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InClement Weather: Fantasy Football Speak [Part III of III]

Preseason musings can be found HERE.
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Most of us, who write for or read this blog, are fantasy football "players". In fact, many of us have been at it for over a decade now (some even longer). On top of that, many of us have multiple leagues we interact with yearly.

With that in mind, I'm going to continue - after a week long (wedding-related) delay - serving up my final post, in series of 3 fantasy football-related posts.

1) First up, we looked at the first 3 rounds of our draft HERE.
2) Previously HERE, we checked out 10 "Make or Break" Selections found in our draft, which include players VERY likely to impact yours as well.
3) NOW, I'm targeting 10 guys I was surprised to see drop on our overall draft board. Perhaps you can let us know if you've seen anything similar in your own draft(s).

As for the league parameters, in case you still don't they is.

A) 10-teams.
B) 18-round ladder draft. [Ex: 1 to 10, 10 to 1, 1 to 10, 10 to 1, and so on.]
C) Starters include 2 QBs, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 K, & 1 DEF. 8 reserve sports.

D) Max of 1 1/2 mins/pick for the first 5 rounds, max of 1 min/pick for rounds 6 through 11, and max of 45 seconds (that's right!) for rounds 12 through 18.
Note: No keepers or holdovers either. Not in this league, at least. 2-Starting QB Rules
E) If a backup becomes a starter and you have 4 starting QBs, you must drop/trade one w/i 24 hours.
F) If you have 3 starters on your roster, you may NOT pick up a 4th starter with the intention of working a trade. Picking up a starting QB when you already have 3 can only be done if you are dropping one of your 3 current starters.
G) This also works for defenses and kickers. Yes, we once had an owner with 3 kickers, potentially tabbing another. Lowball, but savvy.

Draft Lottery Bonuses
H) Separate pick'em and survivor leagues give each winner an extra ping pong ball (which I literally draw 5 minutes before the draft).

Note: Remember there are NO keepers in this league.

Andre Johnson at #29

Nearly a consensus #2 wideout, the position dropped and AJ lasted almost into the 4th round. [Wide Receivers taken prior: Larry Fitzgerald, Randy Moss, & Greg Jennings]

Pierre Thomas at #45

The Kool-Aid on Thomas wasn't be sipped by this league. In fact, the autodraft helped Thomas potentially avoid the 50s or lower.

Braylon Edwards at #56

The guy netted early 2nd round talk last year; however, this season was a completely different story. In fact, Edwards was passed up by nearly 20 other wideouts.

Willie Parker at #72

He slipped last season and ended up missing 5 games. As for this season, Parker wasn't valued as a starter for most teams in need of a reliable #2 RB.

Ryan Grant at #90

Perhaps the biggest fall. I wanted no part of him personally, although netting a top 35 prospect isn't bad for the end of the 9th round.

Julius Jones at #108

With Maurice Morris out in Detroit now (good luck Mo), Jones seems the only option outside of the 20s. TJ Duckett has never appeared to be an every down back. Should this guy improve with a healthier Hasselbeck and rejuvinated Seahawk team? Well???

Owen Daniels at #140

Potential top 5 talent and now a backup tight end (already drafted Witten) is pretty surprising for this up-and-comer.

Jamal Lewis at #150

How the once-mighty have continued to fall.

Willis McGahee at #169

Even more shocking might be:
A) Ray Rice going #54 overall, in the 9th round.
B) Le'Ron MClain going undrafted. Wow.

Michael Vick at #170

It had to happen eventually. This was mere days after him signing with the Iggles. This was the last pick in the 2nd to last round (17th).
Question is: how many owners planned on making him their final pick? I know of at least 3 others (of the other 9).


You'll see it in your draft too. Question is: which 10 might surprise or shock you the most? So help ME out and react and share!!!!
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Clement said...

Joseph Addai is a name Pay targeted earlier and could have easily made this list. Check out the 2nd post for more about him and rookie Donald Brown.