Sunday, October 12, 2008

Quick Hits From Week 6

In lieu of the running blog that we at PHSports have done throughout most of the season, I wanted to offer some quick hits from a most interesting Week 6. As noted in this past Tuesday's edition of the FourCast, awkward games are this season's calling card.

  • In the early set of games, the Washington Redskins lost three fumbles (all three in field goal range resulting in a potential 16-point swing) and gave away a game against the St. Louis Rams at the death. The Redskins outgained the Rams by over 150 yards. Maybe the Rams knew what they were doing when they made Donnie Avery the first WR taken in the draft and gave silly money to a kicker.

  • In the game that would not end, Dallas forced overtime at Arizona and had seemingly stolen the momentum ... only to lose on a blocked punt. Despite another sloppy game from Dallas, their fourth in six games, many will decide to point fingers at the special teams who bookended the game with touchdowns surrendered.

  • Indianapolis has resurrected its season and Marvin Harrison answered my question earlier today about whether he was done. He's not. Just ask Chris McAllister. The Colts may have longer term issues with the health of Joseph Addai hanging in the balance, but the timing which is so crucial to Indy's engine was functioning per usual.

  • As expected, Jacksonville hit Denver in the mouth and won. Let's see if the Jags can do the unthinkable and aim for consistency.

  • Perhaps we have been underrating the NFC South. Just ask the Chicago Bears who are 0-3 against the division. Three teams have 4 wins and New Orleans is in last with three wins. Also, paging the Carolina Panthers. Meanwhile, Matt Ryan is no game manager. He's a winner.

  • Philadelphia salvaged a fourth-quarter comeback against San Francisco. It's amazing how Correll Buckhalter's numbers can mirror that of Brian Westbrook's when he gets similar touches. Am I saying Buckhalter is as good as Westbrook? Not a chance. But I am saying that Buck can start in this league for at least 10 teams and it's no coincidence that his lack of touches correlate with losses to divisional foes. Also, I'm starting to think that Donovan McNabb is more comfortable without Reggie Brown and Kevin Curtis. The team is 3-1 when neither have played, and the only loss was the shootout in Dallas.

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