Wednesday, July 22, 2009

InClement Weather: Dog Days of Summer

Sports is coasting right now on fumes. Frankly, many of us are bored to tears with it altogether.

College football, the NFL, MLB playoffs, and final majors for tennis and golf still linger...but they are all still way too far out there. At least the Premier League's 2009-2010 season is upon us...even if it's Newcastle-less (sigh).

While I'd love to deliver something inciteful, it isn't happening in this climate.
Baseball banter can be found all over and anything revolutionary won't be offered up by someone who hardly ever embarks outside the AL East (go Yanks!).

Nevertheless, here are 4 stories on my mind. How about you?

1) The Erin Andrew story is not as joyous as I expected one with her naked could be.

This is a much as Erin Andrews planned on exposing to America.
Which was f-i-n-e for me.


Erin Andrews is the hottest thing in sports today. If you disagree, I want visual evidence. It doesn't hurt she's competent, unafraid to call out players, and doesn't hide behind her beauty (or run away from it). However, the story of a tape being released - in which she was allegedly videotaped naked in her hotel room unbeknowingst to her - is deeply depressing. What it means for female sportscasters, Andrews herself, and the privacy we don't have in this Twitter/blog/YouTube/MySpace world is more apparent than ever.

Words well spoken from Yahoo's Maggie Hendricks are HERE.
Ditto for David Hinckley at the New York Daily News HERE.

I feel for Andrews and her family right now. There's a major difference between posing for a magazine, an SI Swimsuit shoot, and this. Unfortunately, our society continues its foray into the infinite darkness...

2) NBA Free Agency Hot Stove = Overkill

Does Odom really elevate the Heat any higher than 5th in the East (where they were last season)? You tell me.

Shoot me now. Seriously. The waters are so silent in sports right now that multiple sites are grading performances in the NBA Summer Leagues. ROAR! Ever since Gordon and Villenueva signed in MoTown, the NBA Free Agent Summer of 2009 (just wait for 2010) won't calm down...or at least the news media won't let it. While most of the big names have landed, there's still plenty of talk to be had about the mediocre remains. Do you really care where Ike Diogu lands? DO YOU!?!? Perhaps the biggest story remaining is that of Lamar Odom. Don't get me wrong, he plays a potentially pivotal role in the landscape of the NBA (especially for the champion Lakers); yet, I don't exactly believe this is front page or lead-story news. Or maybe I just don't want it to be. Especially when it's, "Miami interested in Odom". I just wish a decision would be made and we could move on from the former Rhode Island Ram. Maybe that offer sheet the Cavs gave to Jamario Moon will hold us over until training camp opens in the NFL. BOO YA! (Sigh)

3) Is ESPN afraid?
Note: PLEASE don't put anything "extra" into my words either. The claim is just a claim and thedetails are far too hazy for me to even try and speculate.

Why ESPN isn't reporting the allegations, alleged of course, against Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger is beyond me. It may turn out to be untrue. It may be dismissed by the time I post this article. Nevertheless, is it not relevant news?

Posted by Mike Florio, so buyer beware...
A media source tells us that, late last night, ESPN issued a "do not report" memo to all of its outlets and reporters. The directive came without explanation. "Even some of the reporters are wondering why," the source said, "but haven't been told." This time around, ESPN can't claim that the report of a civil suit alleging sexual assault isn't true. Clearly, it is; Roethlisberger has hired attorney David Cornwell, who has denied the allegations in a statement initially sent to us, and then sent to other media outlets. And we've seen, and reported on, the contents of the complaint.

What is true and what isn't may take some time. Seems a little like "All the President's Men" with the controversy about reporting the controversy though.

4) Jason Campbell's status

The future of these two men are totally dependent on each other.

I bet Washington Redskins QB Jason Campbell doesn't put much stock into all the rumors - for better or worse - surrounding his status with the team. All I know is this: his contract is up after the end of this season and the team may have already made their decision by not offering him a new contract (when you think the price might be far cheaper).

People are on different sides of the Campbell argument and I can see why. He has an impressive physical skill set and the right attitude. Contrastingly, he doesn't have every throw in the book other QBs seem to possess and often seems to hesitate a little too much in the pocket, often checking down too regularly.

Personally, I think he's an above average quarterback, but nowhere near the superstar QB the city demands. He might lead a team to the playoffs; however, he isn't a top 10 NFL talent. I felt going after Cutler was wise and avoiding Favre was wiser. Don't even get me started on the potential Vick-storylines in the nation's capital.

Do I think Campbell win end up in DC after this season? No. While looking at the schedule I see another strong start for the Skins only to be undone in the closing campaign due to durability of Portis/the wide receiving corps "talent"/overall talent of the NFC East/Campbell's limitations in Zorn's system. Time will tell though, as always.

That's all I got...for now. Feel free to comment. In fact, I demand it!!!

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