Sunday, October 05, 2008

Live Blog for NFL Week 5

Updated at 155pm

  • The Eagles are handling the Redskins early on. David Akers is the best player for the Redskins. Right as I say that, McNabb throws a bullet to Carlos Rogers, which was dropped.
  • Queue the Vince Young watch. Two picks thus far from Kerry Collins who has gotten an inordinate amount of love from the media. For those just joining, many dubbed Collins a basketcase earlier in his career. This is not to say he's a great player to have in the locker room now.
  • After falling behind by 10 points at Reliant Stadium, Houston knots it at 10.
  • In Detroit, the Pop Warner defense is holding Matt Forte to 3.4 ypc and stopped the Bears on 4th and 1.
  • So much for my upset pick today - Giants are up 17-3 against the Seahawks.


  • After 14 quick points from the Eagles, the Redskins have fought back with three field goals. Did anyone start Shawn Suisham today?
  • DeAngelo Williams with a career half against the Chiefs. Through a half and change, Williams has 127 yards and 3 TDs. Wild.
  • Miami picked up where it left off two weeks ago. Two second-quarter TDs have the Dolphins up 17-3. The entire San Diego offense has been ineffective. This isn't the first time they've been down double digits this season.
  • Houston has come back with fury, up 7 at the half. One bright spot for Indy - they have largely stopped the run. That said, they have probably overcompensated for its Achilles heel.
  • Matt Ryan and Roddy White may very well be the next big play combo as Sum alluded to a few weeks back. Up 17-7 at Lambeau.
  • I bet the baseball games will have more runs than the Titans/Ravens game has points. 3-3 at the half.
  • How about Kyle Orton?!?!?!


  • We'll just ignore the KC/CAR, CHI/DET and SEA/NYG because they are blowouts. Detroit offensive coordinator Jim Colletto said they would "open it up today". The only thing opened up in Detroit is a can of whoopass.
  • The Redskins have totally stolen the momentum from the Eagles. It's only a 2-point game, but it could be much worse.
  • Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings to tie the score at home against Atlanta at 17. This came after Matt Ryan threw a pick in the endzone. Ouch.
  • Miami puts a temporary halt on San Diego's momentum and hang on to a touchdown advantage.
  • Indianapolis is experiencing serious problems. Houston has rattled off 27 unanswered and have a comfortable 17-point lead. Did you imagine that the Colts would be 1-3? I sure didn't.


  • After the Eagles earned some first downs, the Redskins told them who's boss in the redzone. Eagles held to a field goal. Philly fans boo. Jason Campbell has been nothing short of amazing since the first couple series. His progress since the Giants game describes why the NFL is so unpredictable (and great). College basketball is better though.
  • Albert Haynesworth having trouble getting up ... this could be a case of Bad News Bears.
  • Right when the Colts were on their way to 1-3, they score a TD on 4th down and force a fumble-six. 27-24. It was the second lost fumble for Sage Rosenfels, who has had an otherwise stellar day.
  • Matt Ryan is on his way to earning his first away victory as an NFL quarterback. Michael Turner finds the endzone for the first time away from the friendly confines of the Georgia Dome.


  • The Washington offensive line & Clinton Portis will be 4-1 after dominating the Eagles on both lines. On the decisive 4th and 1, the offensive line pushed forward and Portis fought tooth and nail. Realistically, the Redskins could be 7-1 before their matchup against Pittsburgh. On a personal note, with the Cubs choking and the Eagles losing at home to a divisional foe, it's equivalent to a kick in the groin followed by a facial cleat stomp.
  • In Houston, Indianapolis completed a phenomenal comeback, scoring thrice in the final 8 minutes. Sage Rosenfels turned the ball over three times in the decisive period.
  • Tennessee comes from behind to defeat Baltimore. The Ravens, though impressive, are now a realistic 2-2. Tennessee keeps rolling, but it's not pretty. Collins to Crumpler for the winning score - you'd think this game was played in 2003.


  • After a disappointing defeat, the Lions are an underwhelming 0-4. Sources have confirmed that they are shopping an unhappy Roy Williams; however, their price tag has been too much (prior to getting the sack, Matt Millen offered Roy Williams to the Cowboys for DeMarcus Ware). Could teams like the Eagles, Chargers (Chris Chambers was carted off earlier today) and Bills be in the market for the talent yet oft-injured playmaker?
  • Tampa Bay and Dallas up early on field goals.
  • Matt Cassel and JT O'Sullivan have both thrown picks ... in the first five minutes.
  • Marion Barber III has half as many touches as last game in the first five minutes ... four. And Felix Jones just surpassed his touches. TO must be stewing. Oh, that damn media stirring up non-existent stories in Dallas.
  • Phil Simms is intolerable. I'd love an automatic function that mutes specific commentators. The smart money is on Clement muting Chris Berman.


  • Despite winning today, Dallas is not who we thought they were after their win at Green Bay. Perhaps it's a case of having the target on their chest. I think it's a case of having a defense that's not hungry and an offense that has forgotten the killer instinct it had for most of last season.
  • Trent Edwards was concussed early in the Bills' 41-17 loss at Arizona. This was the Jekyll & Hyde matchup of the week and Hyde kicked Jekyll's tookus. Kurt Warner put any potential quarterback controversy to rest with a solid performance. Steve Breaston deputized well in Anquan Boldin's absence.
  • Brian Griese wasn't able to win (or finish the game due to a shoulder injury) against another former team. Why? The Denver defense - a contradiction in terms - showed up. Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall did not put up the fancy numbers, but they won the game. I am still trying to understand the 36 pass / 21 run play breakdown when the Broncos surrendered 6.3 yards per rush.
  • New England dominated the time of possession (40 minutes) and wore down San Francisco. This limited the number of touches for Frank Gore and facilitated the style of football which made the Patriots who they are prior to 2007.

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