Thursday, October 09, 2008

Clement's Weekly Picks and Prognostications...Week 6

5 weeks down and the byes are starting to really affect both fantasy lineups and a few of these picks.

Nevertheless, it's time for me to start making some big moves.
Otherwise, I'm going to end up .500ish on everything involved with this weekly column.

Yeah, that's the ticket!

NFL Picks: 11-9 [Okay, we're starting to make SOME minor progress. Very minor.]
Upset Special: 2-5
[It's starting to get pathetic. Very pathetic.]

Dallas @ Arizona (+4)
A lot of talk has "wierd things happening in the desert". Since when, exactly? The Cowboys need to break out this week and the Cards are the right ticket. It'll be close until the half, when Dallas goes longball on a shaky Cards secondary.

Jacksonville @ Denver (-3)
These are the two teams (along with Pittsburgh) that make up my "Axis of Evil". Nevertheless, I'm tackling this challenge. The Jags bother me because of their ability to run the ball and make clutch field goals. Denver needs to make an AFC statement. They'll do it, barely.

Oakland @ New Orleans (-7)
The Saint defense is beyond horrible. Nevertheless, the Raiders don't have the leadership or the overall talent to score with the Saints. Memo to Javon Walker: you're allowed to catch passes after the first drive.

Upset Special #1
Green Bay @ Seattle (-1 1/2)
One liner: Matt Hasselbeck and Aaron Rogers may not finish this game in one piece.

Upset Special #2
Miami @ Houston (-3)
One liner: Miami at 3-2 is a playoff-caliber team.

Upset Special #3
New England @ San Diego (-4 1/2)
One liner: San Diego and LT won't need another excuse to justify a loss to the hated Patsies.

I'm taking a week sabbatical from fantasy football analysis and reactions. Why?
Because lately, I'm questioning any ability to conquer that beast.
And general apathy when I'm under the weather.

See you next week!!!

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