Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday NFL Action: Running Commentary

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A few thoughts on the Sunday kickoffs in the NFL...

You know I'm gonna discuss this one...

Atlanta defeats Miami 19-7.

1) Miami fans better have enjoyed last season because this year won't be nearly as much fun.
2) Still waiting for the Pat White "Wildcat" love.
3) Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams are both in contract years. Rivalry in the backfield?
4) Tony Gonzalez was made for a developing-Matt Ryan.
5) Chad Pennington doesn't have solid back-to-back seasons. When will the cries for Chad Henne begin?

Denver stunned Cincinnati 12-7.
1) Denver's schedule appears to have them potentially at 3-0. Seriously.
2) Brandon Stokley shouldn't be leaving interviews with the CBS crew early. THIS might be his one moment this season deserving of a post-game interview.
3) Cedric Benson had the only Cincy TD. Dissapointing at home.
4) Is Coles going to become irrelevant in this offense?
5) The Eddie Royal "injury" has been under reported. Plenty of fantasy owners are worried.

Minnesota defeated Cleveland 34-20.
1) I don't believe Tarvaris Jackson wouldn't have won this game as the starting QB.
2) Percy Harvin is going to be a nightmare all over the field for opposing defenses.
3) Eric Mangini is a dumb stupid bastard for the way he handled the QB situation.
4) Braylon Edwards can't catch 1 pass and the Browns win.
5) Oh yeah...Adrian Peterson is a fantasy mammoth. Anyone who didn't take him #1 (even if you took Brees) is a mega-moron!

Indianapolis defeated Jacksonville 14-12.
1) I still don't like Jim Caldwell as the Colts' head coach.
2) I felt like a Scobee field goal was coming for 15-14...WRONG!
3) The Anthony Gonzalez injury is critical for the Colts. Might Harrison resurface?
4) MJD got plenty of touches and should keep fantasy owners appeased after Week 1.
5) Both Jack Del Rio and David Garrard are not worthy of their positions on that team. I said it before and I'll say it again!

Dallas defeated Tampa Bay 34-20.
1) Mike Jenkins at CB would terrify me if I were a Dallas fan (which I'm not).
2) One week down...good work Romo and Roy Williams.
3) Miles Austin and Patrick Crayton had fanastic week 1s.
4) Ronde Barber probably doesn't recognize many faces on his roster.
5) Byron Leftwich is the type of QB who loses these exact games, home or away.

Philadelphia annihilated Carolina 38-10.
1) Nobody has looked better thus far than Philadelphia.
2) Nobody has looked worse thus far than Jake Delhomme.
3) DeSean Jackson doesn't need to catch passes to give opponents nightmares.
4) It's hard to not mention Assante Samuel among the best defenders in all of football.
5) The McNabb injury remains an unknown. Westbrook's ankles can't carry this team without F. McNabb.

Might be time to scour the waiver wire of your fantasy league for Shockey.

New Orleans "Drew Breesed" the Lions 45-27.
1) Drew Brees may approach 50 TDs and 5,000 yards (if healthy).
2) Robert Meachum may be the most talented wide receiver on this team. Ditto for Mike Bell as a pure running back (boy was I wrong about that one).
3) Is Jeremy Shockey finally at peace with his offensive system?
4) Kevin Smith is going to be a decent fantasy #2 back, despite being on a bad team.
5) Calvin Johnson owners may not get as many garbage TDs late in games that they once expected.

Baltimore defeated Kansas City 38-24.
1) Nobody had the Ravens scoring 38...even against the Chiefs "D".
2) This game was tied at 24 with less than 6 minutes to go. Did you know that?
3) Who watched this game that isn't a Raven or KC fan? Seriously?
4) Might Mark Clayton and Todd Heap be viable fantasy starts?
5) Brodie Croyle didn't win this game, neither would've Matt Cassell. But what about Tyler Thigpen!?!?!

Darrelle Revis continued his climb up the pantheon of NFL's top cornerbacks by completely shutting down Randy Moss. What's up next? Randy Moss. Keep on keeping on, son.

NY Jets stomped the Houston Texans 24-7.
..this might get a few extra...
1) Call me crazy…but did the Texans have an offensive play inside OUR 50? Or at least the 45. (Outside of the HUGE Slaton fumble-play.)
2) David Harris shouldn’t have been traded for Brandon Marshall…there’s why.
3) Sanchez looks great on playaction. Enter Clowney downfield in a few weeks? His postgame interview was incredibly savvy. Very anti-Favre.
4) Jenkins clubbing the Texan center was the moment of the game.
5) Better commentary from CBS than I expected. However, not nearly enough mentionings (is that a word?) of Revis. The camera showed him time and time again…but no love. (ESPN's Tom Jackson did though, immediately.)
6) How good did Lito look? The exact opposite of preseason good.
7) I'm gonnna enjoy this as much as I can. Won’t worry about Week 2 until kickoff next week. Live in the moment.

4 pm kickoff has come and past...

Anquan owners = not happy.
He and Fitz didn't have more than 10 combined yards in the 1st half.
Scary. Although Fitx did sneak in a TD and end up with 70 yards.


Seattle spanked St. Louis 28-0.
1) Seattle isn't this good. But they are the favorites in the NFC West...right now.
2) St. Louis might be even worse than this. Will they score next week (@Washington)?
3) Julius Jones won't be nervous about Edgerrin James being behind him. He's done.
4) John Carlson is going to be a very good tight end in the NFL.
5) Good luck managing starting any of these Seattle wideouts week by week.

New York held on against Washington 23-17.
1) I don't want to hear about the "silver linning" from Skins' apologists. This was an ugly performance.
2) Why didn't the Skins trade Betts (aka Bettis) a few years back when he had high value? He stinks.
3) DeAngelo Hall worries me...a lot.
4) Brandon Jacobs didn't wow me today. Neither did Ahmad Bradshaw.
5) Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora are going to be a migraine headache all season long for opposing offensive coordinators.

San Francisco "upset" Arizona 20-16.
1) Don't be surprised if Arizona doesn't go over .500.
2) Hightower might've caught a dozen balls, but why not keep him in the backfield to BLOCK the 49ers pass rush?
3) Frank Gore had a fantasy day....under 50 total yards and still 2 TDs.
4) Singletary is going to will this team to victories just like this.
5) Todd Haley is already missed. Warner looked a year older and 3 years slower.
Note: Was Singletary really wearing a stopwatch around his neck? Good timing???

Sunday night thoughts (Chicago @ Green Bay) aren't likely.
Hope you enjoyed your opening Sunday NFL action.

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