Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sweet Sixteen…Thoughts

While analysis can continue, now that the Sweet Sixteen is set, from tonight until Thursday afternoon…I figured it’d only be fair to speak out, even if it was just a thought or two or SIXTEEN.

Be sure to check out a few pictures of some "regional x-factors" below.

East Region

Tennessee's Chism may be playing defense much further away from the paint than he's accustomed to.
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

North Carolina
– Scoring around 110 points in each of their two opening games, will the Heels struggle at all against the suffocating defensive attack of the Cougars? Or will their torrid fast-breaking pace be too much for the sudden Pac-10 threat?

Washington State – How on Earth does Tony Bennett plan on game-planning for the ridiculously high-octane Heels offense? HOW!?!?

Louisville – Will Rick Pitino’s boys stick to what has worked (3/4 press on defense and outside shooting on offense) the majority of the season or will a new gameplan be required to take out the East Region’s 2-seeded Vols?

Tennessee - Will Tennessee be able to use their blended style of agility and interior strength against the suffocating pressure, terrific passing, and outside shooting prowess of the Cardinals?


Hughes must have a substantial impact on both sides of the ball, regardless of his age, for Wisconsin to survive a tough Midwest Bracket.
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

– Will a Bill Self-coached team not overlook a dangerous 12th-seeded team from the nation’s most competitive conference?

Villanova – Are the Wildcats playing with company money at this point OR are they legitimately viewing themselves as Final Four material?

Wisconsin – Will the Badgers be able to dictate tempo, specifically out of the halftime gates when Stephen Curry becomes superhuman?

Davidson – Will the Wildcats be able to eliminate the tremendous boost the three-ball has given the Badgers in their opening two matchups?

South Region

Kemp's impact off the bench is vital towards the Tigers have a consistent, balanced attack.
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Memphis – Does the Tigers history of missing free throws really matter until the Final Four?

Michigan State – Can the Spartans maintain their incredible first weekend momentum and continue to play 40 minutes of basketball a game?

Stanford – Will the Lopez twins be able to keep up with the pace of DJ Augustin and the run’n’gun Longhorn attack?

Texas – Can Texas stay out of foul trouble against the Lopez twins in the blocks?

West Region

Both Lee and Brazelton may need the games of their lives to take out the heavily-favored, yet vulnerable, Bruins.
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

– Can UCLA give Kevin Love 20-30 touches in the paint and finally run their offense consistently through their incredibly talent post-player?

Western Kentucky – Can they shoot the 3-ball well enough to turn their game against UCLA into a shootout?

Xavier – Does Xavier have the depth to handle the incredible mismatches on the perimeter and in the paint West Virginia has caused its early opponents?

West Virginia – Can the Mountaineers, and their coach, continue to make all the right moves and all the big shots?

Interesting questions, indeed.

But the real question is: can YOU answer any of them???

Until next time…

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Anonymous said...

UNC is on a whole other planet right now offensively. I dont see an 80+ effort against WSU, but they'll score over 70 and win.