Saturday, May 16, 2009

InClement Weather: Saturday Night Live (Thoughts)

1) Horseracing won't matter until a Triple Crown winner can be found.

2) Kobe Bryant and the Lakers are as solid a bet in Game 7 of their Western Conference Semi-Final matchup against the Houston Rockets as the North Carolina Tar Heels were over Michigan State.

3) David Ortiz has dodged steroid speculation solely on the basis of being on the Red Sox roster.

4) John Lackey was ejected after 2 pitches. Mike Scioscia will explain to us why he's smarter than all of us as a result.

5) Wayman Tisdale was Blake Griffin before Blake Griffin. I know I'm not the first, nor the last, to say it.

6) If LeBron James wins a title with the Cleveland Cavaliers this season, he's going to re-ink with his homestate team this offseason.

7) Manchester United won their third straight Premeir Title. It doesn't take a genius to realize that this team does exactly what the Yankees don't do: pay big and win bigger.

8) Manny Ramirez apologized to his team. How cute. No, check that. How sweet.

9) The Brett Favre saga continues. Honestly, he might have 2 or 3 more offseasons like this to go. Sit tight...

10) People are barking at Carson Palmer for being overconfident on the 2009 season outlook for his Bengals. Exactly how do you want your franchise, $100+-million quarterback sounding? "Realistically, we're a 5-win team. But maybe we can get lucky and push it to .500." Some people are far too stupid to be potentially procreating.

11) Pau Gasol is also the most hollow "star" player in the NBA. Zero defense, zero heart, and zero ability to step up and show any muscle in a tight game. Hollow stats and trivial chest pumps after and-1s against shooting guards. That is why this guy couldn't win a game in the playoffs, A GAME, before Kobe Bryant. You rule Pau!

12) Bye bye Syracuse's hopes in 2009! Addition by subtraction perhaps with Harris and Devendorf NBA (I mean, Europe) bound and the additional of Iowa State-transfer Wesley Johnson...or so I thought. As for Mr. Flynn signing with an agent, well DAMN!!!

I suppose post-Final Four pre-season rankings leave you with that "just fell short" feeling. Don't they???

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