Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Desperation is a Stinky Cologne

Georgetown and Cincinnati confirmed that notion this evening.

After holding a firm 15-point lead in the Garden, Georgetown blew it. Plain and simple. Though they were hard done by a timeout that should not have been granted and a foul that was not in the last 15 seconds of regulation, it never should have even been a game at that juncture. Three letters summarize my thoughts. N-I-T. JT3 should pay back his salary a la Bob Knight. His players looked clueless and underprepared in the closing minutes.

Meanwhile, Oklahoma State won a must-win game against fellow bubble team Kansas State behind the leadership of senior guard Byron Eaton. 15 for 15 from the charity stripe. 'Nuff said.

At Cameron Indoor, Duke was behind for much of the night but they seem to be in firm position with under a minute left behind some hot shooting by Kyle Singler. In an amazing development, Leonard Hamilton is still wearing his tie.

Also, Maryland, Ohio State, Utah and Syracuse are knotted up in close games, all with severe at-large bid implications.

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Clement said...

Strong work, even in brief writing.

Of course, I need to comment.

Here we go...

1) Georgetown started slow in the 1st half and never separated from the Johnnies. I zoned out and never knew of them leading by 15 in the second half. Tough call aside, St. John's fought down the stretch - made an astonishing number of FTs down the stretch - and earned the W.

2) Georgetown is N-I-T bound. How do I know? They won't win 5 games, no less 3, in a row in MSG.

3) This team is going to be much better for the struggles next season. Much better.

4) Georgetown has to be asking the same questions I have for years with scheduling: is a brutal out-of-conference schedule a good idea when the Big East is so tough. YES. It allows you chances to overcome the struggles of the tournament. Georgetown has a win @UCONN, @ Villanova, against Memphis, a split with the Cuse, and way too many bad losses. Way too many. They may be better than the last four who do get in: but losses to St. Johns, Seton Hall, and Cincy (x2) will bury them.

5) Cuse outscores Rutgers 50-21 in the 2nd half. Good way to overcome 20-19 in the 1st half. Rautins and Ongenaet are becoming increasingly important role players. AO needs to get healthy, plain and simple.

6) Maryland was so close. It may have sealed a tourney bid (key word: may) with a win tonight. So close, yet so far. I wonder if the Hokies (who I have IN as a 10-seed) will say the same thing after hosting the Heels tomorrow night. Upset alert? Not so fast.

7) Byron Eaton is the Tobey Bailey of the midwest, for me at least.

8) Ohio State survived a scare and then some. I really like Thad Matta.

9) Apparently Washington is playing Seattle. Not the Sonics, either. This is more baffling than Pitt playing Robert Morris a few weeks past.

10) New Mexico reminded everyone - especially Utah - about the pit.

Oh yeah (homer plug), Paul Harris with two of the dunks of the night. A self alley-oop and then one from Flynn off the glass. Very nice. Sportscenter better have both on the top 10.