Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Potential Bubble Teams Who Have Shot Themselves in the Foot

Come mid-March, when the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee is holding its final deliberations on the last four at-large teams to get an invitation, one question is always asked.

How much did [insert school] challenge themselves in non-conference play? Last year, Penn State won at the Breslin Center and swept Illinois (with a healthy Chester Frazier in both games, no less). However, they had an awful non-conference strength of schedule (SOS) and some bad losses.

Below are some teams that you may want to take a look at now and remember in March.

School (Non-Conference SOS in parentheses)*
  • Marquette (291)
  • Tulsa (284)
  • Miami-FL (337)
  • Notre Dame (334)
  • Wichita State (344)
  • Oregon (294)
  • Virginia Tech (315)
  • Seton Hall (340)
  • Missouri State (309)
  • Illinois State (341)
* Non-conference SOS data from www.kenpom.com as of January 11, 2010

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