Saturday, April 11, 2009

With the 1st Pick the Detroit Lions select...

Armin's positional rankings just dropped (COMMENTS NEEDED!!!) and the 2-round mock is right around the corner.

With that in mind, who SHOULD the Detroit Lions select with the first overall pick?

Check out the new poll in the top right corner of the page and let us know what YOU think.
Feel free to comment below as well...

Somebody help this guy out. Pronto.

Option #1: Matthew Stafford [QB, Georgia]
Pro: He has all the tools necessary to be an elite quarterback in the NFL.
Con: Is a quarterback with almost no tools around him - save Calvin Johnson - the fix for the NFL's first 0-16 team?

Option #2: Mark Sanchez [QB, USC]
Pro: Many scouts say he'd would've been a lock to be the #1 pick in 2010, so why not in 2009 at a year younger?
Con: Only one full collegiate season under his belt. Is that really enough to judge this kid who was once considered far too emotionally stunted?

Option #3: Aaron Curry [LB, Wake Forest]
Pro: He's the most complete player on the board. That's hard to argue with. Jerrod Mayo had similar regards, at least according to the Patsies, and he played like a #1 overall pick last season.
Con: How many linebackers go #1 overall? More than that, how many Wake Forest linebackers go #1 overall?

Option #4: Jason Smith [OT, Baylor]
Pro: Draft an offensive lineman that can anchor your line for the next 10+ years. Why not?
Con: Is it too conservative for the #1 overall pick? Is he the #1 tackle only due to Andre Smith's meltdown?

Option #5: Eugene Monroe [OT, Virginia]
Pro: See above.
Con: Sorry, but see above.

Option #6: Andre Smith [OT, Alabama]
Pro: You've seen the worst of him and he survived it. His physical abilities are unmatched at the position.
Con: Do you really reward this guy with #1-overall pick money?

Option #7: Michael Crabtree [WR, Texas Tech]
Pro: He would look really good lined up across from Calvin Johnson.
Con: Seriously. Do I have to explain this one?

Option #8: B.J. Raji [DT, Boston College]
Pro: The defensive line suffered mightily without Shaun Rogers last year and Raji could fill that void quite well.
Con: This mess at the combine likely pushed even his loftiest goals for being in the top 5, no less the 1st overall selection.

Option #9: TRADE IT!!!
Pro: Save the money, acquire more picks, and build much-needed depth.
Con: Good luck getting similar value. You can't simply give away the #1 pick.

Option #10: Hire Matt Millen back instead
Pro: To keep the joke lasting even longer.
Con: To avoid mass suicides in Detroit.

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