-rounder of their own yesterday, the Raiders had previously been rumoured to ship Moss out to Green Bay to play alongside Brett Favre.

Not anymore after the Patriots attempt to make another big-splash in the off-season. With wideouts Jabar Gaffney & Rece Caldwell still on their roster (both signed through 2007), the Patriots have acquired three receivers alongside Moss this off-season already: Wes Welker (in a trade from Miami), Donte Stallworth (free agent from Philadelphia), and Kelly Washington (free agent from Cincinnati).

It appears as if Troy Brown may have played his last down in New least at this point.

The deal leaves the Raiders still with troublesome receiver Jerry Porter AND a trio of Ronald Curry/Doug Gabrieland the newly acquired Williams.

So far there has been no talk of Moss restructuring his current deal with New England.

A mere drive away from returning to the Super Bowl last season, the Patriots reloaded this off-season on the defensive side as well - most notably by signing hybrid Raven LB Adalius Thomas - as they re-up for another Super Bowl run.

Despite the loss of starting RB Corey Dillon, the Patriots appear to be the clear winners of the off-season free agency period. Yet, adding Moss may be far more trouble than its worse. Obviously assured of themselves enough that they can find the right atmosphere and harmony for the former All-Pro wideout, it will remain very interesting to see how long Moss lasts in Foxboro.

Already praised for their drafting of incident-prone Brandon "Stomp" Meriweather (a Miami safety) in the 1st-round, the Patriots squeaky-clean reputation is being described as being able to overcome just about anything.

With the recent acquisition of Moss, it'll be put to the test - whether the majority of the mainstream media is willing to admit the Patriots could actually make a mistake or not - like never before. Comparing Moss to Corey Dillon - former Bengals RB far more frustrated with the losing culture of Cincinnati than anything else - may be a key mistake in early analysis of this deal.

Are the Patriots really able to transform him back in a Hall of Fame performer?
Credit: NBC Sports

In other news, reported at this blog yesterday morning, the Seattle Seahawks traded top-wideout Darrel Jackson to the San Francisco 49ers for a 4th-round pick in this years draft.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

2007 NFL Draft: Top Players Slipping to Day Two
by Armin Mohajeri

As I mentioned in my first mock draft, "A mock draft that is on-the-money one day, could become a mockery the next." This statement was almost on the money. It took less than a day. Regardless, Day One was exciting for a draft nerd like me. There were surprise reaches, like Ginn to the Fins, and surprise drops, like Quinn and Branch. However, I have to live with my 43rd pick in my mock not even going in the first day.

Based on my Final 3-Round Mock Draft, below is my list of top players available for Day Two of the 2007 NFL Draft:

1. Antonio Pittman, RB - Ohio State
2. Tanard Jackson, DB - Syracuse
3. Tarell Brown, CB - Texas
4. Ben Patrick, TE - Delaware
5. Brandon Silar, ILB - Florida
6. Kenny Scott, CB - Georgia Tech
7. Antwan Barnes, LB/DE - Florida International
8. Michael Coe, CB - Alabama State
9. Marcus Thomas, DT - Florida
10. Paul Soiai, DT - Utah
11. Zak DeOssie, ILB - Brown
12. Doug Free, OT - Northern Illinois
13. Walter Thomas, DT - NW Mississippi C.C.
14. Fred Bennett, CB - South Carolina
15. John Wendling, S - Wyoming
16. Aundrae Allison, WR - East Carolina
17. Earl Everett, LB - Florida
18. Tim Shaw, LB Penn State
10AM NFL Draft Update: Rumors, Reports, and other R-related issues

It's a little after 10am and the NFL Draft is officially under-2 hours away from beginning.


I know, it's just the calm before the storm.

Here are a few issues that need to be discussed and quasi-dissected before the frantic fun, filled with draft updates here on the blog from yours truly, finally begins. It's also the last time to banter and rant!

Roll on!

1. Seattle is reportedly trying to move wide receiver Darrell Jackson
-Injury issues and plenty of bank spent on the duo of Deion Branch & Nate Burleson have left the Seahawks more than willing to deal D-Jax. Interestingly enough, the team most interested in the wideout is their NFC West up-and-coming rival...the 49ers. Rumors are swirling lately, the best of which has the Niners dealing one of their three4th round selections (or perhaps even a 3rd rounder). Apparently New Orleans and Tennessee have also expressed mild interest in acquiring Jackson; and, it's important to note that D-Jax probably wouldn't need to restructure (4 years remaining on a deal signed in '04 for 6 years and $25-million). This could be a rather substantial, Javon Walker-esque (at least from a 49ers perspective witht their wideout corps), move during the heart of this draft's opening rounds.

2. The Oakland Raiders haven't offered any type of contract to Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn
-Seems like a friendly rumor-mill deal that was added into all the Calvin Johnson-speculation (probably from the Raiders themselves) so that JaMarcus Russell's contract could be just a percentage point or two cheaper. The Raiders will select the LSU Quarterback first. It's been reported by just about everyone in this galaxy.

3. Oklahoma RB Adrian Peterson's shoulder is going to be fine
-The medical staffs that saw Peterson...collectively reported to their respective teams that the running back would be just fine. Although, it does seem a little interesting that his numerous past injuries haven't hurt his draft-stock previous to this immediate weekend that much. Honestly, the guy hasn't had a healthy season in college and despite his intense workload for the Sooners...he's far from the toughest back in this draft when it comes to withstanding nagging or game-missing injuries.

4. There will be trades in the 1st Round.
-Whether it's a half-dozen, a dozen, or two...we can''t know yet. Yet, plenty of teams will spend the entire fifteen minutes they are alloted exploring every option possible. This will begin at pick #2 and probably continue throughout the majority of the top ten. Don't underestimate the moves at the end of the 1st round either. Plenty of teams love to move back, move slightly up, or exit the 1st-round altogether. It's a very popular notion as of late (just ask the Jets) to move a late first-rounder this year for a new second-rounder this year as well as an extra second-rounder next year.

