Saturday, January 03, 2009

InClement Weather: Saturday Night Live

No, I'm not talking about the "remember when it was funny" sketch comedy show.

Instead, it's time to rant...late-night style.

Arizona defeats Atlanta 30-24

If Edgerrin James can perform as well next week as he did against the Falcons, the Cardinals - whether at Carolina/New York, will be a tough opponent.
Credit: Yahoo Sports!

1) Kurt Warner may have lost the MVP the last two months of the season; however, he delivered a (home) playoff win to Arizona. No other quarterback has ever done that.
2) Karlos Dansby was highlighted by Sum brilliantly. A+++ analysis, my friend.
3) Matty "Ice" wasn't amazing in his first playoff game, but he showed plenty to prove it won't be his last.
4) Roddy White is an absolute beast.
5) Keith Brooking is going to have nightmares about giving up that 3rd down. Nightmares.

San Diego defeats Indianapolis 23-17 (OT)

Right where he belongs. Yes, he's a Hall of Famer. One of the top RBs ever. But he's also - more than ever - an absolute B-A-B-Y.

1) Sorry hockey fans, but I love me some playoff OT football the best. Oh yeah, hockey sucks.
2) Darren Sproles has earned himself a few extra million in free agency, even if he stays put.
3) The Indianapolis defense yet again let the organization down. Bob Sanders isn't Polamalu, Ed Reed, or Brian Dawkins.
4) I'll still take a healthy Tom Brady any day over Peyton Manning. While Peyton deserved the MVP, his playoff performance year in and year out doesn't amaze me. His only TD-toss tonight was a gimmick. Brady has more poise, patience, and stability. Remember, I HATE THE PATRIOTS. Manning is a stud QB and one of the all-time greats, but there's a reason that he doesn't have 3 Super Bowls like Tom Brady. And it isn't just Belichick.
5) Tony Dungy is a class-act, but he might be done in Indianapolis. Another great season ends in playoff dissapointment. I'm glad he EARNED his ring, but Dungy and Manning won't get another together, especially if the aforementioned Brady returns 100%.

...NFL Rule-Changes...

A) The play clock needs to be shortened. With 2 minutes to go in the game, you shouldn't be able to down the ball three times and run out the clock. Shorten the clock to 30 seconds if need be.
B) I understand why if a player doesn't go down, they blow the whistle. It's to protect the player. However, if you refuse to go down, I say let the play go until you go down. Maybe that's too NFL Blitz-like, but I am tired of "judgment down-by-contact plays" when someone is still fighting for yardage.
C) Intentional grounding is a joke. Rivers flung the ball at Jacob Hester's back foot while being engulfed by Mathis. This rule is far too subjective. If the receiver "in the vicinity" isn't looking for the ball whatsoever, it's intentional grounding.

Hope you enjoyed Sunday. Two home "dogs" took home important Ws for their franchise. So much for the "experts". 8-8 and 9-7 don't look pretty on paper; yet, both of these teams are dangerous. Very very dangerous.

Enjoy tomorrow!!!! final LT-rant...
LT is an absolute baby. If he isn't 100%, he sits out. Or even worse, he tries and then takes himself out. Why? Because he's a baby. It's no surprise though, not anymore at least. I firmly 100% believe he plans out thinking he'll play until it hurts too much. That way he doesn't get chewed out because "he tried". He needs to change into street clothes or take the pads off if he won't return. It's not like an injury will force him back in either. Why else is Michael Bennett given carries in the playoffs for the first time all season???

Now I don't need anyone to explain what was hurting the last two playoff games. I get they were injuries. But I refuse to buy that he didn't demand to be on the field the past two seasons. In fact, he demanded to do just enough to not be active. If you can warm-up and take snaps, play through not being able to make "those cuts" and leave your blood and guts out on the field.

Plenty of other players have played through far more pain. Chad Pennington beat your Chargers (Jets plug!) with a torn rotator cuff. Think that hurt?

People can mock a guy like Emmitt Smith all day long (and they should for some of the ridiculously-idiotic stuff he says on TV), but he played through pain. And I'm not just talking about the seperated shoulder in the Meadowlands. Walter Payton always played through it too. You think an injury would've shut him down in 1985? Nope nope nope. Just like so many of the greats did.

LT, take it from your QB and play through the pain in order to win a championship. Otherwise, the baby stroller stays.


Anonymous said...

Give the guy a break did u see him run in the game he was slow and not the LT we have grown to love.

I understand what ur saying about sometimes you have to suck it up and get your stuff together but how do we know as fans it was his idea to come out maybe the call came from the doc that its best to rest than play.

I know as fans we want to see them play to they cant play no more but that's not how it works, if hes in the game and sucks put his butt on the bench i dont want no one in the game that cant play

yea yea yea play hurt, but tell me this if you were hurt like really hurt would u get up and go to work? If no, then shut your mouth and enjoy the game of football.

Cause my team SD IS WINNING IT ALL

Clement said...

I'm glad you compare "work" to trying to win a Super Bowl.

Last time I checked, as an 8th grade teacher, I'm not making the same amount of money as LT.

However, if I was up for Teacher of the Year or my school was up for School of the Year, laryngitis or a head cold wouldn't keep me away from teaching my best lesson.

Not to mention, I wouldn't teach the lesson for 25 minutes and then let the hot-shot new sub teacher - who has talent - take over the lesson for me.

I'm calling out LT's heart. I'm not calling out the Chargers. LT is a whiner. He proved it after boo-hooing when the "classless" Patriots danced on his field. Just as Merriman did every play he made a tackle of any note. Just like LT did on any of his TDs.

Funny thing is, he's just another primmadonna. An uber-talented one.

But don't compare my work to LT's. I don't get paid and I don't play for Super Bowls.
LT plays for himself, a lot more than his QB too.

Sum said...

Amen Clement. Amen.