Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Scenarios Galore

Do I keep any dignity if I beg???
Credit: TonySports

LeBron James is making his announcement on Thursday at 9pm on ESPN.
He's even selling advertisements (
for charity, admittedly) for the hour potentially.
Wow. An entire hour.
Ego, much?

Question is (okay, question #14 on my list), how long do they (James & ESPN's producers) draw it out? (
over/under 9.5 minutes.)
How many people see their blood pressure spike by 150% in the opening 15 minutes?

So is that an hour focused on new beginnings (
perhaps a conference call with Amar'e???) in New York or staying in Cleveland (can he bribe Bosh with extra $$$ or an endorsement???).

Man, how
sappy could that be (Cleveland for an hour)???
Or how
sweet (New York for a lifetime)!?!?!?

Seriously, why is this guy getting so much love right now? I may take Amar'e AND Boozer over him. Seriously.
Credit: Umbrohi

In the end, I think it's down to these two teams (
NY & Cleveland, of course). I may be WAAAAY off, by I just can't see how LeBron is going to Chicago (w/ Bosh) any longer. Too many cooks in the Chicago stew. He isn't going to Miami with Wade and Bosh either. That money won't work one way or another. Not enough (basket)balls in Miami, either. Of course, if they (i.e. Bosh & Wade) showed up on-screen a mere 20 seconds after James opened his "press conference"...the world may stop spinning on its axis.

I would call for Miami to be removed from the Union, by the way.

I could speculate on and on and on (and on...), but following my Twitter feed is more fun.
And if you're a Knicks fan, this is a MANDATORY viewing every 6 1/2 minutes (or less, if you wish).

So instead of pulling out what little hair I CHOOSE to have left, I'm going hold tight to anything Knicks I can find (might be tough in this apartment in the 8-0-4) and hold out hope.

Funny thing is, I'll be in a car en route to Atlantic City this weekend when the announcement drops. I'll expect text messages and have several twitter feeds ready to update my phone (
sad, right?).

All I know is, I'm currently doing something I didn't expect to do.
I'm allowing myself to have hope.
For better or worse.

New York...it's a hell of a town.

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Paymon said...

LeBron is the quintessential prima donna. I will make sure to catch up on DVR or read on Thursday night at 9pm.

I totally agree with you on Bosh getting too much love. Too many people base their overall view of a basketball player on fantasy basketball. How many playoff series has he won?

PS Don't think Bron is going to NY. Cleveland or Chicago.