5. Chris Leak and Troy Smith won't even be mentioned the 1st day.
-Sorry to the BCS Title Game QBs...but neither is likely to have a fun Saturday. Smith killed himself - exposing what most already knew - in a worthless title game performance. Leak's shotty mechanics, lack of height, and statuesque-motioning will end up making him a career backup at best.

6. Chris Berman will be as annoying as ever
-ESPN's biggest name, and man, will repeat the same stories, the same tiresome catch phrases, launch the same appeals to draft those character-guys, and the same stupid references to Favre, Brady, and Hurricane Katrina that he always does. Memo to ESPN Management: It's time for him to retire or move away from such spotlight events. Much like Stuart Scott, who is cartoonish in his ridiculous attempts to appear young and with-it, Berman is a tired-joke that never was funny in the first place. Only Kenny Maine is unfunnier than the two of them. But back to Berman, it's easy to see the guys at ESPN love him and while some women think he's funny at bars (or so I have learned in my experiences) the end he is far too corny, cheesy, oversentimental about sports and life (winning one game over Atlanta didn't cure New Orleans of the tragedy of Katrina, in fact most of the fans there probably weren't directly affected in those incredibly low-socioeconomic settings) and doesn't retain the knowledge to be up on the stage with the crew he works with. If only I could mute his fond recollections or the players he loves to love, my draft day would be that much sweeter. Now that was a tirrade-filled rant!

7. Michael Turner won't be traded.
-This is a straight-guess from me. By the way, before I continue on this topic, ESPN's Mark Schlereth
called this guy a "top 3-4 potential talent at running back". Seriously? A top 5 running back? This is beyond lunacy. The guy backs up LT - who bruises defenses beyond belief with speed and cutting-power - and is now a soon-to-be elite back? Give me a break. While Green Bay is always in the market for an RB and teams like Tennessee and Atlanta seem unsure by the day on their backfields...please don't overpay that much for someone so ridiculously unproven.

8. Trent Green will be gone by the end of this weekend. Daunte Culpepper will be cut by June 1st. Randy Moss will be a Raider next season. The Patriots will be given an A+ no matter what they do in the draft by everyone in the media. There is zero chance Larry Johnson is dealt. Peter King will salavate over the Steelers pick which will invariably be labeled as truly a "Steeler-guy".
-Quite a rant, I know. It all explains itself. But wait! There's even more on the horizon...

9. CNNSI reporting potential major draft rumors after humorous quotes from Clinton Portis (which he excells at) were released throughout the Washington-media proves yet again that their draft coverage is as weak as anyone could imagine.
-No surprise at all. Bang-up job as always guys. [Insert Borat-inspired NOT!]

We'll see how full of it I am...shortly.

Until next time...

Mock Draft: From the Back Bleachers

While Armin is clearly the class of this blog when it comes to NFL scouting and draft prep, I always like to throw out one mock draft the night before the actual draft begins.

Here’s a quick look-back at my attempt last season to peg, or not, the top ten.

[Note: I did this the Friday night before and had found out, after viewing United 93, that Mario Williams had signed a contract with the Texans.]

1. Houston – Mario Williams
New Orleans – Reggie Bush
Tennessee – Vince Young
New York – D’Brickashaw Ferguson
Green BayAJ Hawk
San FranciscoVernon Davis
Oakland – Matt Leinart
Buffalo – Michael Huff
DetroitHaloti Ngata
St. Louis [trade] – Jay Cutler

As you may notice, I did pretty well (for a while). As you will soon also notice with this year’s mock, I don’t harp on deadbeat accuracy as much as picks I would make or I would like to see be made (with some reality creeping through whenever possible).

And with that, with only the 1st-round, away we go…

1. Oakland Raiders select Jamarcus Russell [QB, LSU]
-It’s the right pick to make for the franchise who only has only heard the word wrong as of late.

2. Detroit Lions trade their pick to Atlanta who selects Calvin Johnson [WR, Georgia Tech]
-It’s time Falcon-owner Arthur Blank revitalizes a dying franchise by landing the top wideout prospect Mike Vick could use the most…even if it costs them nearly their entire 1st day (and then some).

3. Cleveland Browns select Adrian Peterson [RB, Oklahoma]
-Management doesn’t care if it has to fire Savage & Crenel next season; Peterson edges Quinn in a pick that is sure to go down to the last millisecond.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers trade their pick to Miami who selects Brady Quinn [QB, Notre Dame]
-It’s a big price for the Dolphins to pay, but they decide to nab Quinn before
Minnesota can move up to the #5 or #6 spot. Tampa, crying over their NFC South-rivals tabbing CJ in front of them, now may possess as many as six to eight picks in the top 100 to insert carefully into its rapidly-aging roster.

5. Arizona Cardinals select Joe Thomas [OT, Wisconsin]
-Tempting fate a little bit, the Cardinals can’t find a real trade-partner to move down and select the
Wisconsin man-eating left tackle (who can easily switch to the right side in order to protect Leinart’s back-side).

6. Washington Redskins trade their pick to Denver who selects Amobi Okoye [DT, Louisville]
-The Skins realize they need to trade down, despite Gaines Adams being on the board, and acquire some more picks. With an extra 3rd round pick (
Washington’s original pick) and a friendly 2nd rounder, the Broncos land a stud lineman who is only 19 years old. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Dre Bly somehow snuck back into the trade-talk mix (potentially with Shawn Springs in the mix). Now I’m going overboard.

7. Minnesota Vikings select LaRon Landry [S, LSU]
-The Vikes desperately need secondary help, almost enough said right there. While Gaines Adams would be an incredible boost to their pass rush, he remains the major name slipping thus far.

8. Detroit Lions select Gaines Adams [DE, Clemson]
-Huh? For once, Matt Millen seems to pull the right strings as he lands a coveted defensive end at a fraction of the cost he would’ve been at #2 or #4. [By predicting a positive move made by the Lions, my mock is now officially TKO’d.]

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Levi Brown [OT, Penn State]
-This team needs stability on offense and especially its offensive line. It’s an easy pick that drives the Houston Texans crazy. Luke Petitgout is nowhere near the answer to protect an aging (Garcia) and spleenish (Simms) pair of QBs.

