Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Afternoon Streaming Updates...

Welcome to the Friday edition of Streaming Updates!

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Unfortunately, Pitino didn't don the Colonel Sanders-suit last night.
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...Completed Games...

East Region

The Vols should be far from pleased from their effort today, especially on the boards.
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#2. Tennessee 72
#15. American 57 [Final Score]
Tennessee looked BAD. Bruce Pearl is gonna light up like a firecracker in the locker room following this performance.

#7. Butler 81
#10. South Alabama 61 [Final Score]
Butler may have put on the best performance on Day One of any of the field of 64.

#6. Oklahoma 72
#11. St. Joseph's 64 [Final Score]

Red Hawks tried to claw their way back late in the second-half. In the words of JoJo, "Too Little Too Late".

#3. Louisville 79
#14. Boise State 61
Louisville manhandled the Broncos from beginning to end, to nobody's surprise.

#8. Indiana 72
#9. Arkansas 86
Sonny Weems, not Eric Gordon nor DJ White, was the story to be told last night.

#1. UNC 113
#16. Mount St. Mary's 74 [Final Score]
Was UNC making a statement tonight or was it just that easy for them?

Roy's boys to Mount St. Mary's to the woodshed in both halves Friday night.
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Midwest Region

Stephen Curry put on a SHOW with the tourney's first 40-point performance.
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#7. Gonzaga 76
#10. Davidson 82 [Final Score]
Stephen Curry is a force of nature. How awful do Tech fans feel seeing this guy be THIS good?

#2. Georgetown 66
#15. MD-Baltimore City 47 [Final Score]
Typical Georgetown ugly win.

4. Vanderbilt 62
13. Sienna 83 [Final Score]
Memo to Stallings: no matter how tough things can't get a technical foul if you are a head coach of a tournament team. Sienna was ridiculously athletic all night long.

#5. Clemson 69
#12. Villanova 75
Coming back from an 18-point deficit proves this Wildcat team is no mere 12-seed.

South Region

Can DJ Augustin travel the road to Houston and the second weekend successfully?
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#7. Miami 78 [FL]
#10. St. Mary's 64 [Final Score]
Miami's halftime adjustment was pure perfection. I'm shocked.

#2. Texas 74
#15. Austin Peay 54 [Final Score]
The road continues to Houston for the Longhorns.

#8. Mississippi State 76
#9. Oregon 69 [Final Score]
I'm still baffled how Oregon was a 9-seed. Not on how they blew a second half-lead of as much as 13-points (missing 15 straight 3-point attempts).

#1. Memphis 87
#16. TX-Arlington 63
With Memphis's incredible athleticism and skill, this one was U-G-L-Y!

West Region [aka "OT Region"]

I'm not sure how else one could react to losing in OT to a buzzer beater.
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#5. Drake 99
#12. Western Kentucky 101 (OT) [Final Score]
Finally, our buzzer-beater. It should come as no shock in a 5-12 mid-major game.

#4. UCONN 69
#13. San Diego 70 (OT) [Final Score]
Everyday is a GOOD day when UCONN loses (especially as the highest-seed thus far)!!!

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Paymon said...

Well, I can smile about the South Alabama exclusion on our part. Additionally, Butler deserved much better than a #7 seed who faced an opponent playing 3 hours (driving) from their home. Kudos to them on taking care of biz.