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Saturday Night Live: NBA Free Agency Tweeting

If you aren't tweeting yet, this week was the week to be introduced to it. Sure, Chris Bosh needs a little more attention than your average MTV Jersey Shore cast member; however, it's fascinating to see the myriad of opinions - from the "experts" to the fan-fueled blogs - that have been absolutely flooding the web since July 1st (and obviously beforehand).

There hasn't been this much hype about a class since these kids took over Bayside back in '93.
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Which got me to thinking, in between tweets of my own, about a few things, as we approach July 5th (which I consider to be the informal D-Day of the Summer of 2010):

1) Rudy Gay
should be a Houston Rocket. Did you know that? Houston balked on keeping Gay, the 8th overall pick, and instead dealt him for Shane Battier (and picked up Stromile Swift's bad contract). It's true. While Houston has plenty of talent on its roster, isn't Gay everything they've been looking for the past few offseasons and trade deadlines? I hated that deal then and I still hate it now.

Think he's a future #1? Think again. A 1B? Think again. A solid #2. Okay, now I'm listening.
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Chris Bosh wants to get paid first and foremost. So does Joe Johnson. You can't blame either for that. Neither has a sniff of the stature of a LeBron, Wade, or even a Boozer (yeah, I said it). Nevertheless, I think Johnson (who once said: "I'm playing for whomever pays Joe Johnson the most money") is a little more likely to forgo a few bucks (just a few, mind you) for a winning situation (i.e. being one of the 3 pieces to a free agent pie). Then again, neither guy is a #1 and neither deserves anything close to #1 money. Even you, Mr. Bosh...max contract or not.

3) I like (SARCASM!) how ridiculously confident the Miami-media and reports from Dwayne Wade (from everyone who wasn't Dwayne Wade) have been the past week. While I think Wade is staying in South Beach, wouldn't it be fun - especially as a Knick fan - to see them left totally empty handed? I think so.

Think he's going somewhere unexpectedly? Think again.
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4) Carmelo Anthony (aka "my boy") isn't going anywhere. Not this summer, at least. Denver isn't going to trade him. They can blow everything up, and still will keep their centerpiece. Last night, I was trying to think of who'd I'd take over Melo right now to start up my franchise. The list is short, you know. Kobe, LeBron, Wade, Durant, and ???. To be honest, the list probably ends there. I just can't elevate CP3, Deron Williams, or any current young PG over Melo. Dwight Howard vs. Melo is an interesting study. One that likely deserves some debate. Or perhaps a poll question...

5) By the way, if you asked me a gunpoint
who I would rather the Knicks have on their roster next season: LeBron or Carmelo...I'd have a tough time battling my head over my heart on that debate.

The NBA will have a work stoppage in 2011. It will likely cost them an entire season or a MAJOR chunk of it. Ditto for the NFL. Memo to baseball: use this to your advantage. If you speed up the game (big time), add a sophisticated replay system, and promote young talent properly (i.e. Strasburg and Heyward)...progress shall be made in recapturing the hearts of America. More than just Yanks and Sox-love, too.

Here is where I would
LIKE to see the major free agents go (within the realm of reality):
Knicks sign LeBron, Amar'e, and trade David Lee (sign-and-trade) for Tony Parker.
Hawks retain Joe Johnson (and pay his ridiculous contract).

Heat re-sign Wade and pull a sign-and-trade for Chris Bosh.
Beasley won't like Toronto, by the way.
Chicago signs Carlos Boozer and Mike Miller.

We all know already about Pierce, Dirk, and Gay staying put. Sorry Cleveland.

Here is what I think
WILL happen.
Cleveland retains LeBron James. They sign Mike Miller, too. That's it, for now. Seriously.
Houston pulls off the sign-and-trade for Chris Bosh.

Knicks sign Amar'e and overpay Ray Allen for a 3-year deal.

Hawks keep Joe Johnson (and pay his ridiculous contract).

Heat keep Wade and sign Carlos Boozer. Wade regrets re-signing within 48 minutes, not hours.

Chicago has a MUCH quieter off-season than you think and starts developing packages for Carmelo in 2011.
David Lee takes too much money in Minnesota.
Al Jefferson gets dealt to Dallas for Dampier's expiring contract and Caron Butler.

Regardless of what happens , I'm taking LA to 3-peat (
shudder) in 2011. Same old, same old.

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