10. Houston Texans trade their pick to Buffalo who selects Patrick Willis [LB, Ole Miss]
-Afraid another team may move up to #10 or #11, Buffalo rolls the dice, overpaying a bit, with their 3rd-rounder this year (they have two) and next year’s 2nd as Houston moves down another two spots; realizing a starting corner or wideout is a lock still.

11. San Francisco 49ers select Alan Branch [DT, Michigan]
-Sure he’s slipped from a potential top-6 pick over the past few months. Yet last year very similar stuff was being said, fair or not, about Oregon’s Haloti Ngata. While Carriker or Jamaal Anderson is a much more enticing pass-rushing threat, the Niners need an inside presence for the soon-to-be-retired Bryant Young.

12. Houston Texans select Leon Hall [CB, Michigan]
-With no real option at the offensive line and it still being too early to nab a wideout, the Texans solidify the cornerback position (alongside Dunta Robinson) with the Michigan-CB.

13. St. Louis Rams select Adam Carriker [DE/OLB, Nebraska]
-No need to reference anything about Grant Wistrom. The Rams, who could easily tab Anderson, will take the hybrid 3-4 guy and try and mold him into the heir-apparent for Leonard Little.

14. Carolina Panthers trade their pick to Jacksonville who selects Jamaal Anderson [DE, Arkansas]
-If enough enticing prospects seem available, Carolina should try and shop down four or five slots (especially if an Anderson or Leon Hall drops a bit). Since Anderson is here, Jacksonville can offer up just enough to sneak up and grab the Razorback.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers select Darrelle Revis [CB, Pittsburgh]
-Seemingly one of the more predictable picks of the entire 1st-round, the Steelers really needs a consistent performer at CB and can afford to pass up on a hybrid linebacker.

16. Green Bay Packers select Marshawn Lynch [RB, California]
-Almost too easy, isn’t it? While Ted Ginn Jr. would offer a ton of electricity (remember, Hester excelled in a cold-weather climate)…the Packers need immediate help at RB and Lynch is a dynamic playmaker (potentially).

17. Carolina Panthers select Reggie Nelson [S, Florida]
-Very likely their pick at #14, they quickly realize he’ll be around at #17. It’s just too early to take Posluszny or Timmons here, even with much-needed LB-depth seemingly available.

18. Cincinnati Bengals select Jarvis Moss [DE, Florida]
-With David Pollack’s future uncertain and the team not wanting to take any of the available ILBs, another 3-4 hybrid guy with freakish athletic talent seems the right pick in this slot.

19. Tennessee Titans select Robert Meachum [WR, Tennessee]
-Ginn’s best selling point may be kick-returning. The Titans lost their big-target in Drew Bennett and need another big-body to catch balls from Vince Young. The Vol is the choice.

20. New York Giants select Joe Staley [OT, Central Michigan]
-One of the last true-first round talents on the offensive line. The Giants have to take all the help they can get for a decimated front group.

21. Washington Redskins select Justin Harrell [DT, Tennessee]
-So many options for a team not very likely to be in this spot. Ginn Jr. is an option, so is Michael Griffin, ditto for Anthony Spencer, and even Jon Beason. In the end, the run-stuffer wins out. [Armin is gonna kill me for this.]

22. Dallas Cowboys select Ted Ginn Jr. [WR, Ohio State]
-Despite not spending a first-round pick on an offensive player in nearly ten years, Dallas needs some added electricity and a replacement for Terry Glenn ASAP. Dwayne Jarrett was just a smoke-screen…I think.

23. Kansas City Chiefs select Dwayne Jarrett [WR, USC]
-All the Dwayne Bowe-lovers can sit down. This USC product will be a steal in the late first-round, even for the Chiefs who can’t ever seem to tab a productive wideout.

24. New England select Paul Posluszny [LB, Penn State]
-An easy, savvy move for the Patriots [who I doubt very much would package their two first-round picks and risk adding two new starters].

25. New York trades their pick to New Orleans who selects Greg Olsen [TE, Miami]
-With Aaron Ross safe at #27, the Jets trade down again, allowing the Saints to tab the tight end they desire. While the Jets nabbing Olsen at #25 might be a steal, cornerback help is a little more of pressing concern, at least in the eyes of Mangini, for Gang Green.

26. Philadelphia Eagles select Michael Griffin [S, Texas]
-Another too-easy pick, right? Despite constant attention on the defensive line, a replacement for Michael Lewis (Brian Dawkins isn’t getting any young either obviously) appears to be 1a for the Iggles.

27. New York Jets select Aaron Ross [CB, Texas]
-Thrilled to see one of their top three wish-guys [Ross, Olsen, & Spencer] almost a lock two picks down, the Jets have their new starting CB and an extra 3rd round pick to enjoy.

28. New England Patriots select Brandon Meriweather [S, Miami]
-Potentially moving up to get Ross ahead of the Jets, the Pats can’t without a second-rounder [Wes Welker-deal]. Instead, they “settle” on Meriweather from Miami [remember the Vince Wilfork pick surrounding a 50/50 character-guy from the U].

29. Baltimore Ravens trade their pick to Chicago who selects Dwayne Bowe [WR, LSU]
-With Staley gone and plenty of talent waiting a few picks below, Baltimore will easily grab an extra 3rd and 4th-rounder to add depth to their aging offensive line. Chicago knows the Chargers will take the last true 1st-round wideout right in front of them.

30. San Diego Chargers select Dwayne Bowe [WR, LSU]
-One of the better physical wideouts in this year’s draft, Bowe should be the last of the 1st-round tier wideouts to go. Although, Anthony Gonzalez may be the possession-guy who sneaks into the late first-round if a run on wideouts unexpectedly occurs on Saturday afternoon.

31. Baltimore Ravens trade their pick to Tampa Bay who selects Lawrence Timmons [LB, Florida State]
-One FSU linebacker soon to be on the outs (Derrick Brooks) has a new heir apparent (Timmons). Realizing the pass-rushers early in the 2nd-round aren’t all that amazing, the Ravens add more picks (only sliding down ten slots or so from their original 29th pick) while the Bucs only give up some of the draft picks they just received (see earlier trade above).

