Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday FourCast: Week 10

1) Kurt Warner for MVP
I know it was just two weeks ago I was plugging Clinton Portis for MVP (who will play against Dallas, I guarantee it); however, the NFL is fickle beyond fickle. While CP still has the award well within his sights, two names have emerged in recent weeks: Adrian Peterson and Kurt Warner. While APete's performance Sunday was magical, I'm sticking with the ressurected QB in the desert. Despite his team nearly blowing it (at home, no less) against the Niners, Warner's numbers, poise in the pocket, and leadership are exactly what the red birds need. Can you honestly predict this team would be anything better than 3-6 with Matt "Laguna Beach" Leinart at the helms? Me thinks not. If you're a stat geek, a 100+ QB rating and 19 TDs through 9 games should suffice, right?

2) Same Old Melody
Ever watched a Chargers game the past few years? More than likely, here's the script:
A) Play like *** in the 1st half.
B) Struggle to get going in the 3rd quarter.
C) LT and Gates wear on opponent - Rivers gets cheap TD tosses - and win the game late.
Yep, that's how the Chargers "do it". Problem is, they have a playoff script too:
A) Underachieve
B) Underachieve
C) Sit out injuries without trying to play
D) Miss kicks with a "Pro Bowl" kicker left and right (literally).
Must be fun to enjoy the weather out there, at least.

3) NFC (L)East
Philly fans can blame the following after last Sunday night's loss - dropping them to 0-3 in the NFC East - at home (while favored!) to the Giants:
A) McNabb's ridiculous inaccuracy
B) Andy Reid's generic-beyond-stale playcalling
C) Whatever was with Brian Westbrook
D) Assante Samuel's averageness
E) A stupid rule - but not call - with Eli Manning's "forward pass"
F) Ryan Howard
Why Ryan Howard? Because the Phillies obviously took away all the "big wins" for the season for the city. That's why.

4) For Real?
How "legit" do you consider the NFC South? Here's how I feel.
A) New Orleans is a walking dissapointment. Instead of just stinking - as in years past - they are the 'darling' of America come pre-season. In the end though, they can't win close games, Drew Brees turns the ball over a lot more than we think, and the Reggie Bush-situation hasn't ever really worked out.
B) Carolina is who we thought they were. They have a talented defense that isn't underachieving this season, Steve Smith is still one of the best (not the best) wideouts in football, and their running game is hot and cold from week to week.
C) Tampa Bay will always be under the radar; yet, I don't see them sneaking into the playoffs this year. John Gruden gets the most out of a roster at opposite ends of the spectrum age-wise.
D) Atlanta...well, they're the feel good story of the season. Props to head coach Mike Smith, rookie QB Matt Ryan, and phenomenal wideout Roddy White. I'm enjoying the ride, playoffs or not.

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Sum said...

Great post, but you forgot one part of the Bolts' post-season melody:

E) Have LT2 cry like a little girl.