Saturday, January 10, 2009

5 NFL Questions - Divisional Round Saturday

5 Questions for EACH game. Lucky you, right?

Baltimore Ravens @ Tennessee Titans [4:30 pm, CBS]

If Albert Haynesworth is the BEAST of this defense, it only makes its leader (above) that much more lethal.
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

1) What type of impact will the Raven wideouts (Mason & Clayton) have against the suddenly-vaunted duo of Finnegan & Harper?
2) How will the Titans handle the impact of missing All Pro C Kevin Mawae; specifically, with Ravens monster DT Haloti Ngata?
3) Which duo will see more carries today: McClain/McGahee or White/Johnson?
4) Which team will be able to convert redzone possessions into TDs rather than FG attempts?
5) Over/under for Ed Reed INTs is 2. Over/under for Ed Reed pick-sixes is 1. Your calls?

Arizona Cardinals @ Carolina Panthers [8:15 pm, FOX]

If you don't know who Jon Beason is prepared to after Saturday night.

1) Can Anquan Boldin again defy the doctor's expectations and be a factor - or suit up at all - Saturday night?
2) Does Arizona stand any reasonable chance of stopping the duo of DeAngelo Williams and "The Daily Show"?
3) Who's the better deepball, downfield threat in this game: Larry Fitzgerald or Steve Smith?
4) Will Jake Delhomme take care of the ball like a playoff quarterback must?
5) Will Julius Peppers reign havoc on a statue-esque Kurt Warner?

Enjoy the games. Feel free to comment with some of your own questions, answers to mine, or score predictions.

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