32. Indianapolis Colts trade their pick to Cleveland who selects Trent Edwards [QB, Stanford]
-So now I am just reaching. Yet, I feel a little Patrick Ramsey-esque trade going down (last pick in the 1st-round) or perhaps a Losman-ordeal (reaching big-time to tab a QB you couldn’t take earlier in the 1st). While several teams could do this, Cleveland will part with their high second-rounder and next year’s as well to entice the Colts into waiting to select interior line or secondary help.

So there we have it. Anthony Spencer is the ONE and ONLY guy I wanted to find the right spot for. Because of that, he’ll go top 20 now. I didn’t know how to treat guys like David Harris, Chris Houston, Marcus McCauley, Ben Grubbs, and Daymeion Hughes any other way than pushing them into the second round.

What probably sticks out the most is rather obvious: an insane number of trades…most of which SIMPLY WON’T HAPPEN. Yet, I think each of the trades honestly could happen (on some distant planet). I can’t admit I got our my calculator, but I will honestly say I had my NFL Draft Value Chart very close by (most of the time).

In the end, the draft usually is impossible for anyone to actually peg. It’s like March Madness in a way, more fun to make the mocks than it is to actually see how you panned out in the end.

One way or another though, some big moves are going to be made and the 2007 NFL Draft should be one of the more interesting ones (despite several pundits calling it out as being mediocre or talent-deprived) in recent years, especially in the mid-to-late first round.

Until next time…

Friday, April 27, 2007

Pick-Six: Greatest Hits of the Millennium

In recent years, there has always been one or two major storylines after the 1st-round of the draft is completed. It’s not always who the first pick or the last pick of the round was. Often it has nothing to do with a popular team (per say the Dallas Cowboys) or a quieter team (such as the Jacksonville Jaguars). Major trades even seem quiet once proper perspective sets into place. Yet, some stories have the ability to do more than just linger.

Here are a pick-six of majorly important (often bizarre and/or crazy) stories, one each from this millennium’s worth of drafts, that did just a little more than linger in our collective memories…

2006: The Houston Texans bypass selecting hometown QB Vince Young or stud-RB Reggie Bush
-Houston seemed a lock before the season to target a guy like UVA tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson. If a QB or USC guy was to be taken in his play…it had to be Matt Leinart. That was the case, at least until Reggie Bush & Vince Young dueled for the Heisman (Bush winning) and an unforgettable Rose Bowl (Young winning). Still sticking with David Carr at that point (who is now a backup in Carolina), Houston let everyone know early on that Vince wouldn’t be returning to Houston. As for Reggie Bush, the team seemed hot/cold over the can’t-miss-kid for weeks leading up to the draft. Combine initial trepidations with a trio of other factors, including: Bush’s potential $-scandal at USC, contract problems, and Mario Williams just dying to sign a friendly-contract…and the defensive end from NC State signed his rather stunning rookie contract the night before the Draft.

End Result
: Houston may never live down passing up on Young or Bush, no matter how special “Super” Mario may become.

Not so Super was it?

2005: California QB Aaron Rodgers freefalls from a potential #1-overall pick all the way to Green Bay at #24
-Aaron Rodgers seemed the next Jeff Tedford QB ready to be picked in the top-half, if not the first with the top-pick, in the NFL Draft. Many pundits had San Fran targeting the junior during the earliest weeks of draft speculation. However, potential contract issues and Utah’s Alex Smith pushed Rodgers out of the #1-slot come draft time. Yet, nobody could’ve guessed just how fall Rodgers fell. Passing up team after team, without any real fervor from any NFL teams to move up or back into the 1st-round to select him, the Packers (with Chris Berman annoyingly pleading for them to do so) seemingly selected the heir-apparent to a guy named Favre. Just don’t tell Brett that. In his first two seasons, Rodgers has barely seen the field and broke his leg last year. The jury is still out on this kid to say the least.

End Result
: Rodgers lost millions of dollars and may, in fact, never get a real shot at the Green Bay job or a real-starting gig. It’s perplexing when you actually consider it.

The number of quarters Rodgers has played equals that number.
Source: Orlando Sentinel

2004: Ole Miss QB Eli Manning refuses to be a Charger; forcing a trade to the New York Giants
-They drafted him anyways. Yet, you just had to know, the Giants would find a way. So they parted with multiple picks (including Phillip Rivers at #4) and got their man. He made the playoffs his first full-year as a starter…and got blasted by the Panthers. These days he’s getting killed by the New York media and many are wondering if he’s just sublimely average as a QB. As for Rivers and the Chargers, while they haven’t won a playoff game either, they enjoyed an NFL-best 14-2 record and used extra picks on guys named Merriman and Kaeding (so overrated, by the way) and seem perfectly happy with how things transpired.

End Result
: I still believe nobody involved, maybe save Ernie Acorsi, would change their mind about this move. Eli is still plenty talented and San Diego got more than enough in return for their 1st-pick.

Fond memories in the Manning-household.
Source: Orlando Sentinel

2003: Minnesota fails to turn their pick in on-time, prompting Jacksonville & Carolina to jump in front of them with their first-round selections.
-Pandemonium that actually sped up the usually slower-than-possible 1st round of 2003. With the clock actually ticking off the final seconds and no card in the hand of the commissioner, the rule-book was wide open as Jacksonville quickly nabbed Byron Leftwich (remember, Minnesota had Daunte Culpepper already) and Carolina targeted Jordan Gross (remember, Minnesota took Bryant McKinnie the previous draft). Baltimore was soon behind with Terrell Suugs; yet, Minnesota got the man they initially intended to select…Oklahoma State defensive tackle Kevin Williams.

End Result
: Jacksonville’s QB is still up in the air. Gross is talented, but not a Pro-Bowler. Williams may be the best DT in the NFL. Suggs was a sensational steal at #10. In the end, nobody loss; especially the Vikings.

No doubt that Ziggi won't except a moment's lapse.
Credit: Glorious Nation

2002: The Houston Texans, the NFL’s newest expansion team, select Fresno State QB David Carr with the first selection.
-It seemed one of the easier #1 picks to target. I, for one, went blue in the face demanding the franchise select the best-player-available and freakish-talent Julius Peppers out of UNC. While you need a franchise QB, Tim Couch alone proved expansion teams and rookie-starting QBs doesn’t work very well.

