Thursday, November 13, 2008

Clement's Weekly Picks and Prognostications...Week 11

...sans intro...

NFL Picks: 28-16 [Of all the games to get wrong, I'm happiest it was a 47-3 victory for the Jets.]
Upset Specials: 7-7 [It's the return of the...oh way...he didn't just say, what I think he did, did he?]

While you won't find any New England/NY Jets talk...I will mention one key name you'd never expect. Jet LB David Bowens has mighty shoes to fill behind Kris Jenkins with David Harris still injured and out of the lineup. This is an unknown X-factor to the "press".

Arizona @ Seattle (+3)
If Arizona had lost Monday night, this game would've taken on a whole new level of interest. Instead, greedy fantasy owners feast off of the Cardinals while Matt Hasselbeck returns as the starting QB...but for how long? Cards win, by much more than 3 in not-so-tough Seattle.

Tennessee @ Jacksonville (+3)
Jacksonville is 4-5 and definitely can't afford 6 losses after 10 decisions. Meanwhile, Tennessee aired it out last week and won in Chicago. With another tough road test, I have to wonder if 10-0 is in their future? Yes. Why? Titans can stop the run. Jags can't win without it.

San Diego @ Pittsburgh (-4 1/2)
Rivers' stats are overinflated this season. This game is in Pittsburgh and the Stillers aren't losing back-to-back there. Their O-Line better beat up on a banged up Charger D. The real key in Pittsburgh is the health of "Fast Willie" and whether or not Santonio Holmes can be at least mildly productive this weekend. The Steelers - as well as a few fantasy owners - need that desperately.

Minnesota @ Tampa Bay (-3 1/2)
The 1/2 scares me; however, this game means way too much in both the NFC South, NFC North, and NFC Wild-Card. While APete is my #2 in the MVP-race (behind Warner), the Bucs D is rested and their offense should have a healthy Joey Galloway, Warrick Dunn, and even word of Cadillac Williams getting carries. I'm taking the home team to frustrated Frerotte into a pick-six (or two) and a vastly important home victory...somehow.

Upset Special #1
Dallas @ Washington (+2)
Most books won't take bets because of injury concerns to Romo (returning) and Portis (50/50) so early in the week. Not me. The Cowboys have too many new faces returning (Romo, Newman, & Jones) for me to pick them on the road. However, a win equals 6-4 and makes the NFC more wide open than ever. Interesting, if nothing else.

Upset Special #2
Denver @ Atlanta (-6)
Who would've ever imagined this number in Week 10 at the beginning of the season? NOBODY. While Jay Cutler may break down carrying this team, I don't want to give the Falcons too easy a road to 7-3. I imagine this being a FG type game. Extra interesting with new-kid Prater battling Bronco-vet Jason Elam. While I like the Falcons, I don't by 6.

Top Ten Fantasy Insights of the Week...You Didn't Expect
1) Depending on wideouts - even your Andre Johnson and Brandon Marshall types - isn't safe come fantasy playoff stretch run.
2) Larry Johnson...avoid starting him this or any week.
3) Thomas Jones isn't going to have another 40-point week, but he's a weekly start now.
4) There's still enough upside to start guys like Steve Breaston.
5) Tony Gonzalez may quietly be this season's highest scoring tight end.
6) Defenses can win fantasy championships. Seriously.
7) Marvin Harrison just might be done.

Oh yeah, three NFL Thoughts to finish out the top 10.

8) Atlanta is going to make the playoffs.
9) So is Baltimore.
10) One of the above teams won't...obviously.

Until next time!

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