Sunday, May 10, 2009

InClement Weather: Perfect Endings

While this often seems to be "down time" on the blog, especially post-March Madness and post-NFL Draft, that doesn't mean you all have to suffer. On the contrary!!!!

In fact, this only allows me to become a little too creative.

With that in mind, this week's finale of a personal fav of Pay's and mine - Scrubs - hit quite a sentimental note in its closing minutes. Of course, if you are a fan of the know what I'm talking about.

If you've faded out in recent years from new episodes, I understand. (Especially considering last season's failures and the recent switch to ABC, as a sharp lead-in to a very underrated Better off Ted.) If you never got on board, you missed out...big time.

Sentiment? Wait, isn't this a sport's blog? Don't worry, I'm getting to it!

The closing minutes of the show were exactly what myself, and countless other fans of the show, wanted. A cheesy series of moments that culminated the show's ups and downs throughout its (mostly) stellar run.

Kind of make me thinks about sentimental moments in (wait for it...) sports. I'm not here to talk about first loves, proposing to my fiancee, or my feelings about one day potentially becoming a father. This is a sport's blog after all...

Because of that fact, tonight's reflections draw back to that moment in sports. The one that gave you goosebumps then and still gets your heartstrings even a little right now. It could've happened 10 years ago or 10 sticks with you.

Here's 4 of mine.
I'll never forget...

1) Magic Johnson's Return


I was 8-years old in 1991. I was as avid a Knick fan as you could imagine a New York city 8-year old to be. However, there was a special place in my heart for Earvin "Magic" Johnson. The day he retired abruptly, announcing he had the HIV virus...I cried. I'm not afraid to admit that I wept like a baby. I barely knew what HIV was that day, but I thought Magic Johnson would never play basketball again. Even worse, I wondered if his days were numbered. It's the first time in my young life I contemplated dying. I don't remember sleeping much that night. Ditto for the night following the 1992 All-Star Game. It belonged to Magic from beginning to end. Secondly, I felt it belonged to fans like me. I have the VHS from the recording of the game to this day. I'll always have it.

2) The Good Doctor's Return


7th grade and my last Yankees game at the stadium before moving to Leesburg. I was there. I witnessed history. I also was told, throughout each inning from my uncle (an avid Met fan), just how great Doc Gooden was. How beyond great he would have become, if not for the demons that he let keep him down. But for one night, Doc had it again. Redemption doesn't last forever, but for one night, he recaptured immortality. I could barely stand to watch those last few innings for my seat, but I'm thankful I never looked away.

3) Good Defeats Evil


With perspective, it seems wrong to consider Plaxico Burress to be "good". However, when you're talking about the New England Patriots - at least around me - you know where the "evil" comes from. The ultimate hate stems when you're happy a team was 18-0, only to finish 18-1. In perhaps the greatest Super Bowl ever (not that 2009 was too shabby), Eli Manning and the Giants may have pulled off the greatest Super Bowl upset since Super Bowl III. The moment lives on for me, despite being a Jet fan instead of a Giant one. My best friend is a lifelong Giants fan; however, I'm not sure if anyone - even him - was cheering louder than myself when Burress caught the eventual game-winning TD than myself.

4) MY National Championship


Was I on the team? No. Was I there? No. Do I consider myself a "we" when I talk about the Orange(men) of Syracuse. Yes. If you can't understand why some fans say "we", even if they know they are nothing but fans...then get back on your high horse and go bring someone else down with a Dr. Cox-esque-rant-covering-up-some-major-insecurity-you-don't-hide-very-well.

Back to our regularly scheduled program.

If you read this blog or know me, you're begging me not to say anything more. So I won't. Except this: best sport's moment EVER in my lifetime. E-V-E-R. Even "One Shinning Moment" loses its cheesiness for those 3 minutes when it's your team's time to shine.

Now while these moments may mean nothing to you, I'm sure - if you at all consider yourself a true sport's fan - you have more than a few of your own. Memories of Miracles on Ice, Olympic triumphs and tragedies, historic upsets, mind numbing meltdowns, and everything else in between. The majesty of sports sometimes brings out the best and other times the worst. In the end, it's a menagerie of moments you remember. You take away what you want from them. For better or worse.

So let's hear 'em.
Your turn.

Hooch is crazy. This montage isn't.

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