End Result
: Houston seemed thrilled, yet somehow in perspective this draft cost them Peppers (they ended up taking Mario Williams) and perhaps Vince Young (they kept Carr). Hindsight my friends. Hindsight.

Carr spent more time in this position than any other in Houston.
Credit: Texans Rock

2001: Atlanta stockpiles picks to trade up to the #1-slot to select Virginia Tech QB Michael Vick
-San Diego seemed to balk a bit on the idea that whomever had the #1-pick “had to select the Hokie QB”. Instead, they wheeled down four picks, to #5 of course, and selected freakishly talented (yet, still somewhat unknown) TCU RB LaDanian Tomlinson. Atlanta opened their arms to Vick and didn’t feel it lost too much having to land their future franchise-QB and marketing-machine.

End Result
: I’d love to sit down and actually put numbers together and scenarios to see if Atlanta would still make the move for Vick again. After the win at Lambeau, it seemed amazing. Now that LT is considered one of the G.O.A.T. already, there is a lot more debate. Yet, you can count the playoff wins up. Vickà 2 & LTà0-2. For now, it’s not the wash some consider it to be. Not yet, at least.

...before the days of the pitbull-ring...
Credit: CNNSI

2000: The New York Jets set an NFL-record with 4 1st-round selections.
-Mainly through the Keyshawn-deal, the Jets (in need of a roster makeover) were adamant at not compiling any picks to move up. Instead, they were looking for depth, playmakers, and key ingredients for a team on the rise. Or so they thought. First up was Tennessee DE Shaun Ellis (#12), freakish DE John Abraham (#13) of South Carolina, followed by Marshall QB Chad Pennington (#18), and finally West Virginia TE Anthony Becht (#27). Busy first-day for the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS.

End Result
: Interestingly enough, Lav Coles was their 3rd-round selection this draft. ¾ isn’t bad in the crapshoot of the NFL Draft. Ellis has been a stalwart and an massive rush/run combo (always just off the Pro-Bowl radar), Abraham was sometimes more flash than talent (yet ended up netting future Pro Bowl C Nick Mangold in a 2006 NFL Draft Trade), and Pennington (2-playoff victories) has seemed to overcome a ton of injuries and been a good QB for the Jets during his tenure (when healthy). As for Becht, he wasn’t much at all…yet outside of Keith Bullock (at LB), there isn’t too much to realistically pine over.

Things are a lot better in NYC when Chad isn't in this uniform.

What will be the story this year? A massive trade for someone to move up to Calvin Johnson at #2 [Atlanta, Denver, Washington, or Tampa Bay maybe?], what Oakland does with that 1st-pick, a potential free-fall for a big-name talent [Okoye, Peterson, or Adams maybe?], or something we may have never expected???

Until next time…

Note: Expect the Mock either very late tonight or bright and early tomorrow.

2007 NFL Mock 3-Round Draft: Final Version
by Armin Mohajeri

Here it is. My final version of the 2007 NFL Mock Draft. I have posted all three rounds with minor commentary. I'm looking forward to seeing how wrong (or hopefully, right) I was during tomorrow's draft.

First Round

1. Oakland: Jamarcus Russell, QB - LSU
Though Calvin Johnson is the best player in the draft. This is the pick that makes the most sense for Oakland. If Russell falls out of the top 2 picks, expect a surprising drop (Other possibilities: Calvin Johnson)

2. Detroit: Calvin Johnson, WR - Georgia Tech
A difficult pick. They want to trade down with Tampa and take Gaines Adams at the 4th pick. Johnson makes the most sense here, be it Detroit, Tampa or Atlanta. Tampa may dangle Simeon Rice, which Detroit should take (Other possibilities: Joe Thomas, Gaines Adams, Adrian Peterson, Brady Quinn)

3. Cleveland: Adrian Peterson, RB - Oklahoma
The Browns could go a number of ways, but Peterson would fill the teams most significant need as far as their future is concerned. Jamal Lewis is a one-year stop-gap (Other possibilities: Joe Thomas, Brady Quinn)

4. Tampa Bay: Joe Thomas, OT - Wisconsin
Tampa will either trade up with Detroit for Johnson, or pray that Johnson falls to them at #4. If they don't get their wish, Joe Thomas fills a huge need for them (Other possibilities: Gaines Adams)

5. Arizona: Levi Brown, OT - Penn St.
Surprise, surprise. Levi Brown makes a huge leap. Word is the Cards have Levi Brown rated higher than Joe Thomas. I highly doubt that. However, with Thomas off the board, the Cards decide to protect their franchise QB. Brown would probably move to right tackle to protect Leinart's blindside (Other possibilities: Gaines Adams)

6. Washington: Gaines Adams, DE - Clemson
Washington will probably trade out of this pick. However, with Gaines Adams available, the team could go for the talented DE. Look for Miami to make a strong push for this pick, and Washington to trade down at least 2 times, with the second deal possibly with Denver, swapping the 9th and 21st picks. (Other possibilities: Laron Landry, Amobi Okoye, Alan Branch, Jamaal Anderson)

7. Minnesota: Brady Quinn, QB - Notre Dame
Vikes put an end to Travaris Jackson's hopes of being the future of the team, and choose Quinn to lead the team (Other possibilities: Laron Landry, Jamaal Anderson)

8. Atlanta (from Houston): LaRon Landry, S - LSU
As much as they would like a DE to start over Chauncey Davis, Landry is just too good to pass up. Landry will start alongside Lawyer Milloy immediately, and eventually replace him (Other possibilities: Jamaal Anderson, Amobi Okoye, Alan Branch)

9. Miami: Amobi Okoye, DT - Louisville
With Branch's injury concern, the Dolphins address their need at DT with the youngster, Okoye. (Other possibilities: Jamaal Anderson, Alan Branch, Leon Hall)

10. Houston (from Atlanta): Jamaal Anderson, DE - Arkansas
The Texans are in a strange spot. Adrian Peterson would be their dream pick here. Laron Landry would have been really nice too. They could easily move Weaver inside and open a spot for Anderson, giving their team a young intimidating D-Line (Other possibilities: Leon Hall, Darrelle Revis, Alan Branch, Reggie Nelson)

