Monday, September 14, 2009

InClement Weather: Just In Case...

Just in case you thought tennis wasn't a sport, didn't involve skill, or wasn't for "athletes"...check out this shot from the best I've ever seen at the game...Roger Federer.

The guy has always bugged me, probably because he's too damned good.
Although that jacket after Wimbledon was pretty lame.
Nevertheless...DAMN. I mean, DAMN!!!

On a side note, props to Kim Clijsters on her majestic US Open win. Yeah, I said majestic. In reference to women's tennis. Why? Out of tennis for 2/12 years, 3rd tournament back, beats the unbeatable (and life-threatening MORON) Serena Williams, and still won't get the credit...check that...get any credit when all the talk goes to Serena's ignorant antics (despite the crappy crappy call by the line judge).

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aaroncrowe said...

That is terrible, why did she do that? I know it might have been a mistake, but com’on…