Thursday, October 02, 2008

Clement's Weekly Picks and Prognostications...Week 5

Seriously, is it week 5 already???

With my NFL team on the bye (J-E-T-S) and one of my fantasy teams boding the worst pair of starting QBs ever (Huard & Flacco, baby!), I can’t allow my NFL Picks to suffer.

Especially when everyone bit the farm with last week’s games.

NFL Picks: 9-8 (Remember, we’re picking spreads here. Hello above .500!)
Upset Special: 1-4 (Stupid Packers)

Tampa Bay @ Denver (-3)
This is SCREAMING push. Denver has no D; however, I’m far from crazy about the Bucs O. Still looking for a better ‘balance’ for Griese and company. Eddie Royal is my Rookie of the Year. Go Broncos.

Washington @ Philadelphia (-5 ½)
Philly needs Herculean efforts from Westbrook to beat the Redskins. Is he healthy enough to provide that? NO. The real concern I have for upbeat Skin fans is how the blitzing packages of Jim Johnson will be dealt with by Zorn and company. Edge to the Skins, if only to tackle this number.

Pittsburgh @ Jacksonville (-4)
Why must you keep attacking road dogs, Clement? Why must you believe so much in the Stillers with spreads under 2.5? Okay, I admit it. I have a problem. Jags win by 5 or more. Although I don’t know how just yet.

Upset Special #1
Kansas City @ Carolina (-9)
I unfairly hate on Steve Smith and prop up LJ way too much for fantasy reasons. Nevertheless, I’m tackling any number that has an NFC South team nearing double digits (even at home).

Upset Special #2
Buffalo @ Arizona (-1)
Seriously, what do the odds makers know that we don’t? I’m gonna go for it and feed the sport’s book exactly what it wants. Take that!

3 Must Starts and Must Sits


…Last Week…
Ike Hillard stunk, Patrick Crayton was above average (I’ll take it!), and Kerry Collins did just fine in an emergency fantasy-QB situation.

…This Week…
Tony Gonzalez is better off with Damon Huard and has minor trade value, Antwaan Randel-el is worthy of a garbage TD this weekend against Philly, and Kevin Walter loves stealing AJ’s TDs from Schaub.


...Last Week…
DeSean got a TD but was clearly misused as the focal point of the Eagle offense, McGahee isn’t healthy anywhere on his body, and Griese won despite throwing 3 costly picks and 1 measily TD (score one for the big guy!).

…This Week…
Chad Pennington won’t fare well this weekend against the Chargers, Randy Moss should be sat in favor of Santana Moss (hello!), and Deuce McAllister isn’t a weekly start…yet.

That’s all I got.
Now enjoy it…please.

Until next picks…

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