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Super Bowl XLII Running Commentary...

Scroll below to check out some of last night's commentary. Anything you wanted to add or subtract??? Let us know. [I've never been happier to be SO wrong.]

Final Score
New York wins 17-14.

Despite being picked against by countless staff writers,
Eli and the Giants are Super Bowl champs.

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

4th Quarter
Giants have the ball at their own 20. They must make some noise here on this drive, right? Kevin Boss!?!? Seriously!?!? Another crucial 3rd and 4. Why is Merriweather in so much? Giants take the lead in the David Tyree. Giants lead 10-7. Eli Manning is establishing a potential legacy. Moss is slowly being established. No flag on 3rd down for illegal hands to the face on Usi and on Dockery (holding). The Giants need to pound Jacobs NOW. Great avoidance of a sack, but it's useless without hitting Plax. Toomer needed to make that 1st. Come on, it's the Super Bowl man! Amazing tackle by Harrison. Costly 3 and out. That's the first funny thing from Will Ferrell since Anchorman. Here come to the dink-dunk Patriots of Super Bowls-ago. Uh oh. The pass rush looks anemic. The Pats are targeting the go-ahead 7. The middle of the field is WIDE-OPEN. Where are the trash-talkers today: Antonio Pierce & Plexico Burress? 3rd and goal: will there be any pass rush or plenty o' time for "King" Brady? Touchdown to Randy Moss. It's great when the "good guys" get the chance to earn that Super Bowl. To quote Joe Buck: "A methodical drive from the game's best." Patriots lead 14-10. Is the dream over for the G-Men? What coverage on the kickoff. Alright, Eli. It's now or never. Is Eli a 2-minute drill QB? Only 1 catch so far for Plax. Solid. [Anybody else clearly tell who I'm rooting for? Jacobs...barely gets it. Adalius Thomas chose today to finally earn some of that bloated contract. 80 seconds from 18-1 or 19-0. Eli breaks free amazingly and Tyree may have made a catch BETTER than any Swann could ever produce. Thomas again. Unblockable in such a situation when you can't chip him. 3rd and long. Uh oh, indeed. Steve Smith has played in several big games before this, but WOW. Burress on the TD. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Giants lead 17-14. Eli has established the legacy. Maybe he's not Jake Delhomme. Will the Pats get to Plax's predicted 17? 29 seconds left. Desparate playcalling. Game over. The New York Giants have just won Super Bowl 42. MVP: Eli Manning.

Greatest catch in Super history? You better believe it.
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Writer's Note: This Terminator vs. Fox Robot battle is epic. It's the new Bud Bowl.

3rd Quarter
New England leads 7-3.

Patriots stopped on their opening drive. Or were they? Games shouldn't be decided on plays like "12th man on the field, out of the play, by 18 inches". Kevin Faulk is unstoppable on any 3rd down. COVER HIM! Strahan is still too good to consider retiring. Going for it on THAT 4th and 13? What egotism. Key stop by the Pats near their own 40. The Giants may need a trick-play or a fluke to score a TD. Why aren't they bumping Welker? 14-3 will be too much; however, the Giants are still one-play from a lead. On either side of the ball.

Is this tandem 15 minutes away from their 4th Super Bowl?
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Comments from the staff...
Armin: Wes Welker is the MVP after 3 quarters.
Paymon: 15 more minutes til college basketball officially begins.
Clement: Just like we ALL believed, Patriots leading as we enter the 4th.
Peanut Gallery: Bananas? That's what you give us Pam Oliver?

Enjoy halftime. (Not Tom Petty. Unless he does Freefallin'...10 years ago.)

2nd Quarter
New England leads 7-3.

Laurence Maroney scores on a 1-yard touchdown. Antonio Pierce hit the ball, but not even a mini-bobble from Maroney. New England leads 7-3. Amani Toomer might have made a top-5 catch, all-time, in the Super Bowl. 1st turnover of the game, inside the Patriot 15-yard line for the Giants. Impressive trade of 3 and outs for each side. How did Woods NOT recover that fumble? The Patriots don't bypass opportunities like that typically. Have you ever seen Brady sacked twice in a row like that? Giants blow another impressive drive by not protecting Eli's back side. The Patriots have given them a chance to at least be up 9-7, no less maybe 17-7. Pats with the ball, 3 timeouts, and nearly 2 minutes. Any chance they don't score? Justin Tuck may be the 1st-half MVP.

Welker has established himself early and often all over the field.
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Question of Note: Is it me, or was Steve Smith a second out of breaking off that route and catching a slant for a touchdown?
Eli rushed the throw.

Comments from the staff...
Armin: 10 total points?!?!
Paymon: The Giants can't keep giving up golden opportunities to put points up on the board.
Clement: Take THAT tuck rule.
Peanut Gallery: These commercials aren't that impressive. Money not well spent.

1st Quarter
New York leads 3-0
[Tynes 35 yd FG]

Giants marched down the field on 16 plays, converting several early 3rd downs, but stalled inside the redzone and settled for a field goal attempt. Fueled by a strong kickoff return from Laurence Maroney, the Patriots marched down to the 1-yard line, thanks in large-part to a pass interference penalty by Antonio Pierce on TE Benjamin "time-slot hit" Watson.

Patriots marching on the door on 2nd and goal at the 1-inch line as the quarter comes to a close. Stick around at PHSports for more!

Brady has seen far more turf than many expected him to.
The ankle looks fine though.

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Comments from the staff...
Armin: Only 2 possessions? Wow.
Paymon: There's NO way Faulk had that first down.
Clement: You can't trade 3s for 7s with the Patriots.
Peanut Gallery: How about that idiotic NFL-robot finally being 'terminated' by the Terminator. Amazing. AMAZING!

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