Saturday, March 06, 2010

Saturday's News, Notes and Observations

This is perhaps one of the busiest final Saturdays of the regular season in recent memory. It's been a challenge keeping with a minimum of 3 relevant games at a time since games tipped today at noon Eastern.

A few observations ...
  • If Louisville was not a lock for an at-large bid before their game against Syracuse, they are now. Though only 20-11 (11-7), they have 2 wins against a clear #1 seed. Their resume minds me of Virginia Tech in 2005, who earned a #5 seed largely due a season sweep against #1 seed and eventual champion North Carolina. At a quick glance, Louisville jumps to the 6/7 line.
  • As for Marquette, they did themselves no favors, but they should be in given their 11 conference wins. In their 10 losses, they have lost by a grand total of 35 points. Their win against Georgetown and neutral court victory versus Xavier should be enough.
  • After fighting their way to 7-8 in conference, UConn disgraced themselves by losing three straight. They will likely need an appearance in the Big East Tournament final to garner significant at-large bid consideration.
  • Vanderbilt shot itself in the foot with a home loss to South Carolina, and lost grasp on a #4 seed.
  • Virginia Tech earned the #3 seed in the ACC Tournament after their win at Georgia Tech, which gives them a bye. On those bases, the Hokies are in. As for Georgia Tech, 7-9 in conference is a tenuous position to be in (and a horrible road/neutral record) and they have work to do.
  • Mississippi State and UAB blow golden opportunities to make a statement to the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee.
  • So far, 4 teams have punched their tickets. Cornell (RPI: 49; Pomeroy: 68), Murray State (RPI: 62; Pomeroy: 56), East Tennessee State (RPI: 125; Pomeroy: 139), Winthrop (RPI: 178; Pomeroy: 210).

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