Sunday, February 03, 2008

5 Staff Questions for Super Bowl XLII

1) Which duopoly of RBs will play a bigger role: Bradshaw/Jacobs or Faulk/Maroney? [Sum]

2) What will the Patriots' conversion percentage be on 3rd downs where they need 6 or more yards? [Pay]

3) Will Plaxico be the next Joe Namath? [Armin]

4) Will New England attempt to go downfield early and often or be perfectly willing to grind out this game? [Clement]

5) At what point in the game will either team try a gadget/trick play and will it be a game-changer? [Pay]

Be sure to check in throughout the game tonight for quarter-by-quarter analysis from the entire PHSports staff.

Enjoy the game.

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