Thursday, March 11, 2010

NCAA Tournament Bracket Projections -- March 11, 2010

Disclaimer: The seedings below (for results ending March 10) have not been adjusted to prevent conflicts. This will be our penultimate bracket projection. Between now and Sunday, we will do a thorough examination of the automatic bids from low- and mid-major conferences, as this was an area in which struggled mightily last year. Also, we will follow the action, including injuries.

1: Kansas, Syracuse, Kentucky, Duke
2: Ohio State, Kansas State, West Virginia, Purdue
3: New Mexico, Pittsburgh, Villanova, Michigan State
4: Wisconsin, Texas A&M, Baylor, Maryland
5: Temple, Vanderbilt, Georgetown, Tennessee
6: Brigham Young, Butler, Texas, Northern Iowa
7: Xavier, UTEP, Richmond, Gonzaga
8: Louisville, Oklahoma State, Clemson, Florida State
9: Wake Forest, UNLV, Missouri, California
10: Utah St., Old Dominion, Florida, Virginia Tech
11: Cornell, Saint Mary’s, Notre Dame, Marquette
12: Georgia Tech, Siena, Illinois, Washington
13: Mississippi, Memphis, Murray State, Kent State
14: Wofford, Sam Houston State, Montana, Oakland
15: Morgan State, Vermont, UCSB, North Texas
16: Lehigh, East Tennessee State, Robert Morris, Winthrop, Arkansas-Pine Bluff

Last Four In: Washington, Illinois, Mississippi, Memphis
Last Four Out: Arizona State, San Diego State, Minnesota, UAB
Next Four Out: Dayton, Cincinnati, William & Mary, Mississippi State


LOCK: California, Notre Dame, Marquette, Georgia Tech, San Diego State, Utah State, Minnesota

IN DEEP TROUBLE: Florida, Illinois, Mississippi State, Virginia Tech

NO LONGER UNDER CONSIDERATION: UConn, Charlotte, UAB, Cincinnati, Northwestern, Dayton, Seton Hall, William & Mary, Rhode Island, Ole Miss, Memphis, Arizona State,


Anonymous said...

Love the site! Really like the picks.

Do you think Syracuse stays a #1 seed?

Paymon said...

The Cuse remains a #1 seed (#3 overall) and should remain in the Houston region.

Two factors will determine whether the Orange get sent west as either a #1 seed or the highest #2 seed.

1. The severity of Onuaku's injury
2. How Duke and Ohio State fare in their postseason tournaments

Mark G said...

So Florida is 21-11 and has 10 wins in conference after they won tonight. Are they in?

I think they are, and that their RPI of 54 is very deceiving. They went out and played tough teams outside of the SEC (FSU, Michigan St., Syracuse, Richmond, NC State, Xavier). They also played Kentucky really tough.

Paymon said...

Mark - It's been awhile. Given the # of teams on the bubble who lost today, Florida is near lock status and likely looking at a 10 or 11 seed.

With a young squad, Billy Donovan could have scheduled a bunch of buy games, but he did not, so that should be rewarded.

Mark G said...

Btw, great call on UAB a while back. Though, Memphis isn't going dancing either.

Randy said...

Mark G, Memphis actually has a stronger resume than Arizona State.

Mark G said...

Did I say Memphis had a weaker resume than Arizona State? They aren't dancing either.