Friday, June 26, 2009

Draft Analysis Arrives Shortly...

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Sorry Patty Mills. I couldn't create enough mojo to get you into the 1st round.

While it's too early to dictate exactly what's coming, I do know there will be plenty o' things to talk about.

For example, who had a better second round: Spurs or Blazers???
Spurs drafted...DeJuan Blair, Jack McClinton, and Nando De Colo (who?)
Blazers drafted...Dante Cunningham, Jon Brockman, and Patrick Mills.

You tell ME!!!

That photo-op didn't take long.
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

In case you wannna critique the critics, check out my and Pay's final mock drafts AND some of my early 1st round analysis (yes, I quit out after Maynor was sue me).

Check out the new poll (top right) and don't let the NBA Draft leave you just left. Instant analysis is what you crave and that's what you get. Especially HERE.

Remember, the NFL is less than 3 months away!!!

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