Saturday, August 29, 2009

InClement Weather: Preseason Musings

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1) Don't get too hyped on the Saints and their rather spectacular preseason thus far. It's still the defense you've come to know and give up big time points to rather mediocre opponents.

Kudos to Brees though on chillin' with Carlton Banks.
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2) Tom Brady won't be missing any time due to this shoulder "issue/injury". However, he might have some durability issues by week 10 this season that could be quite alarming. Good thing he avoids Haynesworth for the rest of the season.

3) Laurence Maroney s-s-s-sucks. Big time. Sammy Morris is the most talented back on that roster.

4) Mark Sanchez nor Matthew Stafford needs to be compared to Joe Flacco, in terms of team success this season. Both are better overall QBs than Flacco though. ESPN has OVERrated the Delaware product a little too much as of late.

5) I can't describe how much better Gruden is in the booth than Kornheiser. Memo to Tony, stick to PTI and far far away from the commentator's booth.

6) Tony Dungy is going to be missed BIG time. Jim Caldwell won't be the head coach in Indy in 2-3 seasons. In fact, Indianapolis will struggle to eclipse 9 wins with Caldwell at the helm.

7) LaDanian Tomlinson has one season to cement his status as an all-time great at running back. Good luck, LT.

8) Lito Sheppard better be ready for a LOOOOOONG season opposite Darrelle Revis. He's going to hate dealing with a lot of talented #2 options (Welker, Galloway, Evans, etc.).

9) I don't like Jared Allen and I never will. I just wanted to let that be known.

10) Anyone who thinks Minnesota, especially in that locker room, is better off with Tarvaris an idiot. Sage might be a (slightly) different story. This team is wasting Adrian Peterson in his prime as the top back in the NFL.

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