11. San Francisco: Patrick Willis, LB - Mississippi
If Willis is here, he's the pick. A 240+ pound MLB who runs in the 4.3s, and has the intangibles you look for. He's a natural leader who will be the leader of this up-and-coming defense for years (Other possiblities: Alan Branch, Adam Carriker)

12. Buffalo: Darrelle Revis, CB - Pittsburgh
Revis before Hall? Better believe it. Word is that Revis has overtaken Hall on most draft boards (Other possibilities: Marshawn Lynch, Adam Carriker)

13. St. Louis: Alan Branch, DT - Michigan
A must pick for this team if he's available. DT is the weak link of the Rams defense. Branch's stress fractures are a concern, however the Rams' need is dire (Other possibilities: Leon Hall, Adam Carriker)

14. Carolina: Adam Carriker, DE - Nebraska
Mike Rucker is 32 and coming off of major knee surgery. Look for the team to take Carriker if he's available (Other possibilities: Reggie Nelson, Greg Olsen, Anthony Spencer)

15. Pittsburgh: Leon Hall, CB - Michigan
The Steelers choose to address their weakness from last year. Regardless of the names they have there, they need someone to step in place of Townsend (Other possibilities: Anthony Spencer, Jarvis Moss)

16. Green Bay: Marshawn Lynch, RB - California
As much as they would like to focus on other areas of the team, it's no secret that the Packers are in dire need of a RB. Lynch is the pick, and could surprise (Other possibilities: Ted Ginn, Greg Olsen, Jon Beason, Paul Posluszny)

17. Jacksonville: Reggie Nelson, S - Florida
Nelson fills the team's biggest need, but they could probably get good value in the 2nd round at safety. Nelson is too hard to pass on though (Other possibilities: Anthony Spencer, Jarvis Moss)

18. Cincinnati: Anthony Sprencer, DE - Purdue
I agree with Mel Kiper when he says Spencer has the best shot at being Defensive Rookie of the Year. Spencer is so vastly underrated that he's a steal at this point (Other possibilities: Jon Beason, Paul Posluszny, Greg Olsen)

19. Tennessee: Teddy Ginn, Jr., WR - Ohio St.
Signs are pointing to Ginn being the pick, as he can also replace Bobby Wade as the return man. He'll help stretch the field with Vince Young's strong arm (Other possibilities: Robert Meachem, Aaron Ross, Chris Houston)

20. New York Giants: Joe Staley, OT - Central Michigan
Staley will be "Manning" the QB's blindside for years in New York. Possibly the most athletic offensive lineman to ever grace the draft (Other possibilities: Jon Beason, Paul Posluszny, Aaron Ross)

21. Denver: Jarvis Moss, DE - Florida
Denver could move up to the 10-13 picks to nab Adam Carriker. The Broncos are in dire need of a pass rusher. Moss will do at 21 (Other possibilities: Brandon Meriweather, Michael Griffen)

22. Dallas: Robert Meachem, WR - Tennessee
A steal by the Cowboys. He lands in the perfect situation, where he can gain mentorship in the physical part of the game from Owens (amazing that I called Owens a mentor). Meachem has it all, size, speed and hands (Other possibilities: Dwayne Bowe, Aaron Ross)

23. Kansas City: Aaron Ross, CB - Texas
With word that Marty Booker may be coming from Miami in a trade for Trent Green, the Chiefs can focus on an area where they're getting very old. Ross is the Thorpe Award winner, and brings a style similar to Surtain (Other possibilities: Dwayne Bowe, Chris Houston)

24. New England (from Seattle): Chris Houston, CB Arkansas
The Pats opt for a corner. Houston is lightning fast. With the injuries the Pats have had at CB in the past, they couldn't pass up this pick (Other possibilities: Brandon Merriweather, Michael Griffen, Marcus McCauley)

25. New York Jets: Greg Olsen, TE - Miami
Mangini lands exactly what the team needs. A steal at 25, who could give Pennington what he's missed all along (Other possibilities: Brandon Merriweather)

26. Philadelphia: Brandon Merriweather, S - Miami
Merriweather could fall if teams are concerned about his on field fight while at Miami. Merriweather can play either CB or S, but will most likely replace Michael Lewis (Other possibilities: Dwayne Bowe, Michael Griffen, Paul Posluszny, Lawrence Timmons)

27. New Orleans: Jon Beason, LB - Miami
The Saints go after an intriguing prospect. Beason is physically in the mold of D.J. Williams and Jon Vilma, but wasn't as productive in college (Other possibilities: Justin Harrell, Paul Posluszny)

28. New England: David Harris, MLB - Michigan
The Pats tend to find players that will fit their "system". Apparently, Harris fits their system. He will be Bruschi's successor (Other possibilities: Paul Posluszny)

29. Baltimore: Paul Posluszny, LB - Penn St.
Baltimore is a deep team, and can go many directions with this pick. Posluszny was the best player available (Other possibilities: Ryan Kalil, Lawrence Timmons, Ben Grubbs)

30. San Diego: Dwayne Bowe, WR - LSU
While the team likes Vincent Jackson, and he did great at the end of last season, WR is a position that must be addressed. Bowe would be a great pick for Phillop Rivers, giving him another big target to go with Jackson and Gates (Other possibilities: Marcus McCauley, Michael Griffen)

31. Chicago: Justin Harrell, DT - Tennessee
Harrell is moving up the charts and could easily sneak into this pick if Chicago stays put. Tank Johnson could be suspended for the season, and the Bears need an insurance policy (Other possibilities: Lawrence Timmons, Ben Grubbs)

32. Indianapolis: Marcus McCauley, CB - Fresno State
McCauley has all the tools to fit any defense, but his physical play and support in run defense will fit the Colts Cover-2 defense well (Other possibilities: Lawrence Timmons, Ben Grubbs, Ryan Kalil)

Second Round

33. Oakland: Tony Ugoh, OT - Arkansas
Oakland had a horrid offensive line last year, and Ugoh can easily step in at either tackle and help immediately, opening the door for Sims to move inside

34. Detroit: Trent Edwards, QB - Stanford
The new future QB of the Lions. Don't be surprised if John Beck somehow sneaks into this pick.

