Thursday, October 25, 2007

Clement’s Weekly Picks and Prognostications…Week 8

At this point last year, I was staring up from the basement in terms of predictions and fantasy. I surged late in fantasy football, but my predictions only got worse by the week.

Ironically, I own a more than solid fantasy squad and my predictions, for at least seven weeks, couldn’t be much better. Is there anywhere to go but down? Tell that to the Patriots. Please. As for the people crying for respect for the Colts, shut it. They finally got their rings and no longer need to play the “we don’t get respect” card. Do you seriously think Bob Sanders cares where the Colts situate in a .com Power Rankings poll? I highly doubt it. Then again, do you see the Colts marching into Foxboro in late January and stealing a victory?

Me neither.

As for the picks and the prognostication…

NFL Picks: [12-7-1]
Washington @ New England [-16.5]

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

There isn’t a double digit spread the Patriots can’t cover. Despite gaping holes on the offensive line, Washington boasts one of the league’s better defenses midway through the season. As long as Sean Taylor stays at home and the offense can avoid the pick-six, the Skins will lose yet cover this gigantic number.

Green Bay @ Denver [-3]

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

With the -3, you have to scream PUSH as Elam has connected on three late field goals to give Denver their only wins this season. Green Bay was off last week, yet Denver gets to host its second-straight primetime game. Fortunately, the Madden Cruiser doesn’t dock for this one. Fortunately for Rockies fans (Boston in 5 in the Series), Denver is back on track and should make enough plays to at least push this number with a cover.

Jacksonville @ Tampa Bay [-4]

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

It’s not often that David Garrard’s health impacts a spread, but this would be your case. The real keys will be Bucs running back Earnest Graham and Jags DE Paul Spicer. Both have been fantastic lately. Gray is the starter, so take the Bucs with the points.

NCAA Picks: [7-3]
Note: The only way to parlay picks is to take Pac-10 ridiculous-sized spreads. No other conference favors home favorites more. How else could Stanford be a legit 40-point dog to USC?

#9. USC vs. #5. Oregon [-2.5]

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

When was the last time USC was a dog, road or home? You might have to go back five or six years to find that out. While Oregon has one rock solid, dynamic QB in Dennis Dixon, USC is far from separated from the BCS Title Game picture. Oregon dropped a close one to Cal at home early in the season. They’ll drop this mid-season showdown in Eugene as well.

#18. California vs. #7. Arizona State [-3]

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Arizona State finally got bit by the injury bug. Fortunately though, it wasn’t QB Rudy Carpenter. Completely forgetting his 2006 campaign, Carpenter has the Sun Devils as high as #4 in the latest BCS rankings. That’s as high as he gets. Nate Longshore and the Golden Bears will get just enough for their defense to pull of the weekend’s second road upset.

3 Must Starts and Must Sits

Last Week
Cedric Benson: Nothing spectacular. Nothing new for Cedric.

Tennessee Defense: Only a TD away from a spectacular effort, fantasy-wise. That 4th quarter killed their total points though.
Marc Bulger: I seem to have one idiotic pick every week. Geez.

This Week
Lee Evans: He’s starting to rev it back up. Next up: Jets D. Or should I say, “D”.
Amani Toomer: The Fins “secondary” is going to be shredded more and more each week.
Reggie Brown: I just have a feeling this week. Not sure why, but I do.

Last Week
Lee Evans: Yep, he’s creeping back. But it wasn’t anything you’d cry over missing.
Fred Taylor: Nothing spectacular at all. Jones-Drew stole the cheap TD.
Brandon Jacobs: The injury didn’t affect this weekend’s impressive performance. As for next week…

This Week
Chris Chambers: I don’t expect a spectacular debut. Try and rely on a more solid #2 or #3 option, even with the byes.
Benjamin Watson: Something tells me Brady could steal 5 or 6 TDs at tight end this season.
Devin Hester: Don’t start him, even with his TD prowess. It’s too much of a shot in the dark.

Until next time…

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