Sunday, February 17, 2008

All-Star Weekend: Questions to Consider [Eastern Conference]

As All-Star Weekend comes to a close with tonight’s East vs. West battle, there are countless questions being asked of each team as we head into the second half of the season.

However, there are internal questions – whether from the GM to the coach to the players themselves – that ring even truer.

What might those be? I might be willing to venture a guess…

Check out the EAST ?s

Something tells me the "Larry Bird" rights weren't
meant for the likes of Devean "Piggybacked my way to Titles" George.

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Southwest Division

Dallas – “If a deal with New Jersey can’t get done, will the Mavs have time to acquire a new addition before the deadline arrives?”

Houston – “Locked in a three-way race with Golden State and Denver for seemingly the final two spots in the West, is Houston capable of becoming an extremely dangerous 7 or 8 seed?”

Memphis – “How much longer will Mike Miller be a Grizzly?”

New Orleans – “#1 in the West, but how can they possibly keep up with little to no ammo during the current arms race?”

San Antonio – “Veterans with 4 titles in recent memory (none back-to-back, mind you). Yet, is too much stock being placed into them simply returning to prime form once the playoffs roll around?”


Denver Nuggets – “When will Carmelo Anthony take on a role other than scorer?”

Minnesota Timberwolves – “With plenty of youth, and even more losses, who on their roster - - other than the established Al Jefferson - is on the threshold of stardom and who will remain mired in underachieving status?”

Portland – “Seemingly running out of gas, what will the Blazers accomplish this season before next year’s arrival of #1-pick Greg Oden?”

Seattle – “What on Earth is this team planning to do at the center position in the future?”

Utah – “Perhaps as under the radar as any team in the West, is the acquisition of Kyle Korver the savviest move all season?”


Golden State – “Any chance we get a repeat opening round series of Mavericks v. Warriors?”

Los Angeles Clippers – “What team and head coach will Elton Brand and (hopefully) Shaun Livingston return to?”

Los Angeles Lakers – “Duh. What’s your opinion on the future of Kobe’s pinky and Bynum’s knee?”

Phoenix – “DUH! What’s your opinion on the addition of Shaq and the departure of the Matrix?”

Sacremento – “With Bibby now in Atlanta, will the team be able to dump Artest next?”

A ton of answers that we may not have for years to come. Especially out of Seattle (god bless their recent string of draft picks outside of Durant/Green).

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