35. Tampa Bay: Sidney Rice, WR - South Carolina
As much as they hated missing out on Calvin Johnson, the Bucs land a player who was slated to be a Top 10 pick in next year's draft, had he not left too early.

36. Cleveland: Eric Wright, CB - UNLV
Wright ran a blazing 40 time, and could be in line to start in Cleveland. Crennell may be willing to overlook Wright's off-field concerns in order to save his job

37. Chicago (from Washington thru NY Jets): Ben Grubbs, G - Auburn
The Bears go with the best player available and land a top-5 lineman in the draft. Grubbs will pave the way for Cedric Benson for years.

38. Arizona: Lawrence Timmons, LB - Florida St.
Arizona overlooks their need at DE and drafts the best player available. Timmons projects into the first round and is a steal at this point

39. Atlanta (from Houston): Quentin Moses, DE - Georgia
A pass rusher with all the tools to be effective in the NFL. Was never very productive on the college level, but was double-teamed a lot, leaving his bookend DE (Charles Johnson) open to wreak havoc

40. Miami: Michael Griffen, S - Texas
With Jason Allen moving to CB, this opens a spot for Griffen to start. Another player projected as a first rounder who falls because he's not playing a sexy position

41. Minnesota: Ryan Kalil, C - USC
While they would like to look at a WR, Kalil was adds too much value to pass up. The team has been unhappy with Matt Birk the last few years. Kalil could move Birk to another position, possibly backup tackle

42. San Francisco: Dwayne Jarrett, WR - USC
Jarrett fills an immediate need in San Fran. The knock on Jarrett should be blamed on former teammate Mike Williams, who doesn't have the speed to separate. Jarrett may have that same issue, but the 9ers won't pass on him.

43. Buffalo: Antonio Pittman, RB - Ohio State
A speedy 1-2 punch to go with Anthony Thomas. Could find his niche on this team which will provide him many opportunities

44. Atlanta: Justin Blalock, G - Texas
He'll push Clabo for the starting spot

45. Carolina: Daymeion Hughes, CB - California
Hughes is listed as a CB, but will only be a CB on a Cover-2 team. Hughes has a physical style which will be more suited for safety in the Carolina defense. He also has that ball-hawking style that teams covet at safety

46. Pittsburgh: Ikaika Alama-Francis, DE - Hawaii
One of the sleepers in this draft. He's a former basketball player who added ~75 pounds in college, and could even add more and move inside to tackle. If the Steelers keep the 3-4 alignment, he'll fit right in at DE

47. Green Bay: Zach Miller, TE - Arizona State
A nice fit, as he'll be the pass-catching TE that Bubba Franks never really was. Miller will give Favre a nice big target as a safety valve receiver.

48. Jacksonville: Tim Crowder, DE - Texas
Crowder had an excellent day at the combines, boosting his value. He will most-likely split time with Spicer

49. Cincinnati: Tank Tyler, DT - NC State
Sam Adams is getting old. Tyler brings the same type of game as Sam Adams. He could fit right into the rotation

50. Tennessee: Jonathan Wade, CB - Tennessee
With Pacman Jones gone, the Titans take a kid from their local university. Wade is a player who has all the tools to be a #1 CB, but is raw and needs coaching to put it all together.

51. New York Giants: Tanard Jackson, DB - Syracuse
This pick will ease some of the team's concern over Gibril Wilson's health. Tanard Jackson is listed as a CB, but will move to safety in New York. A physical player who was always around the ball at Syracuse

52. St. Louis: Brian Leonard, RB - Rutgers
A steal at this point. He ends any flirtation the team has with signing Ricky Williams.

53. Dallas: Tarell Brown, CB - Texas
An interesting prospect. Could be one of the steals of the draft. Had some off-field troubles, and played his senior season with a broken bone in his foot. Overshadowed by Aaron Ross. However, coming into his senior season was considered the better NFL prospect.

54. Kansas City: Aaron Sears, G - Tennessee
Sears can play all OL spots, except C. He'll probably start out as a backup, but could replace one of the aging veterans by his 2nd season. Don't be fooled by the talent the Chiefs have on the O-Line. Most of the starters are up there in age.

55. Seattle: Ben Patrick, TE - Delaware
A Diamond in the Rough. Excellent hands, great all-around skills, and at 250 pounds is still considered a good blocker. Could become a "Highlight Reel" TE with his tools. He'll sit behind Pollard for a year before making his impact

56. Denver: Eric Weddle, S - Utah
Why not have Jon Lynch help groom the player that's been likened to him. Weddle is a gamer who just makes plays. Teams need to overlook his mediocre measurables.

57. Philadelphia: Steve Smith, WR - USC
Great pick for the Eagles. Overshadowed in college by teammates like Mike Williams and Dwayne Jarrett. Could be another Keary Colbert

58. New Orleans: Craig "Buster" Davis, WR - LSU
Another WR overshadowed by a teammate (Dwayne Bowe) in college. Davis could end up being a better as a pro than he was in college

59. New York Jets: LaMarr Woodley, DE - Michigan
He could unseat Bryan Thomas. He is versatile enough to be a stand up or down rusher

60. Miami (from New England): John Beck, QB - BYU
A QB who is rising up the charts as of late. Miami gets their future QB.

61. Baltimore: Ryan Harris, OT - Notre Dame
Offensive line must be addressed, and Harris is the best lineman on the board. Harris could be Ogden's successor

62. San Diego: Justin Durant, LB - Hampton
The Chargers front office loves these kind of players. Durant will line up inside. The kind of player that coaches love

63. New York Jets (from Chicago): Josh Wilson, CB - Maryland
Probably the fastest player on the field in this draft. What he lacks in size, he makes up for in athletic ability. Addresses depth issues the Jets had at CB last season

64. Tampa Bay (from Indianapolis): Turk McBride, DT - Tennessee
McBride could add a few pounds, but he fits the Tampa gap system like a glove.

