Thursday, October 16, 2008

Clement's Weekly Picks and Prognostications...Week 7

Okay. It's either time to cancel these weekly posts, have a road-underdog intervention, or just kick butt one week.

You know which way I'm going!!!

NFL Picks: 12-11 [I'm going to be near 20 wins after this weekend. Just watch.]
Upset Special: 4-6 [You gotta crawl before you walk.]

..tackling the Sportsbook this week...

San Francisco @ NY Giants (-10 1/2)
JT O'Sullivan is turning over the ball at an alarming pace in recent weeks. Nevertheless, this is a lot of points for an offense that isn't giving enough carries to Brandon Jacobs week in and week out. I'm taking another road dog, but like that I'm getting a double-digit cushion.

Tennessee @ Kansas City (+9)
Taking a road favorite to cover? You know he we do. Especially with LJ suspended for a week. Bastard.

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati (-9 1/2)
The Stillers get me every time. Big deal. Big time road cover. The intervention is needed NOW!

NY Jets @ Oakland (+3)
I know, I never pick Jet games. An ugly 4-2 team they'll be though. Jamarcus Russell will turn the ball over 3 times in another bad loss.

Upset Special #1
San Diego @ Buffalo (-1)
The Chargers need to develop some consistency outside of desperation primetime games. Trent Edwards needs to stay healthy and the Bills need to force turnovers. Gimme the Chargers straight up, please.

Upset Special #2
Cleveland @ Washington (-7 1/2)
I love that 1/2. Zero chance I want the Browns straight up. However, the Skins might win a shootout; yet, I love cheap TDs to bust open big spreads.

Upset Special #3
Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots (-3 1/2)
This number kinda surprises me. New England is ridiculously banged up and not a safe bet at home (see Miami three weeks ago). Both coaches need this game BAD...for this season, at least. Shanahan takes it outright.

5 Fantasy MUST Starts:
1) Darren McFadden is good for 75 and a TD.
2) Issac Bruce is catching his 89th career TD this weekend.
3) Steve Smith is going for 60 yards and a touchdown (the Giant Steve Smith).
4) The Titans D might score 2 defensive TDs this weekend. Salavate.
5) Sammy Morris is a sneaky flex-play. But nothing more.

5 Fantasy MUST Sits:
1) Don't start Jamal Charles for LJ. Just don't.
2) Don't start Wes Welker these days. Just don't.
3) Don't start Patrick Crayton until we decide how effective BJ/Romo/Williams are. Just don't.
4) Don't start Joe Flacco EVER. Just don't.
5) Don't start Bo Scaife. Titan TEs are impossible to predict. Just don't.

Fantasy "What If":
What if Tony Romo plays...
Whomever the Cowboy QB is, he's tossing 3 TDs. Yeah, I said it. TO, Roy, and Witten will all catch TDs. It's a feeling. Stephen Jackson might be the fantasy stud of the game. He's gonna catch 8-9 passes. Mark it down.

That's all I gots.

Until next session...

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Paymon said...

The whole essence of an "upset special" is that you predict the underdog to win outright.

McFadden won't get 75 and a TD. He plays on my fantasy team.