Sunday, August 23, 2009

InClement Weather: Fantasy Football Speak [Part II of III]

Most of us, who would write for or read this blog, are fantasy football "players". In fact, many of us have been at it for over a decade now (some even longer). On top of that, many of us have multiple leagues we interact with yearly.

With that in mind, I'm going to continue - after a week long (wedding-related) delay - serving up a series of fantasy football-related posts.

1) First up, we looked at the first 3 rounds of our draft HERE.
2) Today, we're checking out 10 "Make or Break" Selections found in our draft, which are likely to impact yours as well.

3) As for later in the week, I'll target 10 guys I was surprised to see drop on our overall draft board. Perhaps you can let us know if you've seen anything similar in your own draft(s).

As for the league they is.

A) 10-teams.
B) 18-round ladder draft. [Ex: 1 to 10, 10 to 1, 1 to 10, 10 to 1, and so on.]
C) Starters include 2 QBs, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 K, & 1 DEF. 8 reserve sports.

D) Max of 1 1/2 mins/pick for the first 5 rounds, max of 1 min/pick for rounds 6 through 11, and max of 45 seconds (that's right!) for rounds 12 through 18.
Note: No keepers or holdovers either. Not in this league, at least.

2-Starting QB Rules
E) If a backup becomes a starter and you have 4 starting QBs, you must drop/trade one w/i 24 hours.
F) If you have 3 starters on your roster, you may NOT pick up a 4th starter with the intention of working a trade. Picking up a starting QB when you already have 3 can only be done if you are dropping one of your 3 current starters.
G) This also works for defenses and kickers. Yes, we once had an owner with 3 kickers, potentially tabbing another. Lowball, but savvy.

Draft Lottery Bonuses
H) Separate pick'em and survivor leagues give each winner an extra ping pong ball (which I literally draw 5 minutes before the draft).

Note: To be fair, I'll stick with rounds 6 through 12 (it was an 18 round draft)

6th Round Selection = Roy Williams [WR, Dallas]

Mighty big shoes - and an ego - to fill.

The new #1 wideout in Big D (Witten remains Romo's #1 target), has a lot of pressure on him this season. I drafted him, partially due to already selecting Romo, on the basis of everything he showed - outside of 2009's campaign with Dallas (19 catches in 10 games), at a great risk/reward.

7th Round Selection = Larry Johnson [RB, Kansas City]

Memo to LJ: Chill with women, don't spit alcohol in their face.

Depth at the position was a factor; however, it was a risk for the owner (Patterson) this early who already selected Westbrook, Turner, and McFadden. Depth is key, but being able to trade that depth is even more vital. Question is: can LJ (aka "Alcohol Spitta") be package in a deal if he starts off well? You tell me.

8th Round Selection = Greg Olsen [TE, Chicago]

Olsen owners beware of Desmond Clark stealing redzone targets. Beware!!!

The tight end position can often decide close games. Enter a young, emerging tight end who appears to be the early favorite target of his new quarterback. Meanwhile, Desmond Clark is holding on to snaps with a tight clutch and often 0 point performances from the position can lead to a big fat L.

9th Round Selection = Joseph Addai [RB, Indianapolis]

Donald Brown is a popular name on draft board, often even before Addai. Mistake!!!

So much for the top 5, first round, or even the top 5 rounds. Addai is often being passed up for Donald Brown. Nevertheless, the 9th round has a lot of value for a potential 3rd or even 4th running back. Especially one in an offense that seems well-equipped to offer redzone touches.

10th Round Selection = Knowshon Moreno [RB, Denver]

McDaniels (not pictured) may need this one to hit more than any fantasy owner.

Simply put, there's (at least) three factors at play:
A) The Denver tradition of RB by Committee
B) The tweaked ankle in the preseason opener
C) Rookie RBs in general

11th Round Selection = Sage Rosenfels [QB, Minnesota]

Who is the Viking backup?

Is he the backup? Is Tavaris? Will either potentially see snaps if Favre struggles BIG TIME? Nightmarish situation to say the least.

12th Round Selection = Michael Crabtree [WR, San Francisco]

The 49ers' season, whether Singletary wants to admit or not, depends heavily on his availability.

Will he sign? Will he play? Will he be more annoying than Vernon Davis (unlikely!)???

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Paymon said...

It's really amazing how volatile the running back position is in fantasy football. Last year, Addai was a first-round pick. This year, he's not getting top 20 love at the RB position.