Third round

65. Oakland: Charles Johnson, DE - Georgia
Oakland Nabs the best D-Lineman available. Johnson is projected to go in the 2nd round. He could push Tommy Kelly for the starting DE spot.

66. Detroit: Stewart Bradley, LB - Nebraska
Tough as nails run-stopper. Can play MLB or SLB. Can even play DE, as he has pass rush skills. What you see is what you get. Doesn't offer a lot as far as potential. He'll Lenon and Lehman for the starting spot at MLB

67. Cleveland: Ray McDonald, DE - Florida
Edwards will eventually replace Orpheaus Roye

68. Tampa Bay: Brandon Silar, LB - Florida
More depth at LB due to Brooks's age and Quarles's career status. Silar projects into the 2nd round

69. Arizona: Chris Henry, RB - Arizona
Don't be fooled by word that's coming out of Arizona. They don't think highly of their RB situation. Not only do they land a hometown guy, Wisenhunt gets a Willie Parker clone

70. Denver (from Washington): Quincy Black: LB - New Mexico
Another pass rusher, but from the LB position. D.J. Williams will move inside, leaving a battle between Warrick Holdman, D.D. Lewis and Black for the job on the strong side

71. Miami: Kenny Scott, CB - Georgia Tech
Has very good numbers, which make him interesting. A gamble, as he could easily be a bust, but could also pay off in a big way. He could contribute in the nickel early on

72. Minnesota: Victor Abiamiri, DE - Notre Dame
Abiamiri could help ease the situation if James gets hurt again, or Udeze is ineffective again

73. Houston: Anthony Gonzalez, WR - Ohio State
One would not expect Gonzalez to fall to the 3rd round. If Gonzalez isn't present, Aundrae Allison or Jason hill could be options

74. Buffalo: Antwan Barnes, LB - Florida International
An edge rusher in the mold of Robert Mathis. Expect him to see plenty of time on passing downs. Mark Anderson helped the cause of these types of players too, last season

75. Atlanta: Quinn Pitcock, DT - Ohio State
Grady Jackson is in a bit of trouble with the team. This could be one of those "message" picks, while still filling depth needs

76. San Francisco: Michael Coe, CB - Alabama St.
He doesn't jump off the draft charts at you, but cannot be overlooked. Excellent size to go with good speed. The only knock is the level of competition he played.

77. Pittsburgh: Tony Hunt, RB - Penn State
He'll back up Parker and Davenport, but will eventually take over Davenport's role as the short yardage and change of pace back.

78. Green Bay: Samson Satele, C - Hawaii
He could push Scott Wells for the starting spot, but will more likely sit for a year before taking the reigns

79. Jacksonville: Drew Stanton, QB - Michigan St.
At one point Stanton was the top NFL prospect at QB. The knock is that he didn't live up to his potential in big games.

Cincinnati: Forfieted Pick

80. Tennessee: Kenny Irons, RB - Auburn
Message to LenDale White: Watch your weight. Irons could take a chunk of playing time from White.

81. New York Giants: Marcus Thomas, DT - Florida
Coughlin will overlook off-field troubles, if it will help him keep his job. Thomas could have been a 2nd round prospect if not for those concerns

82. Kansas City (from St. Louis): Paul Soliai, DT - Utah
A space eater in the mold of former Chief DT, Keith Traylor. Look for him to contribute to the rotation

83. Carolina: Zak DeOssie, MLB - Brown
Another sleeper prospect. Has the tools, he just played on a small level.

84. St. Louis (from Kansas City): Kevin Kolb, QB - Houston
A "system QB" or is he the real deal? Physically, he's a top 5 QB prospect. However, we've seen how Houston QBs fare in the NFL. Kolb looks to be the best prospect in recent years though. Could be a steal

85. Seattle: Doug Free, OT - Northern Illinois
Could push to start on the right side. A versatile player who could even play guard and push Ray Willis to his more natural right tackle position

86. Denver: James Marten, OT - Boston College
Marten could eventually replace Meadows at Right Tackle.

87. Dallas: Walter Thomas, DT - NW Mississippi C.C.
A true nose tackle. He goes 6-5, 375. Very raw talent, but has limitless upside. Moves very well for someone his size. Originally went to Oklahoma State before being kicked off the team. Hasn't had any documented issues since. Could stand to lose some weight. A project who could pay off in a big way

88. New Orleans: Brandon Mebane, DT - California
A DT who made his mark by getting into opposing backfields. Doesn't have much upside, so you know what you're getting. Can be a contributor in the rotation

89. New York Jets: Andy Alleman, G - Akron
Fits the style of lineman that the Jets are going for. Alleman fits right into the zone-blocking scheme

90. Philadelphia: Fred Bennett, CB - South Carolina
A cover corner who wasn't very productive on the college level. However, he has the tools that could make him effective on the NFL level.

91. New England: John Wendling, S - Wyoming
A sleeper pick. He has the measurables that are sought after. Needs coaching to correct minor flaws. Can play either safety, and has starting potential.

92. Buffalo (from Baltimore): Aundrae Allison, WR - East Carolina
A shifty WR with deep speed. Adds value by stretching the field and also as a return man.

93. San Diego: Usama Young, CB - Kent St.
Not very well known, but put himself on the map at the combines. He has the tools that teams would look for in a starter, however he is in need of coaching

94. Chicago: Earl Everett, LB - Florida
A jack of all trades. Can play any LB position and safety too. He even has skills as a pass rusher

95. Indianapolis: Tim Shaw, LB - Penn State
A speedy LB who played multiple positions at Penn State (DE, RB). Has raw skills that can be coached. Could be a steal.

96. San Diego (COMP): Aaron Rouse, S - Virginia Tech
Rouse is a big safety, who could also project to linebacker. He could push Terrence Kiel if he fits the defense as a safety

97. San Francisco (COMP): Lorenzo Booker, RB - Florida State
A change of pace back, which the 9ers are lacking right now.

98. Indianapolis (COMP): Jacoby Jones, WR - Lane
A sleeper pick who the scouts know. Excellent athlete with great size. A track and basketball guy who is a little raw in football.

99. Oakland (COMP): Jason Hill, WR - Washington St.
Great college numbers. A deep threat who could be a decent #2 for the Raiders.