Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday NCAA Tournament Streaming Updates & Re-Caps

Welcome to our live streaming updates at PHSports, beginning Thursday afternoon and concluding Sunday evening as we go from 64 to a Sweet 16.

Check in throughout the day for score updates, reactions, insights, and potential reactions to an upset or two. (Or so we hope.)

You can find "10 reactions to Opening Thursday" HERE tonight after the final games end.

...Completed Games...

East Region

Mike Brey doesn't wear a tie. He also has a Duke-pedigree.
Translation: His team shoots a TON of threes and flops on defense extremely well.
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

#4. Washington State 71
#13. Winthrop 40 [Final Score]
The game was tied at halftime; however, the Cougars annihilated Winthrop in the second-half 42-11. OUCH.

#5. Notre Dame 68
#12. George Mason 50 [Final Score]
Will Thomas was a MAN; however, Notre Dame was extremely prepared for this matchup. Interesting Saturday matchup vs. WASU, indeed for the Irish.

Midwest Region

UNLV's Curtis Terry helped lead the effort against Kent State for the W.
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

#1. Kansas 85
#16. Portland State 61 [Final Score]
Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk. Nothing else left to say as the winner of Kent St./UNLV has a nightmarish matchup awaiting them. Good luck to that team!

#8. UNLV 71
#9. Kent State 58 [Final Score]
Kent State's performance (tying a tourney record with only 10 first-half points) is embarassing. I underestimated Coach Kruger a little too much.

#6. USC 67
#11. Kansas State 80 [Final Score]
Beasley wins the scoring battle and earns the W. How again was KSU an 11-seed?

#3. Wisconsin 71
#14. Cal-State Fullerton 55 [Final Score]
Wisconsin didn't exactly put away last year's first-round opponent until late either.

South Region

Jerel McNeal and the Golden Eagles were willing to force Kentucky to milk possessions and take difficult shots at the end of the shot clock.
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

#5. Michigan State 72
#12. Temple 61 [Final Score]
When your star player can't buy a bucket...bye bye tourney run. Michigan State vs. Pitt (if they beat Oral Roberts) is an official bracketbuster.

#6. Marquette 74
#11. Kentucky 66 [Final Score]
Crawford (35 points) and Bradley (played with 4 fouls the final 10+minutes) tried their best, but Marquette was the better team - especially on the defensive front - today. No first-round loss for Marquette this season.

#4. Pittsburgh 82
#13. Oral Roberts 63 [Final Score]
Nothing like an 18-0 run first-half run to blow open your first-round matchup. If Field plays like this, Pitt may be Final Four-bound.

#3. Stanford 77
#14. Cornell 53 [Final Score]
Stanford's size will match up quite nicely with Marquette's phenomenal team-speed.

West Region

Henderson's coast-to-coast layup with under 12 seconds to play allowed Duke to escape the MAJOR upset.
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

#3. Xavier 73
#14. Georgia 61 [Final Score]
Throughout their SEC Tournament-run, Georgia slipped up in the second-half. They weren't able to survive such a defensive slip-up against the Musketeers, who were lights out, especially at the free throw-line, in the second half rally.

#6. Purdue 90
#11. Baylor 79 [Final Score]
Purdue just squashed any chance of a Baylor-run in the second half. Baylor did not deserve to be in this field. I said it Selection Sunday evening. I meant it.

#2. Duke 71
#15. Belmont 70 [Final Score]
I honestly thought that half-court prayer might fall. If only...

#8. BYU 62
#9. Texas A&M 67 [Final Score]
BYU's can blame themselves for this loss: make your free throws (7-14 FTs)!

#7. West Virginia 75
#10. Arizona 65 [Final Score]
Is there anything better than ANOTHER 1st-round exit for the Wildcats? NO!!!

#1. UCLA 70
#16. Mississippi Valley State 29 [Final Score]
UCLA should allow people in the stands to walk-on and play tonight for them in the second half. (Sorry MVS.)

Arizona & WVU provided some late-game theatrics, at least inbetween the under-8 and under-4 timeouts for insomniacs.
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Big props to Armin for helping with these posts this afternoon. Amazing work, bro.

Stick with us all day and night Friday, and this weekend, for enhanced updates, analysis, and one-liners!!!!

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