Sunday, February 17, 2008

All-Star Weekend: Questions to Consider [Eastern Conference]

As All-Star Weekend comes to a close with tonight’s East vs. West battle, there are countless questions being asked of each team as we head into the second half of the season.

However, there are internal questions – whether from the GM to the coach to the players themselves – that ring even truer.

What might those be? I might be willing to venture a guess…

Howard was all smiles en route to a Dunk Contest title.
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Atlantic Division
Boston – “Is Rajon Rondo the point guard that will lead this roster to a championship?”

New Jersey – “Assuming Jason Kidd is finally moved, what is to be done with a 31-year old swingman named Vince Carter?”

New York – “What salaries can we dump on others, buy out, or sadly, pick up?”

Philadelphia – “Seemingly mired in the rebuilding process, what will this team do to make the step up into playoff contention?”

Toronto – “Who is the point guard of the future: TJ Ford or Jose Calderon?”

Central Division

Chicago – “Will the Bulls rally to become a dangerous low seed in the playoffs?”

Cleveland – “Will Larry Hughes finally realize the potential Cleveland has continued to believe he has?”

Detroit – “Will Detroit continue to be under the radar, quietly yielding the top balance of depth, experience and talent in the entire NBA?”

Indiana – “With the movement towards character firmly established, when does the winning begin?”

Milwaukee – “Underachieving with a youthful yet talented roster, when will the Bucks consider moving youth for savvy veteran leadership?”

Southeast Division

Atlanta – “Was the move for Mike Bibby a move for 2008 or the future in Atlanta?”

Charlotte – “What is Michael Jordan’s grand plan for allowing this team to shift from underachieving playoff pretender to actual playoff team?”

Miami – “Will the duo of Wade & Marion be further established with a contract extension for the Matrix?”

Orlando – “Will the seemingly vanquished tensions between Stan Van Gundy and Dwight Howard ever reach a boil?”

Washington – “Whose health is more important to the Wizards: Agent Zero or Caron Butler?”

See you in but for questions for the West...

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