Tuesday, July 14, 2009

InClement Weather: All-Star Night Rambling

5 thoughts as I watch the last All-Star Game I can tolerate (barely) these days...

1) The President is c-o-o-l

I don't feel like he had to force one second of the time he spent in the booth with Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. In fact, Obama was easily the most likable person in that booth. Wait, is that a compliment? I also liked the ChiSox jacket (take THAT North side!), FOX's "friendly" camera angle on the first pitch (which wasn't bad at all, btw), and the "First Fan's" ability to actually talk sports and sound competent.

2) Taco Bell Commercial

It's all about the Roosevelts. Seriously. Seriously? Seriously!?!?! Whomever came up with thing ridiculous idea should be dragged out into public spare, humiliated like Mussolini, and be (insert further degrading punishment). I can't begin to describe how BAD that commercial truly is; especially it's corny-a** slogan and that everyone involved with it should be banned from television forever. Sadly, I already have spent way too much time talking about it. If you like this commercial...never speak to me again.

Here it is. As stupid as anything EVER.
I also can't wait for the comments. "I love this!" Please...don't.

3) Hometown All-Stars

Must be pretty cool to be mentioned in such a positive light by guys like these 5, right?
Credit: HawaiiGuy.com

Okay, if you saw it...you might've had a similar reactio
n. It sounded corny at first, but it ended up being classy. Very classy. In fact, it tugged on the heartstrings more than I thought it would. Great job by MLB (shocker), the current and former Presidents (yes, all of them), and, most importantly, those everyday heroes involved in making this country and world a better place. Cheesy...yes. Incredibly good for our contry...you betcha.

4) Carl Crawford > Brad Hawpe

Good luck scoring this game at home.
Would it come as any surprise that a Padres reliever loses this game? Not me.

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

I'll be the first to say it. Carl Crawford's home run-saving catch might have secured homefield advantage for Jonathan Papelbon (who was pitching at the time) and the Boston Red Sox. Gotta love that stoopid stipulation, don't ya?

5) The Pro Bowl sucks

I'd rather watch the NBA Vegas Summer League than the Pro Bowl.
I'd rather clean the sweat off the floor at the NBA Vegas Summer League than watch the Pro Bowl.
In fact, I can't think of anything I'd rather do than the Pro Bowl.
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Seriously, who cares about this game? They should scrap it. Memo to the NFL: name an All-Pro team and no Pro Bowlers. I'm sick and tired of this game altogether. They could play it on the fourth moon of Jupiter and I still won't watch it. Just look how many of the 9-7 choking dog J-E-T-S made the team last year. 'Nuff said.

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See you soon...

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