Saturday, February 27, 2010

Question: Does Tennessee have the 2 best WINS this season???

As the final seconds tick down, despite a furious Kentucky rally, Tennessee appears on the verge of a HUGE victory (at home) against #2 Kentucky.

Pair that with a win over (former and now current) #1 Kansas earlier this season (the Jayhawks' only blemish)...and color me impressed.

Sure, both wins were at home. Sure, Kansas and Kentucky had to lose their 1st and 2nd games respectively eventually. Sure, this is the same Tennessee who kicked it's best player off the team...and also lost to Georgia.

Nevertheless, does any other team in the country have two more impressive victories this season??? I bet J.P. Prince (below) is also struggling to find one.

At least it helps them forget about this TOOL. No, not you JP.
Credit: Yahoo! Sports


Paymon said...

Those are impressive results, but they were both at home.

I would take Pitt (@ Syracuse, v. Villanova) and Oklahoma State (v. Kansas, @ Kansas St.) over Tennessee's wins.

Larry Swentzel said...

Louisville's win at Syracuse is the most impressive to me. Tennessee got their two big wins at home. It is tougher to pull an upset on the road.