Sunday, October 28, 2007

5 NFL Questions Going Into Week 8

Here are five questions consuming my mind that concerns this week's action and beyond ...
  1. After two victories that they didn't even deserve, can QB Alex Smith (coming off of injury) put a halt to the 49ers deplorable form that has seen them lose four straight?
  2. Which Steven Jackson will we see against Cleveland?
  3. The battle of head coach versus former coordinator manifests itself as the Eagles travel to face the Vikings. How will Andy Reid use Brian Westbrook, LJ Smith and the WRs to overcome Minnesota's underrated defense?
  4. Will the Patriots D reaffirm their status as a top defense against an underperforming Redskins offensive unit?
  5. Which Denver team will we see on national television - Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?


Chris Clement said...

Fantastic questions Pay. Fantastic.

Charles Barkley says, "Fantastic!"

1) Niners lose, Alex is benched mid-way through the 2nd quarter.
2) Not one we've seen before.
3) Who cares? The Eagles stink.
4) Of course they will. Although, I'd love to see Sean Taylor smack Randy "I'm a good sport when I'm winning" Moss.
5) Primetime in Denver. After the Rockies are swept, it's time to rally around the rejuvenated Broncos.

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