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Running Blog: NBA Draft

Update #5: 9:30 pm
I'll be checking in and out tonight with a few thoughts on tonight's NBA Draft.
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Top 10 Thoughts are B-E-L-O-W.

VCU Ram Eric Maynor (MAYNOR!) goes #20 to Utah. A talented kid buried behind Deron Williams for the forseeable future. There could be worse things though. He's an uber-talented kid who will excel alongside the talented Williams and Jerry Sloan. He'll do just fine. Now when can I order my jersey???

I won't lie, Maynor in Utah and Flynn in Minnesota is worst-case scenario stuff television-wise for me.
Not good. Not good.

The selection of Austin Daye at #15 is beyond ridiculous, as I said before. It's the worst decision I've seen in some time. Good luck selling this pick to Piston fans. It'll be a harder sell than these (below)...

Update #4: 9:25 pm
I'll be checking in and out tonight with a few thoughts on tonight's NBA Draft.
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Top 10 Thoughts are B-E-L-O-W.

Ty Lawson going to Denver - not Minnesota - is a fantastic move for the Nuggets. Alongside San Antonio and Houston, they are part of the second-tier of the West (chasing the Lakers). Chauncey Billups will be a great role model for this guy and Lawson will benefit greatly getting solid minutes off of the bench. Still waiting for my boy Maynor, who might be a runner-up to Teague shortly. As expected, Jeff Teague goes #19, ahead of Maynor, who he worked out with side-by-side quite a bit. I don't think Teague is the right guy in the Atlanta offense, because he demands the ball in his hands a little too much. His scorer's mentality is great, but Maynor would've facilitated a roster with Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, and Al Horford a little more than Teague. Jay Bilas called it. Does this kid care about defense?

Knicks fans have every right to boo Larry Brown, too.

Another update shortly. Still waiting, impatiently, for Maynor. I cringe at him going #20 or #21. should be ashamed of their server limitations over the past 48 hours. Embarassing.

Update #3: 9:15 pm
I'll be checking in and out tonight with a few thoughts on tonight's NBA Draft.
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Top 10 Thoughts are B-E-L-O-W.

Unfortunately, technical difficulties messed up my last two updates. I'm not gonna lie, I'm furious. Let's see if I can "catch up"...

Holiday may join names like Pierce, Granger, and Arenas who benefited by going later than expected.
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Austin Daye at #15 is a moronic pick. He's 6'10, 190 lbs, and shoots from the outside far too much. Detroit can't envision a future backcourt of Stuckey (who I like a lot) and Bynum, can they? Dumars doesn't know what he's doing. Terrible pick. Chicago was an unknown to me, so the James Johnson selection doesn't surprise me. I am not high on the guy and wonder how many minutes there are for him on this roster, especially if Tyrus Thomas remains with the team. Jrue Holiday was the last man in the green room and might be one of the night's biggest winners. Why? He's Philly bound. He played one of his best games as a freshman in Philly against VCU to open up the NCAA Tournament next year. This guy had top 6 talent and went 17. He won't instantly impact the Sixers, like Danny Granger did in a similar draft position, but he will be an outstanding defender and a competent point guard for the future. Rock solid pick for the Sixers. Minnesota is now on the clock for the third time in less than 2 hours. Please don't take another guard.

More to come shortly...

Update #2: 9:00 pm
I'll be checking in and out tonight with a few thoughts on tonight's NBA Draft.
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Top 10 Thoughts are B-E-L-O-W.

After the Vince Carter trade, it seemed very wise for the Nets to target someone like Terrence Williams. First senior to go, at #11. In a few years, it might be in the 20s before you see a senior go. Not good. I like the selection, even if I'm iffy about TWill. At #12 goes Gerald Henderson to the Bobcats. It's an unimaginative pick that I come to expect from any front office led by MJ. At #13, somewhat fittingly, goes Psycho T. He was never considered a lottery pick until recent weeks; however, he's laughing last. Actually, he's classy enough to not laugh, so I retract my last comment. Lame move by (what I assume are) Knick fans who chanted "overrated". His body of work, which I hate to agree with Mark Jackson, is as good as it gets for a four-year college prospect in recent memory. Earl Clark at #14 surprised me just a little, but not as much as Brandon Jennings coming out - awkwardly thanks to timing and the commish - shortly after. Don't be late to have your moment, son. Did the connecting flight on PanAm come in late? Ouch. As for Clark, I am hesitant, but perhaps he has a Shawn Marion type role on this team. You tell me.

