Saturday, January 03, 2009

NFL WildCard Weekend: Saturday's 5 Questions

..5 Questions for EACH Game...

Atlanta @ Arizona [4:30 pm]
1) Can the Cardinals win without any legitimacy to their rush offense?
2) Will Kurt Warner and the Arizona Cardinals be able to overcome an abysmal December and win their first playoff game at home since the Bronze Age?
3) How do the Falcons plan to prepare for the talented three wideouts - Fitzgerald, Boldin, & Breaston - wearing Cardinal uniforms?
4) Will Matt Ryan officially show the world who "Matty Ice" is?
5) How many yards do you have for runner-up for the MVP Michael Turner against a suspect Cardinals rush D?

Colts @ Chargers [8 pm]
1) How much will a healthy combo of Freeney/Mathis impact the Charger offense?
2) What impact will new defensive coordinator Ron Rivera have against Peyton Manning and the Colt offense?
3) What are the prospective injury-statuses of Colt Bob Sanders as well as Chargers superstars LaDanian Tomlinson & Antonio Gates
4) Are the Chargers lethal because they're at home, yet still "playing with house money"?
5) Is Phillip Rivers the most unappreciated guy in recent memory to lead (tied with Brees) the NFL in TD passes?

1 comment:

Armin said...

Agreed on Rivers. He doesn't get the recognition he deserves. What he did over the last 4 games of the regular season was awesome.

Also, the timing of his passes to Chambers and Gates in this game against the Colts was impeccable. No HUGE plays...just the right ones.