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Super Bowl XLII: Final Thoughts and Predictions from PHSports’ Football Experts

Vegas says nearly 35% of America has the Giants straight-up victors.
How about the staff writers at PHSports?
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Armin Mohajeri

A sure thing? This game seems to be a sure thing in many minds. It is in mine. I see the Pats winning this one, barring divine intervention. However, that brings up an interesting point. Is this too easy of a prediction to make? Have the New York Giants been praying to the Football Gods? It seems like they have been all season. Since week 3, the Giants have been riding this emotional high. They are just winning games, and at times they're winning the games ugly. The word destiny comes to mind. The last time I saw something similar to this, I was a sophomore at the University of Arizona, watching a basketball team led by a freshman sensation (Mike Bibby) playing the role of giant-killers all the way to the National Title. How fitting would it be if the New York Giants are the giant-killers in Super Bowl XLII? Alas, reality sets in, and we all know 19-0 is just a day away.

New England wins 41–20
MVP: Tom Brady, QB

Chris Clement

As much as I wish, hope, pray, and African rain-dance that this game would end with a Giants victory or even an under-one possession result, I don’t make it my business to pick against Bill Belichick. Despite three 3-point victories in their previous Super Bowls, this 18-0 team really, really wants perfection. It’s the same reason Randy Moss caught 23 TDs (1 more than Rice), Brady tossed 50 TDs (1 more than Manning), and each and every press conference is somber and downright monotonous. As for Super Bowl XLII, Tom Brady is poised to carve up a shaky Giants secondary, thanks in large part to as rock solid an offensive line since the mid-90 Cowboys or late-70s Steelers. Combining that with several playmakers on both sides of the ball (including on special teams), the Patriots seem just a little too good. Check that, they are too good. While the Giants gave the Pats as good of a game as any in 2007, Super Bowls have a history of turning to the ugly. Fortunately, perfection – whether its achieved or not – will take a much-needed backseat after this Sunday night passes. At least until next September.

New England wins 33–20
MVP: Tom Brady’s Ankle, Ankle

Paymon Hashemi

Going into this Super Bowl, the Patriots can do almost nothing wrong and they have been placed on a pedestal higher than Gisele Bundchen. Meanwhile, the Giants continue to win in the most inconceivable ways imaginable. Can the Giants' pass rush get to Brady? Which team can run the ball with consistency and force the opposing defense to uncharacteristically sub players in and out due to the unseasonable heat causing cramps? Which team will commit the ill-advised personal foul giving a seemingly dead drive new life? All questions considered, in addition to whether Plaxico Burress plays and how much of a factor he is, too many intangibles need to go the Giants way in order for a landmark upset to occur. The Patriots do what they do best and win a Super Bowl by a field goal in a game that's not as close as the score indicates.

New England wins 27-24
MVP: Tom Brady, QB

Sum Mehrnama

This game really shouldn’t require so much hemming and hawing from me. It should be an easy call, right? The Pats have proven how purely awesome they are time-and-time again this season. Plus, this is the year of Bostonian sports, right? Then why am I so incredibly uncertain as to the outcome of this game? Is it because Eli seems less evil to me than Peyton? Or is it because it seems that the confidence the Pats had early on has now seemingly shifted to the Giants? Regardless, this game will come down to which Patriots team shows up. If it’s the team from weeks 1 – 12, then the Pats win big. If it’s the team from the past month or so, then … the Pats win less-big.

New England wins 38 – 27
MVP: Wes Welker, WR

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