Can he truly be excited about possibly being moved to Golden State (Oakland)???
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

The proposed Amare deal is HUGE. I'd take it in a heartbeat if I were Phoenix; however, I wonder if Golden State assumes Amare will sign a new contract with them. They aren't exactly dumping salaries there. By the way, SacTown picked up Sergio Rodriguez on the cheap. He might be splitting point guard duties with Tyreke Evans (Tariq, according to Mark Jackson) from Day One. Sorry Beno.

See you in a the lottery selections are over.
I fear Maynor may be in for a large wait. Kinda surprised Daye is in the green room. Did he get a gurantee? Oh yeah, I already hate BJ Mullens. H-A-T-E.

Update #1: 8:30 pm
I'll be checking in and out tonight with a few thoughts on tonight's NBA Draft.
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Hey Blake, get a better Clipper-oriented suit!
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

LA Clippers select Blake Griffin with the #1 pick.
Instant Analysis: It should come as no surprise. I wonder who would be taken between Griffin and last year's #2 selection, Michael Beasley. It's not as easy as you think.

Memphis Grizzlies select Hasheem Thabeet 2nd overall.
Despite skipping out on a late workout, Thabeet is Memphis-bound. With a young nucleus of Gay, Mayo, Conley, and "the other" Gasol (don't forget my boy Warrick), the Grizzlies were wise to take a chance on the 7'2+ big man.

Oklahoma City selects James Harden with the #3 pick.
This should not have been such a surprise to the "crew" from ESPN. He has LeBron's neckbeard and a smooth game that will work around Kevin Durant. He should slide in well to the 2-guard slot next to Russell Westbrook.
I loved the bow tie by the way.

Sacremento selects freshman Tyreke Evans with the fourth selection.
They weren't drinking the Ricky Rubio-juice and I can't blame them. I've been on the record stating that Evans is the most talented kid in this draft, NBA-wise, including Mr. Blake Griffin. Whether or not I'm right...time will tell.

Minnesota drafts two points guards, Ricky Rubio and Jonny Flynn, with the 5th and 6th picks respectively.
I'm going to wait and see if these two guys remain on the Timberwolves from the next 48 hours before I react. Nevertheless, you know as a Cuse and Knick fan that I'm a little weepy that Flynn isn't MSG bound for good.

Golden State drives a nail into the heart of Knick-nation by selecting Davidson guard Stephen Curry.
A wise pick considering who was left on the board. They shipped out Jamal "Shoot till I Drop" Crawford and can now pair Curry alongside Monta Ellis at the 1-spot for dynamic scoring at that position.

Oh goodie, the Knicks select him.
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

New York Knick fans rejoice (BOO!) as Jordan Hill is the 8th selection in the 1st round.
Pay questions whether he will be dealt, while I question the pick altogether. I'm not a huge fan of Hill, but also wonder how this team will deal with David Lee, Nate Robinson, and the upcoming free agent-palooza in 2010.

Toronto selects USC freshman Demar Derozan with the 9th pick.
I didn't see much of Derozan last season, but now it looks like Jrue "VCU Killer" Holliday may start to slip a little more than he might've expected. #10 is very very intriguing to me. Do you think Chris Bosh is a Raptor in 2011.

The top ten finishes out with Milwaukee selecting European-bound (for a year, at least) Brandon Jennings.
We'll never truly know how Jennings might've fared if he played college basketball last season; however, you can't cry about being a top 10 pick. This makes Ramon Sessions that much more expendable (he is a restricted free agent), although Jennings needs another year or two before he's NBA ready.

This guy is likely heavily targeted by the next 3 or 4 teams. That's why he's going #11, we think.
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

...waiting for the Maynor selection, more to come shortly...

Griffin's selection is the wisest decision by any consumer since these...

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