Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Night Live Blog: InClement Weather's Two Snapshots & 1 Video

One of these is courtesy of yours truly. The other has to go to Yahoo! Sports.
The final props goes to YouTube.

Arizona Cardinals defeat (SHOCK!!!) Carolina Panthers 33-7. Seriously. Those Arizona Cardinals. Seriously. See? See? See? See?

I could choose to do the popular thing and chew out Steve Smith. Who I despise and have always called out for being the antithesis of a team leader . Don't you dare cite that useless touchdown in the final 50 seconds either. Or better yet, Jake Delhomme. Happy 34th birthday!!! Who for some reason I love to watch F-A-I-L.
He looked ready to turn the ball over ten times. Or maybe Jon Beason (who I highlighted in the 5 Questions column this morning) for being irrelevant outside of a nice INT when the team was down 20 in the 3rd quarter. Or how about Julius Peppers? Remember him? Me neither after today. I could just chew out an overrated NFC South, right? Nah.

Instead, fellow staff writer Sum inspired this...

Boy will I miss hearing about how the Cardinals are 0-5 on the East Coast. So so much.
Source: ME!

One final thought on this game. Did it look like the Cardinals missed Anquan Boldin? Not so much. Rest up 'Quan. Get healthy for the NFC Championship. The game in which the Cardinals are playing. Seriously.

Baltimore Ravens defeat (outlast) Tennessee Titans, 13-10.
I can honestly admit I didn't watch a single snap of the game. Family obligations take 1 of 4 Divisional Round Playoff games every year. However, Yahoo Sports! had this to say...

(Chris Chase) Another game, another officiating error in the NFL. On a key 3rd and 2 with 2:52 remaining in today's divisional playoff game between the Baltimore Ravens and Tennessee Titans, the play clock clearly expired well before Joe Flacco received the snap, but no delay of game call came from the officials.

See the picture yourself (below). I'm more than certain this video is coming to your next Sportscenter. And no, we're not talking about a split-second delay between 0 and snap either. Drop that excuse. Props to typical Raven offensive MVP Matt Stover though. And no, I don't think Baltimore won because of this play alone.

Credit: Yahoo! Sports
My "analysis" says if you turn the ball over 3 times in the redzone, you're never likely to win. Nevertheless, this was a major miscue from the zebras.

As for the THIS is a playoff h-i-t. Whomever Baltimore travels to next weekend, don't focus too much on Ed Reed (as hard as that is) or a hit like THIS (see video below) might happen to you and your fullback. Although what we really want is more of this.

One word: OUCH.

See you Sunday morning...


Sum said...

It's not that the Ravens won ... it's that the Titans (and the Refs) gave them the win. Not hating, just stating facts.

Paymon said...

I can't respond to the missed delay of game penalty, because that was obvious. As a point of information, is that not reviewable?

As far as the Titans' turnovers go, they were not given to the Ravens. The Ravens took the ball away from the Titans. Their players make a concerted effort to strip the ball from the opposition when inside the 20. It's risky and it'll bite them at some point, but they live to fight another day.

Anonymous said...

The "zebras" appeared to be sleeping in this contest! I saw a few plays that warranted a flag and ...nothing! The delay of game may or may not have changed the outcome. But this is the NFL.

I seriously doubt anyone can stop the Arizona train if they continue to play the way they have in the last two.

Clement said...

Be careful with that last comment: I seriously doubt anyone can stop the Arizona train if they continue to play the way they have in the last two.

With all due respect to Carolina, Atlanta, and the NFC South...this isn't the Philadelphia defense or the defending champs (aka Giants).