Sunday, March 14, 2010

Finishing Up The Bracket

Here are the questions and issues we have tackled over the last 12-18 hours:

  • How far does Purdue slide for its Hummel-less performances?
  • Who gets the final #4 seed?
  • Will DeMarcus Cousins get 7 fouls in every tournament game?
  • How much will the Committee factor the 2 games that Georgetown was affected by Austin Freeman's health?
  • Has the Committee actually watched Mississippi State this weekend?
  • How many seed lines did UTEP and Utah State drop as a result of their shocking upsets?
  • How much does the injury of Theo Robertson factor into Cal's chances?


Anonymous said...

Hey pay. Do you think Mississippi state should be in the tourney after their performance? What is it that's keeping them out ... A weak sec? A lack of good wins?

Paymon said...

When the bracket comes out, Mississippi State will not be in. What keeps them in my opinion are some bad losses (v. Rider, @ WKU, @ Arkansas, @ Auburn) and going 0-4 against the SEC East's top 4 teams during the first go-round. The 2 wins over the weekend and their second great performance today against Kentucky gave them a serious push.

Clement said...

Looks like the Hokies' putrid non-conference schedule is going to cost them.

The committee has been quoted as saying the Big Ten game (which at 3:30 is laughable) won't play a major factor.

Does that mean Ohio State - and potentially Minnesota - is already locked into seeds (or in/out in the Gophers') case?