Saturday, October 27, 2007


For those of you who are itching for our college basketball coverage, I will conclude ranking the conference RPIs and doing brief previews this weekend. We'll start in inverse order of predicted conference RPI and work accordingly.

For the NFL Draft lovers, the four contributors of PHSports will be conducting a mock draft (1 round) early next week. Each of us have been assigned a team from the eight divisions. It should be fun if not informative.

REAL LIFE UPDATE: I have a full-time job now!!! As of the third day of my first week, I'm already working on a project and it's bound to be a daunting challenge. Much like this blog, I work with great people. They own many leather-bound books and their apartments smell of rich mahogany. Wordy explanation and Anchorman reference aside, this will take away from the blog. But like I said, we're got a fantastic group of contributors.

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