Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday FourCast: Week 8

1) No Need to Apologize
Titan fans can tell the NFL two words this week. While I won’t say em, DX made em quite popular. While Vince Young sits quietly on the sidelines, Tennessee is 7-0 and Kerry Collins is responsible for 6 of those wins. He isn’t Trent Dilfer of the 2000 Ravens. He helps win games. Disagree? Check the tape last night and be extra sure you check who his receivers are (or aren’t). Bo Scaife may make the Pro Bowl because the Titans don’t need Pro Bowl wideouts apparently. While the Titans will never get any respect, they may end up being the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays of the NFL this season. Of course when they do lose in the playoffs, every “expert” will say they saw it coming long ago. Then again, where were those “experts” who picked the Titans to be 7-0? Here's what matters:
A) They’ve beaten everyone in front of them, including AFC South stalwarts Indianapolis and Jacksonville.
B) Jeff Fisher is the best coach in the NFL. Imagine what he'd do with Peyton or Brady.
C) This is the best team in football right now. Deal with it.

2) Sometimes it isn’t the Coach
Marvin Lewis is stale in Cincy. Move on.
Mike Singletary was the right move on San Francisco. Praise on.
Rod Marinelli never had a chance in Detroit. Fire on.
Wade Phillips doesn’t do any damage being in Dallas right now. Stay on.
As for Norv Turner in San Diego. …
I use the “…” because I don’t know. It’s too easy to blame Norv for San Diego’s problems. Merriman’s injury has been catastrophic and a few other realities have come to play:
A) The Antonio Cromartie of last season wasn’t his true self.
B) Phillip Rivers and LT are great players, but they aren’t winners. Yeah, I said it.
C) Ted Cottrell is the most stagnant coordinator in football. The game has passed him by.

3) M-V-P for CP?
Each and every week we seem to have a “new” MVP to celebrate. Aaron Rogers, Trent Edwards, Eli Manning, Jay Cutler, and Steve Smith (of Carolina) have all gotten some pub in recent weeks. While I believe Andre Johnson of Houston is currently playing the best of anyone in football, Clinton “insert your favorite alter-ego” Portis would get my MVP vote. His rushing numbers are amazing and his team is an impressive 6-2. Don’t give me pining for 7-1 Skins fans, take your medicine and love it. CP has been shockingly durable, a redzone magnet, and has done all of this without a rush of over 35-yards. How? Confidence in his coach, his offensive line (Samuels is FINALLY playing Pro Bowl-caliber tackle), and a QB who doesn’t throw interceptions. While the Skins still don’t have the explosive offense their fans dream of, they’re a top NFC team because of three reasons:
A) Their QB doesn’t turn over the ball often.
B) Their defense holds opponents all over the field.
C) Their RB is the NFL MVP…thus far.

4) The Not-so-Golden Boy
It doesn’t take a Jim Rome – who only blasts people he can’t get on his show – or even an angry New Yorker to tell you what Peter King, Tony Kornheiser, and Mike Jaworski won’t tell you…Brett Favre has been very average this season. Jet fans booed the future Hall of Famer last Sunday. And for good reason. Favre makes 5-6 throws each and every week that are just waiting to be a pick-six. Sure he makes 5-6 throws only a handful of QBs ever could make; yet, is it beneficial in the end? The answer is still YES. The team still believes in his talent, his vision is still unparalleled, and you can’t forget that he is a proven winner. Just ask a few of the teams mentioned above how important that characteristic is. Nevertheless, let me get three points across:
A) The Jets may be the fourth best team in the AFC East.
B) Brett Favre didn’t win the game last week. Lav Coles making that impressive TD catch combined with a missed illegal contact penalty on Drew Coleman in the closing seconds did.
C) The Jets are technically tied, at 4-3, for the final wild-card spot.
Anything else is trivial at this point.


Paymon said...

On #2, I'm still waiting for the Chargers to have that "Oh Crap" moment like they did last year when they were 1-3.

On #4C, it's rather presumptuous. Mind you, the KC Chefs were 4-3 at this point last year and technically in the playoffs. You've been touche'd, my friend.

Clement said...

I was making more of a point on the mediocrity of the AFC; rather than the Jets having any staying power.

However, you make an excellent point.

Looking at our schedule, any true Jet fan knows we'll rue that Oakland loss. We had to be 5-2 at this point, if not a miracle-laden 6-1 to have real playoff aspirations.

Especially if teams like Buffalo, Miami, Tennessee, and a few others are, in fact, "for real".

As for the Chargers, they had those moments apparently. Hosting the Jets on MNF and the Chargers on Sunday night.

Too bad they were followed up with losses (@ Miami, @London vs. New Orleans).