Sunday, February 01, 2009

5 NFL Questions: Super Bowl Sunday

Okay, so it's gonna be more like "15 Questions".
What we need from YOU ALL is some answers, before the opening kickoff (if you dare).

***Poll Results***
"Who Will Win the Super Bowl"
Steelers edge the Cardinals 145 votes to 126 (46% to 40%).
For you political junkies, that means there wasn't a plurality.
Why? Because 41 votes came in from people who "Didn't Care".
How many of those were Pay, though?

Next poll is up: Super Bowl MVP.
You have the guys to call it now?
Or before its awarded?

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Checking the "tale of the tape" the average PHSports projection comes out to 27-21 Pittsburgh.
Think you can do better??? Comment and let the record stand!!!


5 "Super" Super Bowl Questions
1) What are the respective health and psychological statuses of Cardinal WR Anquan Boldin and Steeler WR Hines Ward?
2) Which QB is more pivotal towards their team winning Super Bowl XLIII (and their second Super Bowl, respectively): Warner or Roethlisberger?
3) I hate to be "that guy"; nevertheless, will we see any of Matt Leinart or Byron Leftwich in this game?
4) Will Edgerrin James or Tim Hightower or even JJ Arrington receive the majority of touches out of the Arizona backfield?
5) Since too many fans (myself included) blame the refs for every loss: which team is getting hosed more often tonight?

5 Arizona Questions:
1) How will Neil Rackers and Ben Graham play in the biggest moments of their respective kicking lives?
2) Can Karlos Dansby put on the top performance - for either team - at the linebacker position?
3) How will Bertrand Berry and Darnell Dockett apply pressure and bring down Big Ben most effectively?
4) Will the tight ends for Arizona be able to do anything of value in the receiving game?
5) Will Kurt Warner protect the ball or become statue-esque?

5 Pittsburgh Questions:
1) Is Ike Taylor a mediocre cornerback or perhaps one of the NFL's most unknown emerging talents?
2) Which of the linebackers - specifically Harrison and Woodley - gives Warner the most anxiety?
3) Will Heath Miller be a redzone target the Cardinals neglect to locate?
4) What's your call for another big play from Santonio Holmes on offense and/or special teams?
5) Will Casey Hampton be able to plug the middle and stiffle the Arizona rush attack from early on?

Man I love this catch. But seriously, who goes from unknown to known in a matter of 60 seconds after today's game? Nate Washington? Jeremy Urban? I know who it won't be...Limas Sweed.
Credit: Google Images

We've seen the previews, the predictions, a Madden simulation, and now 15 questions.
All we have left to do now is enjoy the game.

Check in for quarter-by-quarter analysis and some live streaming.

See you after kickoff!!!

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