Sunday, March 23, 2008

March Madness: 8 Questions to Pose…in Advance…on Sunday

It’s a spin on our typical 5-NFL Questions columns you saw for nearly 6 straight months worth of Sunday mornings.

However, it just HAS to be March Madness-style.

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As for today…can you answer THESE 8 questions??? are ordered by region and by order of start time...

After wowing the majority of the country Friday afternoon with his 40-point effort v. Gonzaga, what does the son of Dell Curry have in store for us this Easter Sunday?
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Midwest Region

#12. Villanova vs. #13. Siena
-Will Siena again be able to dictate the tempo of the game, start to finish, due to the incredible ability to isolate mismatches all over the court (mainly through their insane athleticism)?

#2. Georgetown vs. #10. Davidson

-Can Stephen Curry take a beating? While he can keep the scoreboard close, you better believe the G-Town defenders will be battering and bruising the 40-point opening round phenom.

West Region

#12. Western Kentucky vs. #13 San Diego
-Simply put, which one is better fit as Cinderella of the opening weekend?

East Region

#2. Tennessee vs. #10. Butler
-If the Bulldogs can play half as well as they did Friday, can the Volunteers rebound from such a putrid performance of their own and knock out one of the few remaining mid-major powers?

#3. Louisville vs. #6. Oklahoma
-Can Oklahoma continue to quiet the naysayers by taking care of the ball, staying out of foul trouble, and limited the impact of Louisville’s 3-point attack?

#1. North Carolina vs. #9. Arkansas
-All I can ask is, how does Arkansas plan to stop the Tar Heels from pushing it to triple digits for the second straight game?

South Region

#2. Texas vs. #7. Miami [FL]
-Can the Hurricanes ditch chucking the 1st half and put up a 40-minute upset bid effort?

#1. Memphis vs. #8. Mississippi State
-Can the Bulldogs stay in this game by Memphis struggling from either behind the arc or at the charity stripe?

If YOU have the answers…then by all means, let us know!

See you Sunday afternoon!

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Anonymous said...

While appreciate this quality post, I'm too sick over my devastated bracket to even look at these up coming games : (

I'd like to personally thank Pitt (losing to UNC for my last game- solid pick huh?) for helping me to vomit up my dinner.