Saturday, April 28, 2007

10AM NFL Draft Update: Rumors, Reports, and other R-related issues

It's a little after 10am and the NFL Draft is officially under-2 hours away from beginning.


I know, it's just the calm before the storm.

Here are a few issues that need to be discussed and quasi-dissected before the frantic fun, filled with draft updates here on the blog from yours truly, finally begins. It's also the last time to banter and rant!

Roll on!

1. Seattle is reportedly trying to move wide receiver Darrell Jackson
-Injury issues and plenty of bank spent on the duo of Deion Branch & Nate Burleson have left the Seahawks more than willing to deal D-Jax. Interestingly enough, the team most interested in the wideout is their NFC West up-and-coming rival...the 49ers. Rumors are swirling lately, the best of which has the Niners dealing one of their three4th round selections (or perhaps even a 3rd rounder). Apparently New Orleans and Tennessee have also expressed mild interest in acquiring Jackson; and, it's important to note that D-Jax probably wouldn't need to restructure (4 years remaining on a deal signed in '04 for 6 years and $25-million). This could be a rather substantial, Javon Walker-esque (at least from a 49ers perspective witht their wideout corps), move during the heart of this draft's opening rounds.

2. The Oakland Raiders haven't offered any type of contract to Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn
-Seems like a friendly rumor-mill deal that was added into all the Calvin Johnson-speculation (probably from the Raiders themselves) so that JaMarcus Russell's contract could be just a percentage point or two cheaper. The Raiders will select the LSU Quarterback first. It's been reported by just about everyone in this galaxy.

3. Oklahoma RB Adrian Peterson's shoulder is going to be fine
-The medical staffs that saw Peterson...collectively reported to their respective teams that the running back would be just fine. Although, it does seem a little interesting that his numerous past injuries haven't hurt his draft-stock previous to this immediate weekend that much. Honestly, the guy hasn't had a healthy season in college and despite his intense workload for the Sooners...he's far from the toughest back in this draft when it comes to withstanding nagging or game-missing injuries.

4. There will be trades in the 1st Round.
-Whether it's a half-dozen, a dozen, or two...we can''t know yet. Yet, plenty of teams will spend the entire fifteen minutes they are alloted exploring every option possible. This will begin at pick #2 and probably continue throughout the majority of the top ten. Don't underestimate the moves at the end of the 1st round either. Plenty of teams love to move back, move slightly up, or exit the 1st-round altogether. It's a very popular notion as of late (just ask the Jets) to move a late first-rounder this year for a new second-rounder this year as well as an extra second-rounder next year.

5. Chris Leak and Troy Smith won't even be mentioned the 1st day.
-Sorry to the BCS Title Game QBs...but neither is likely to have a fun Saturday. Smith killed himself - exposing what most already knew - in a worthless title game performance. Leak's shotty mechanics, lack of height, and statuesque-motioning will end up making him a career backup at best.

6. Chris Berman will be as annoying as ever
-ESPN's biggest name, and man, will repeat the same stories, the same tiresome catch phrases, launch the same appeals to draft those character-guys, and the same stupid references to Favre, Brady, and Hurricane Katrina that he always does. Memo to ESPN Management: It's time for him to retire or move away from such spotlight events. Much like Stuart Scott, who is cartoonish in his ridiculous attempts to appear young and with-it, Berman is a tired-joke that never was funny in the first place. Only Kenny Maine is unfunnier than the two of them. But back to Berman, it's easy to see the guys at ESPN love him and while some women think he's funny at bars (or so I have learned in my experiences) the end he is far too corny, cheesy, oversentimental about sports and life (winning one game over Atlanta didn't cure New Orleans of the tragedy of Katrina, in fact most of the fans there probably weren't directly affected in those incredibly low-socioeconomic settings) and doesn't retain the knowledge to be up on the stage with the crew he works with. If only I could mute his fond recollections or the players he loves to love, my draft day would be that much sweeter. Now that was a tirrade-filled rant!

7. Michael Turner won't be traded.
-This is a straight-guess from me. By the way, before I continue on this topic, ESPN's Mark Schlereth
called this guy a "top 3-4 potential talent at running back". Seriously? A top 5 running back? This is beyond lunacy. The guy backs up LT - who bruises defenses beyond belief with speed and cutting-power - and is now a soon-to-be elite back? Give me a break. While Green Bay is always in the market for an RB and teams like Tennessee and Atlanta seem unsure by the day on their backfields...please don't overpay that much for someone so ridiculously unproven.

8. Trent Green will be gone by the end of this weekend. Daunte Culpepper will be cut by June 1st. Randy Moss will be a Raider next season. The Patriots will be given an A+ no matter what they do in the draft by everyone in the media. There is zero chance Larry Johnson is dealt. Peter King will salavate over the Steelers pick which will invariably be labeled as truly a "Steeler-guy".
-Quite a rant, I know. It all explains itself. But wait! There's even more on the horizon...

9. CNNSI reporting potential major draft rumors after humorous quotes from Clinton Portis (which he excells at) were released throughout the Washington-media proves yet again that their draft coverage is as weak as anyone could imagine.
-No surprise at all. Bang-up job as always guys. [Insert Borat-inspired NOT!]

We'll see how full of it I am...shortly.

Until next time...

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