Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Goodell Grows Some ... Allegedly

Last week, when news outlets reported that Adam "Pacman" Jones was in an altercation with a member of his four-person security team, I waited for our true football guys at PHSports to tackle the story. However, one was busy with his future in-laws, another had relatives in town and the other was at a law conference. We all have lives, and I do too sometimes. When I found the time on Saturday, I wrote this scathing piece which questioned whether NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's ability to make decisions based on what is right.

That said, I also waited for Goodell to arrive at a decision. When I first saw the report, I was upset. When I read about Cowboys Owner/GM Jerry Jones deeming any punishment "ridiculous", I was infuriated by his pomposity and arrogance. When I read the never-before-seen version of the English language manifested in a police report which had Jerry Jones's inconspicuous imprints all over it, I had exceeded the previous levels of infuriation. However, when word struck about alcohol being involved in the incident, it was an absolute no-brainer that Goodell that a decision was imminent and that it would be punitive. In the end, I give Goodell a small measure of credit for his decision to indefinitely suspend Jones; however, like I said, it was a no-brainer and I think it's imprudent to praise a leader for making the obvious decision one week later than he should have.

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Danny said...

An artists rendering of the convo between NFL headquarters and Irving, TX:

Last Wednesday:
Commish: Sorry, but we're really going to have to suspend Jones.

"Jerrah": C'mon now, Raj. Suspendin Packy will be like tryin to teach a horse to fly, can't put wings where you need horseshoes.

Commish: But he broke my strict rules!!!

Jerrah: Now, your rules are've put tons of people in their place. But they shouldn't apply here ... look at all the good we've done for Tanky.

Commish: I guess...

Jerrah: See, now just take a few breaths and I'll talk to Packy-pac.

more to come later...